Celebrity Wedding

    It's was our wedding day and the happiest day of my life. I was marrying the girl of my dreams, my high school sweetheart. It was a long overused joke she was must have taken a bump on the head. She was out of my league. The cheerleader turned prom queen, professional model; the mother of our two children was now becoming my wife.

    The wedding was a lavish affair. I had pulled out a few favours and gone overboard on decor. There were photographers from a few magazines. I knew it, they all knew it, she loved my money. Maybe that's why we were together? I didn't care all that much. As long as she was on my arm at parties, as long our beautiful children had their mother, as long as I could watch that perfect body walk around the house in just a silk robe, as long as I could wake in the night to see the sleeping beauty next to me I would be happy. Whatever else she did was ok with me.

    I knew she was a wild one. Her reputation in high school was something I remembered. There stories I heard were crazy. But I didn't pay much attention to them. I had my own troubles back then. She didn't even know I existed and I studied hard enough to shut out everything else, including girls.

    Now all of her friends were models, something my friends were quite pleased about. Unfortunately a lot of the guests at the wedding already had dates. There were a lot of male models too. I had met a lot of them before and there were more to meet on the day. I had no idea she had so many friends in the business. I was so proud of her and her success.

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    The ceremony was perfect, almost without a glitch. I had stammered my first words of the vow. In her bridal gown, she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her long silk dress, hugging her figure, her curvaceous breasts and tanned skin. The dress had a slit above the knee and her white sheer stockings with a glittery pattern that ran down to the tops of her feet in red satin shoes, the other love of her life. Her hair tied up looked divine. Two single ringlets hung down over her face. I could barely speak I was so dumbstruck and overblown with love.

    We rode white horses out of the church. We slow danced together at the reception. After our dance my new wife danced with lots of guests. She talked for a long time with one guy. He was a tall, strong, black man. I presumed he was a model. She looked a little agitated and looked over at me once or twice during their conversation. I went to see if she was ok. When I asked she said she was fine and left me there with the guy. I followed her but she said it was nothing. I suggested we try to have a good time and get progressively drunk.

    In the hotel, the bridal suite, connected to the gala hall, after the goodbye's had been said, we were finally alone. I took a shower. I had carried her over the threshold, laughing and dropped her onto the bed, giggling like school children.

    She was watching TV on the bed when I pounced on her fresh from the shower. We began to make out on the bed and a knock on the door came. My hand was already up her dress, feeling her lacy garter and stroking her silky stocking legs. I couldn't wait to see her long legs and lingerie. I offered to get the door but she said she would.

    I could hear her talking for a long time at the door so I got up to see, adjusting myself in the bathroom to hide my erection. She was ushering in the guy that I recognised from the reception. The guy I thought was causing trouble. I didn't know why he was here. He was so tall, dark, and a much bigger build than me. I assumed he was a modelling associate as I had never met him nor been introduced.

    As soon as he came into the room my wife excused herself and went into the bathroom, leaving us both stood there. In the awkward silence that followed I excused myself and went to see what she was doing. I knocked and entered. She was sat on the toilet with her head in her hands. I asked what was wrong and she began to sob. She apologized without looking up. When she did look up her mascara had run. She even looked so pretty with her makeup ruined and tears in her eyes. Kneeling before my wife I begged her to tell me. Why had this guy made her cry?

    She apologized again and again. Saying she didn't want to hurt me. I tried to calm her and get sense from her. She finally explained. She told me she had been very silly. That she had slept with the guy. His name was Reid. They had sex when she was away on an underwear shoot. I asked when, was it just once, and why was he here now on our wedding night? She began to tell me.

    In Madras, just two weeks ago, her last trip, they had drank and danced. It wasn't just once, no. They had spent the night together. He had fucked her all over the hotel apparently, first in the pool, then on the balcony, in the shower, even in the elevator. Instead of anger could only imagine how erotic it must have been. She was enjoying telling me about the passion and wild animal lust we had rarely experienced together. It was a real turn on to imagine.

    I had come to feel now after four years together she was bored of our sex. It was harder to please her. The things she suggested, asked of me. She told me fantasies of group sex, sucking lots of guy's dicks, and meeting a stranger and having sex without saying a single word to each other.

