Dawn's Day with white hold up stockings

    It was finally happening, my wife of 10 years and mother of my 2 children, stood before us in virgin white lace basque and thong with sheer white hold up stockings, finished off with impossibly high heeled shoes, looking like a high class hooker, and so incredibly sexy.

    Why is it that us men wish to see our wives and girlfriends perform like whores in front of us? So it was, that for a long time, during our nightly foreplay, I had whispered into D's ear about having a threesome. I would slowly finger her wet cunt and swollen clit and talk about another man undressing her and touching her as only I had, I would fantasise to her about someone else kissing her cunt and her stroking a strange penis to a huge erection before he slowly entered her and fucked her until she came and then felt him squirting an impossibly huge ejaculation deep into her vagina. She would shudder to orgasm as I whispered this to her before she pulled me on top of her to eagerly receive me in our own athletic lovemaking.

    The seeds of this fantasy grew in my mind and I would develop it with her and although she responded positively during our love play, she refused to consider any further development apart from our story fantasy. Until one night, after settling and feeding our baby son, she returned, naked, to bed and climbing back in beside me took my hand and placed it against her sopping wet cunt, -Talk to me sweetheart- she whispered as she kissed me on the lips, and I talked dirty to her whilst fingering her, telling her how beautiful she was, and how sexy other men found her, and how one night I brought a colleague back home with me who had remarked what a lucky man I was to have such a sexy wife, and how we pleasured her until she finished up by taking us both up her vagina at the same time. She came many times as I talked to her before collapsing on the bed and as she slowly regained her breath she quietly asked -would you really like me to do that-. I leant up on one elbow, stroking her lovely body and milk heavy tits, -I love you so much D- and bent down to kiss her mouth before saying -yes, it would be great, I would be so proud of you, but only if you wanted it-. She closed her eyes, turning her head to rub her flushed cheek against her shoulder. She coyly looked back at me to quietly say -OK, if you think it would be alright. Do you think someone would find me sexy?- before quickly adding -It doesn't mean I don't love you any more- and she leant up to kiss me with all the warmth she could muster.

    Later as we lay arm in arm, I asked her who she would like for a lover, a friend or a stranger, - I don't know, maybe a friend-, -anyone in mind- I quietly prodded, she hesitated humming quietly to herself, -do you think, aahm- she flustered -do you think- and her face reddened, she sought my ear whispering -do you think Mike would like to fuck me-, it was a word she never used but I smiled at her choice of lover, -Mike Booker- I checked, -Mmm Mmm- she murmured as she buried her face against my chest. -I didn't know that you felt like that about Mike-, my best friend since school, completely unaware of what we were planning this night in bed. -He was the other one I sometimes fantasized about when you were talking and touching me, do you mind-, she looked sheepishly up at me. I laughed - No, good choice. Mikes a good friend and a really nice bloke, as you know- and he had been even closer to us since his divorce 2 years ago. D had fussed over him and made sure he was eating properly and sometimes cleaned and cooked for him, even when heavily pregnant.

    +

    -Do you know that Mike had once said, after you had been over to his house cleaning, that he didn't know how I managed to keep my hands off you, he thought you were lovely before but seeing you pregnant made him jerk off after every visit-. She smiled up at me -really-, -really- I answered.

    And so this night finally arrived and here we were, children despatched complete with expressed milk for the baby, to grateful grandparents for the weekend, with D my 30 year old wife, standing in front of us both, the candles in our candlelit bedroom reflecting off her figure. Mike couldn't believe it as he lapped up the sight, her 5ft 9ins frame greatly enhanced by her high heels, her white basque forcing up her large breasts until they looked as though they were about to spill out, her natural olive tanned skin, a gift from her Portuguese grandfather, her stomach flat again after childbirth and her tightly rounded buttocks enhanced by the skimpiness of her thong and her white stockinged long slender legs. Her bright green eyes looked shyly down through her long shiny black hair at her wrists, folded over her stomach, and this had the appearance of forcing her breasts even further together in an overtly sexual manner. But this was the thing with D, she did this unknowingly, without affectation and completely unaware of her sexuality. As she once said -I'm just an ordinary girl who tries hard for a loving husband-, and this was what I loved about her and what at this moment made her the sexiest woman I had ever seen.

