My Wife Striptease in Stockings

    - Gentlemen - I said, - I am very pleased to be able to introduce you tonight to my wife Sue. I pressed play on my cd-player and slow, erotic music began to play. There was a round of gentle applause from my five buddies who were sat around my living room. The air of anticipation that had been growing for the last half hour was reaching a crescendo - I don't think anyone there, myself included, really believed that what was about to happen would actually take place.

    The door opened slowly and Sue entered. All eyes were on her. She was dressed entirely in black: high stilettos, long black skirt, slashed to mid thigh up the front, a shiny, nylon blouse, cinched in at the waist by a wide leather belt - but, most strikingly, and unknown to me in advance, she sported a white Japanese style mask. Her long blonde hair was piled high on her head and she wore a black choker around her neck. She looked breathtaking.

    She turned slowly round, allowing us to get a complete view of her outfit. There was a call of wow and fantastic, Sue from my friends, but mostly they all sat in lustful silence while I stood in front of them. As she turned we were reminded of the size and shape of her wonderful breasts; the blouse was nice and tight and emphasised her curves - as did the tight belt. With her back to us we could see the heels of her fully-fashioned black stockings.

    Sue then walked towards me and stood next to me in front of the lads. I whispered so you are going through with it then to her and saw her wink back at me through the mask.

    - Well guys - Sue has promised that tonight she will perform a strip for you, which I will assist. You have all agreed extremely generous contributions to the charity Sue runs, and that what happens here tonight will remain secret. Bill has agreed to video the entertainment, on MY camera, and no other photos will be allowed. These are the conditions that Sue has agreed to and we trust you all to keep to them. Shall we begin?

    -Yes - chorused all five of them - none of whom had contributed less than 500 euro to be here tonight get on with it

    +

    I turned up the volume of the music and sat down. Sue started to move her shoulders in time to the music and then to sway gently. She rubbed her hands over her blouse, slowly running them over her breasts. There was a low murmur from the audience. My prick began to stir in my jeans. Was this really happening? Why had I thought of the idea? Because it was bloody erotic that's what, and a great fantasy, but I never believed

    Sue turned her back to them and leant forward slightly. As she did so she raised the back hem of her skirt and gradually exposed more and more of the backs of her stockings. Slowly, slowly her skirt rose until the darker nylon signifying the tops of her stockings was visible, then she began to turn back to us, letting the hem fall. This time she moved one leg forward, through the split in her skirt, and raised the front hem. This time she did not stop at her stocking-top but pulled the skirt further until white flesh and suspender straps came into view. There was a round of applause. She dropped the skirt hem and immediately her hands went to the buckle on her leather belt. In seconds she had opened it and let it fall to the floor. Bill was moving slightly closer with my video camera, capturing the erotic scene as it unfolded.

    She turned her back to us again and reached behind herself, feeling for the zip on her skirt. Moving her hips from side to side she began to lower the zip, exposing shiny black nylon. Then she let the skirt fall to the floor, following the belt. There was an intake of breath from my friends as Sue stood there with her weight on one leg, and the other leg splayed out slightly, exposing her sexy underwear from the waist down. Black nylon full-cut panties over an old-fashioned deep, black and red suspender belt. She looked amazing. The heels made her legs look astonishingly long, the seams in her stockings added to the effect. Wow. My erection was hammering at the inside of my fly.

    We had agreed beforehand how we would do this - we wanted my friends to get maximum enjoyment from Sue's strip, so they wouldn't regret their donations; hell, they may even pay some more in the future if I can persuade Sue to do it again - so Sue came over to where I was sitting and stopped in front of me. Then she walked forward, turned around and sat astride my knees, facing away from me and into the room. As arranged Sue raised her arms and I put my arms around her and cupped both her breasts over the blouse. To cries of approval I gently massaged them, feeling the erotic bra she was wearing underneath, but which my friends knew nothing about - at this stage. Then, I slowly opened the buttons on her blouse and began exposing her enticing cleavage. I noticed Bill was zooming in with the video. After six buttons the front of her blouse was open and the line of her black and red bra became visible, while the cups (what there was of them) were still hidden.

    Sue had her hands behind her head as I moved my own hands down her waist. On the beat of the music that was playing she then abruptly opened her knees further. The guys could see the gusset of her shiny panties, as I moved both hands onto her stomach. Then, with one hand, I gently held the top of her panties and pulled them outwards away from her body; I moved my head forward over her shoulder and looked down into the front of her panties - she had shaved her pussy (this was a VERY pleasant surprise) and so all I could see was a smooth mound of flesh as it met her panty gusset. I slowly put my other hand down into her panties. More gasps from the audience. Sue began to squirm herself against my hand and slightly raised herself off my knees so that my hand went further onto her pussy lips. This was obvious to the lads, though they couldn't see anything of course. Above the music I could hear heavy breathing as the guys were clearly rearranging their man-hoods in their trousers.