    Reid was here now because, she explained, he was going to sell his story. To a magazine, and one of the ones I had invited to cover our wedding. He had taken the security footage from the hotel, from inside the elevator. He had proof. It was cunning and deceitful. I could see how the story would run. It would ruin our fairy tale wedding. I thought of the family, our children. I suggested we call his bluff. But she said it would ruin us, humiliate us. It was too risky. It was all her fault and she was so sorry but she could get us out of this. Reid had the security footage with him. He wanted to exchange it. For what? How much? I asked already half-knowing what the answer would be.

    She told me not to worry. She stroked my face and then my balls. It had a magical soothing effect. She would be with him. She would screw him. Suck him. Do whatever he wanted but it would mean nothing. Then it would be over. She assured me. She fixed herself in the mirror wiping her eyes clean. She turned to me and stroking my face told me it was ok if I wanted to go and leave her until it was done. It was our wedding night I wanted to be with her. I wanted to stay. I told her I would stay and she looked pleased. She took her wedding ring from her finger and gave it to me. Closing her hands around mine she told me she loved me and kissed my cheek.

    I walked out slowly, sizing up the guy. Deciding he could crush me. I took a seat in the armchair by the window. My wife asked me to close the blinds over. I did so and the room became darker. My curiosity had risen.

    Reid pushed her roughly toward the bed. Ordering her forcefully to remove dress her and put her wedding shoes back on. She readily agreed laying her dress on the edge of the bed and slipping her shoes back on her stocking feet. It was the first time I had seen her figure and bridal lingerie. Her perfectly round breasts fully exposed above a patterned waist cincher that increased the shape of her hips and had suspender straps hooked onto her white lace top bridal stockings. Her tiny white sheer thong was transparent enough to reveal a thin strip of hair running up from her lips. I took a chair as she lay back on the bed and opened her legs. Her expression was lifeless; her movements were cold and robotic. She looked at Reid as he kicked off his shoes, then to me. Her hands rested on the bed sheets. She looked nervous and vulnerable.

    A topless Reid crawled to her throwing her hair from her neck as she turned her head away. His smothering kisses were clumsy and overexerted like that of a teenager. His hands groped at her breasts. He was young, wild and inexperienced. Her hands rested on his chest as if ready to push him away at any moment, as though repulsed by his slimy tongue running over her neck. He pushed her down flat on the bed and reached down to free himself from his shorts. Being an underwear model he was of course huge down below. I barely had a chance to gauge his length before he pulled her panties to the side and forced himself inside her. Her nails digging into his muscular biceps as, inch by inch, he slowly penetrated her quivering body.

    I heard him whisper to her. -Come on baby I know you want me. Let yourself go.

    She grimaced as the huge cock began to mole deeper. She made a rather cute whimper that suggested he caused her pain. She was being stretched. She turned away from his mouth as he made to kiss her mouth. Her eyes fell on me. She looked troubled, almost guilty. Her body was working hard, she was confused. I held her gaze. I wanted it to be me inside her. I felt guilty for being aroused. I was rock hard under my towel. I looked down embarrassed to see how visible it was. I gave it away. When I looked back here eyes were fixed on the erection under the towel. Glancing up at me and then back to the towel she was signalling without words. My hand moved to the towel and let my cock slip free. Upon sight of it my wife groaned for the first time as Reid buried his shiny black warrior inside her moist baby hole. She wanted me to enjoy it. I began to masturbate.

    The look of guilt in her eyes as she looked at me while her body rocked with each deep grunting thrust became a lustful glaze. She closed her eyes and turned to kiss Reid. Her hands caressed his face and head as their tongues met. Her long smooth nylon covered legs rose and hooked behind his back. Her shoes fell from her feet onto the bed. His pace quickened at her reaction and his hands fell to her thighs. He lifted her legs higher. His thrusts grew deeper and louder. The sound her wet vagina made as his balls slapped against her. She broke the kiss and groaned out loud, a deeply yearning sigh that came from the pit of her stomach. She pushed Reid away, rolling him onto his back and lifting a leg over him. Knelt over him, her wedding dress was now resting under Reid's sweat covered head. She guided his cock into her lowering pussy with a moan. She was really enjoying this.