    I stroked her pussy lips a few more times and was delighted to find that she was very wet down there - obviously enjoying what she was doing! Then she grabbed my hand and removed it, stood up and slowly walked around the room, going close to each of my friends jutting her panties towards each in turn and shaking her hips. After that she turned back to me and, with her back to the guys, bent forward and placed her hands on my upper thighs. Her exquisite bottom, encased in her tight panties, was now thrust outwards. Her blouse dangled open and her breasts, within her fantastic bra, pointed at me, and only me. My friends were getting an eyeful of Sue's panty gusset as she slowly opened her legs and dropped her shoulders further. With one hand she then began to rub the cleft of her buttocks over her panties, gradually going lower and lower until it was between her legs and over her pussy. She began to moan. So did most of my mates. Bill was trying to hold the video steady.

    At this point, as agreed, Sue then let me get up, while she dropped to her knees on the floor, still with that bottom to the guys. I knelt beside her and took over arse-crack massaging. I did this as slowly and erotically as possible, beginning with my hand on the outside of her panties, then slipping it inside and down until it was on her pussy lips again. Sue was by now producing copious amounts of juice. Two fingers slipped inside her with a dirty slurping sound, easily heard over the music which was in a quieter section at that moment. I saw a couple of mates with their hands down THEIR trousers

    Time for Sue to stand up now. As she faced the lads she moved her hands to hold each side of her open blouse. Then, slowly but deliberately she opened the front and exposed her red and black quarter-cup bra. Oh my God said Bill from behind the camera. There was a chorus of agreement from the others. Sue's nipples were completely on show, the bra emphasising her beautiful firm breasts even more by gently uplifting them, and VERY visible as she had put red lipstick on her areolae. Yet another surprise for me - good grief she was doing this right! She began to play with her nipples by touching them with a single finger, then slowly tracing under each bra cup. As she moved to the music she placed a hand on her blouse and removed it from her shoulders - it fell to the floor to join her belt and skirt. Then she raised her arms in the air and leant back, giving maximum boost to her tits which stood proud on her chest, assisted by that lovely bra. She reached behind her, unclasped the straps and the bra now, too, was discarded. Another round of applause.

    - Come here - she said to me, and I moved next to her. This was our next pre-arranged set-piece. I stood behind her and once again she raised her hands behind her head while I cupped her actual breasts this time. My erection was huge in my jeans and I could not have resisted pushing my groin against her bum. As I fondled her I rubbed my prick up and down against her panties. I noticed most of my mates were now unashamedly rubbing their own pricks inside their trousers.

    - Ok, now for the final bit - she whispered in my ear. This was panty removal time - Sue had been unsure about this bit, she had never shown anyone herself completely naked, only topless on foreign beaches, and I knew it was a very big challenge for her. Of course she wasn't going to be fully nude, she still would have her stockings and suspenders - and her high heels - on, but her lovely bum and her shaved mound would be clearly visible; I wondered if she was regretting the shaving.

    When you're ready I replied softly. Sue gently gyrated to the music and turned to face me, my erection was now pressed against the front of her panties. OK she replied let's do it.

    This was my signal. Sue had her back to the guys, I placed my hands on each of her hips and held her panty waistband. Then I slowly pulled them downwards exposing her beautiful arse to my mates. Sue stood stock still, I knew she was nervous, I could feel a slight shiver from her as the panties descended down her thighs and finally to her ankles. I was bent down by now. There was palpable excitement from the audience. Sweat began to form on my face. I looked up at Sue but she was inscrutable under the mask. I was willing her not to give up. She briefly lifted one leg then the other to rid herself of the panties. I turned and sat down on my chair, as Sue stood there. She dropped her hands in front of her crotch and then began to turn slowly round to face the men. She seemed a little unsteady on her heels but managed the manoeuvre alright. Bill's video was slowly tracing a line up her body. She was taking big breaths and her chest and bust were rising and falling. She looked magnificent. Finally, and with a slight bow, she raised her arms outwards, showing us all her naked mound and the slight encroachment of the vertical folds that signalled to top of her vaginal lips. There was just the very slightest exposure here as she held her legs so tightly together. More spontaneous applause, and after another little bow from Sue, she turned to me and held me in her arms - Oh God, thank goodness that's over she sighed. The men continued clapping, but it was clear they didn't think the show was over yet.

    - Show, show, show they began to chant in unison, - more, more, more.
    - What do they want? - Sue asked me.
    - I think they expect you to show them more - strippers these days don't just stop after they take their knickers off - they want to see your vagina, and, I have to say, your arse-hole too. Sorry! I thought you realised.

    I looked back at her, helpless to suggest anything. The lads were obviously in agreement that they needed to see -The Lot -. I could imagine them wanting refunds; they were in a highly sexually charged situation and I was worried at how they may react if Sue didn't deliver.