    When I thought I had seen enough I stood up to put an end to it. Without looking away from the muscular chest her nails dug into, my new wife she raised her palm for me to stop. I froze on the spot, hard in my towel, half way between bed and chair. I stood and watched as she rode him with her head thrown back. Her hair fell down her back. Her breasts bounced with her, erect nipples protruding. Reid reached up and took her arm, bringing it back in to his chest. He moved his hands from massaging her breasts to her thighs where they rested, caressing her stockings up and down, hooking his fingers under the straps. She ground herself hard on him with each motion. She was trying now to come and she wanted him to come with her. She told him she wanted him to come with her, the two of them together. Her back was arched. I was rooted to the spot. This was not the agreement, they wore no protection. Neither of them cared as the noise level of their love making grew to a climax. The bed pillars creaked and headboard banged against the wall and I hoped if people heard they thought it was the happy newlyweds. Not the bride in white lingerie riding her strong black lover while the groom looked helplessly on.

    But the screams and groans as they climaxed as one were unmistakeable. I felt a twitch in my cock then another, followed by a surge and I realised I was cumming. I let out a silent cry as my knees buckled and I collapsed in the chair, the warm semen shooting against the towel and dripping over my legs. I had ejaculated watching my wife orgasm and it felt amazing. She collapsed on the bed, panting.

    As Reid dressed, I stayed motionless waiting to see what the outcome would be. Reid took a disc from his pocket and dropped it on the bed. ‘Enjoy', he said to me left without another word.

    My wife was looking at me. Her hair was strewn about her shoulders, her hand rested on her chest feeling her own heartbeat. Her cheeks were red and the air smelled of lust, sweat and semen. She had climaxed, she was satisfied. I looked at the disc on the bed. She rubbed the sheets in a circle, inviting me to join her. I rose and sat on the bed next to her. She put her arms round me. She smelled fresh and her body was steaming. Cum had leaked onto her panties and stockings.

    Raising a cheeky eyebrow she asked if that was so bad to see, I seemed to enjoy myself. Taking my hand she placed it on her warm breast, she said now that was out the way I could have her all to myself. She still had the wild lustful look in her eye and she bit her bottom lip before asking. Did I want her to take her in the ass or would I prefer she took a shower? I couldn't believe how insatiable she was. She was suggesting we have anal sex. We had never tried it before. I wondered if she had.

    Her hand moved down to my cock and felt my semen, wet and sticky. I was limp and soft in her hand. I felt very inadequate and wanted to change the subject. I reached for the disc suggesting maybe we should take a look at it to see if it was for real. I slipped it into the hotel DVD player and sat on the edge of the bed. She curled up nervously, asking if I was sure I wanted to see. The scent of sex hung heavily in the air. She rubbed her stocking feet over my back.

    The grainy black and white footage was clear enough to see my wife and Reid enter the elevator. Her hair was slicked back. As soon as the doors closed he took my wife's hand and pushed it down his shorts. She pulled his giant cock out and dropped to her knees. Wearing just a skimpy bikini top pulled off her breasts and a wrap around skirt she sucked him until he climaxed in her mouth. The footage clearly showed her wiping his cum from her lips and sucking her fingers clean while they both giggled and then made out. The doors opened and they left.

    By the time the video was finished I was rock hard again. We fucked all through the night, performing long periods of oral sex on each other simultaneously. My cum becoming mixed together with Reid's in her hot pussy. Her ass was surprisingly easy to penetrate. I didn't ask her if mine was the first cock to enter it. I think I already knew. She didn't shower until morning. After each climax in her mouth, her pussy or her ass, we watched the video and I was ready to go again.

    Only a month later my wife came to me with the telephone. Reid had called and said he had a copy of the elevator tape. I wasn't surprised. She told me he and a friend were coming to pay us a visit. I said if it keeps them quiet then ok. She agreed and kissed me. She smiled and skipped off to get ready.