    Sue took another deep breath, as if she was steeling herself for what was to come. I was in a daze as I watched her walk two steps falteringly to our low coffee table. Still with her legs tightly together she sat down on it, tucked one leg backwards and removed one shoe, then she kicked off the other one. She rotated herself on the table and placed both feet on it so her knees were up slightly. Then she lay back on the table and lowered her knees so she was laying flat on top of it. All of us were gathered around her, most had moved their chairs back and were sitting on the floor so that their heads were only slightly above the level of Sue's body. Then she did it. Suddenly she raised her legs vertically upwards, the men shuffled round to the foot of the table to see better. What they saw was Sue's fantastically long shapely legs pointing skywards, her stockings and seams, suspender straps and, of course, the cheeks of her lovely bottom - with just a hint of vaginal folds. It wasn't a hint for long. Sue began to open her legs gradually exposing more and more of her cunt. As her legs went further apart, her vaginal lips, which had formed a simple single slit up until this point, gradually opened up, unsticking from each other and exposing her erect clitoris, her inner vaginal lips and her moist, slippery cunt-hole. She was sopping wet; juices were pouring out of her. I noticed a red flush forming on her chest. As if this wasn't enough, and obviously thinking about my reference to her arse-hole, she then began to fold her legs back at the knee and brought her hands under her buttocks, lifting them slightly. She could not be further open and exposed to my friends' gazes. Her anus was fully in view, juices from her cunt ran over it. The guys began clapping and whooping. Fantastic Sue, we knew you could do it said one of them. She kept the pose, her legs now steady, her juices glistening on her cunt and perineum. Bill moved in very close with the camera to capture the full details of Sue's dripping parts. You could see right up her holes; both of them having opened so much as her legs were stretched apart. Still it wasn't over. Sue stretched her legs out in front of her and turned herself over on the coffee table so she was on her front. Then she raised herself into a kneeling position, boobs dangling nicely under her and her buttocks upwards. Then once again she parted her legs, this time showing us all her cunt and anus from behind.

    I was almost unable to breathe. The applause continued. Sue reached under herself with one hand and began to touch her vaginal lips with her finger, ever so tenderly and gently. I saw that one of the guys was making no secret of the fact that he'd got his prick out and was wanking himself silly. Even in that charged atmosphere I wondered if he had a tissue to stop my carpets getting spunk on them. Absolutely unbelieveable. This was my wife! This was really happening! She has just performed the most erotic striptease any of us had ever seen and was now playing with herself in front of a number of men she knew well, some of them husbands of her best friends.

    Sue continued her vaginal touching. She was so wet that she couldn't stop her fingers going up her hole. She got three fingers in easily and their in and out movement resulted in wonderful squelching sounds. Then she rolled over onto her back again and continued the stimulation, once more raising her legs and bending them back so we all got a view of her sexual parts. I'll never forget what she did next. With her legs so far open and all her vagina and arse-hole offered up for us, she put three fingers of one hand deep up her cunt, then placed a finger of the other hand on the entrance to her bum-hole. OK guys, this is what you want - this is the end she called out, and with that she plunged her finger deeply into her arse. I saw my wanking mate quickly reach into his pocket, withdraw a handkerchief and deftly catch a wad of cum as it erupted out of his cock. Sue worked her cunt fingers in and out while she stretched her arse-hole to take another finger. These she wanked in time with the ones in her vagina. Then she groaned and began to buck back and forth as she exploded into orgasm. Other guys were bringing themselves off as well. Fortunately Bill was still handling (rather shakily) my video camera. Sue extracted her wet fingers from her holes and lay back on the table exhausted. A few moments passed, then she stood up, grabbed her skirt from the floor and, holding it in front of her, she left the room without a glance around her. Those with hands free were clapping like there was no tomorrow. The rest were shouting and cheering. I was a confused and delighted heap slunk into my chair and with the most amazing hard-on I've ever had.

    As the applause died down, I took the video camera off Bill. I'll edit this and will arrange some viewings for us all in the near future - but beware, it'll cost you further charitable donations. Definitely NO copies - so don't ask! There were laughs and nods of agreement at this. All the guys had silly grins on their faces. Remember, this is secret just between all of us - no telling mates or wives, or nothing like it will ever happen again. As I said this I was pretty sure it wouldn't be happening again anyway.

    I ushered the guys out of the house, mindful that Sue was probably in our bedroom waiting for me. What was she going to say?

    I went upstairs full of trepidation. Sue was sitting in bed, covered by our duvet. She had taken off the mask and stared directly into my eyes. She was expressionless. I couldn't make out how she was reacting.

    Suddenly she threw the duvet aside. She was sitting in bed wearing a grey corset I had bought her two Christmases previously; stockings on her lovely legs, no panties, legs very wide open.

    - That was fucking wonderful - she said. - I thought I'd never be able to go through with it, especially when I had to show them my bits. But once I'd opened my legs and heard their reaction I felt so damned sexy and powerful it was as if I was in a dream! I was just on the verge of cumming all the time after I got on that table. Bloody hell - fuck me now! Do me up the arse really, I want to try it! Fuck my sodding brains out!

    Shit, I'd never heard her talk like that before, and although I'd tried fingering her bum-hole in the past, she'd always squirmed away from me - now she wanted anal sex!