    Mike obviously had the same feelings because as we stood in the electric atmosphere of our bedroom, he in front of her, me behind, I could see the bulge sticking out from his boxer shorts. The tension was tangible as I moved to her back, brushing her hair aside to kiss the back of her neck and brought my hands around to cup her breasts. She moved her hand up to rub my arm and I said, -Do you like my wife's tits Mike, would you like to see them uncovered-. Mike could hardly speak as a strangled -they look lovely, yes I would like to see them- came back. I nibbled my wife's earlobe, making her shiver as I slowly began to unhook the catches along the back of her basque until it fell open to reveal the line of her spine. D held the loose basque against her breasts. I lightly rubbed her shoulders and I could feel her trembling slightly and she turned her head slightly towards me and I kissed her cheek, -Do you want to show Mike your tits darling-. She looked at me, lips parted as if to say something, but I smiled and nodded in confirmation and she looked back at Mike and biting her lower lip she hesitantly dropped her arms and the basque fell away. Mike stared at her bare breasts, milk swollen and probably a 38c and now unrestrained, just slightly drooping to make her nipples point slightly skyward. -What would you like Mike to do- I encouraged D. She blushed and faltering said that she would like Mike to touch and kiss them.

    Mike stepped forward and as if in appreciation of the prize that was in front of him brought his hand up to stroke my wife's face, saying thank you at the same time. D smiled at him and her shoulders relaxed as he gently reached out and cupped both breasts in his hands and D felt someone else's touch for the first time. She sighed as he stroked and then ran his thumbs gently over her swollen nipples which began to gush with her milk. He brought his mouth down to suckle on them, filling his mouth with her rich milk and she reached around to cradle his head as if suckling her own child, murmuring to him and gently stroking the back of his head. When finished he wiped his lips against her breasts and standing up searched for her lips with his own. Her shiny red lips were parted in anticipation and her mouth pressed against his, their breath coming in heavy bursts. I was transfixed as I watched with a feeling of jealousy and anticipation as my wife slid her hands around his neck, pulling his face towards her whilst his hands came around her hips to cup and squeeze her buttocks tightly. She rubbed her stomach against his hardness and I could hear her breathing heavily as he urgently slipped the thong from her hips and it fell to the floor, leaving her naked except for stockings and shoes.. They broke free and he kissed her neck as she threw her head back and he slid his hand around her front to touch her recently trimmed vagina. She gasped as she felt his fingers brush against her wet lips. Their lips met again and he whispered into D's ear, -Whenever you visited me D, it was all I could do to control myself. I wanted to kiss you and undress you and I dreamt about fucking you in all of your wet holes. I would masturbate after you went home-. D stepped back and excitedly smiling up at him said, -You should have told me, I wanted something to happen at your house. I wanted you to undress me and I wanted to touch your cock. When I came home, if Danny wasn't back from work, I would lie on the bed naked and masturbate thinking about you kissing my body and me sucking your penis-. I couldn't believe that my wife was saying this, and that she masturbated thinking about another man. Mike said - Well we can do it now, I will be able to penetrate you deeper now that you have had the baby-.

    D slid her hands down his muscled chest and stomach, turned her head to me and said to me -Can I touch him?- and slowly slid his boxer shorts over his buttocks, sliding her fingers under the elastic as she eased them over his hips and his front where his freed penis bounced out and slapped firmly against his stomach. I heard her gasp at the size of it. Only ever being intimate with me, her fingers now hovered over Mike's 9inch long and very thick penis. She smiled at him, licking her lips and said -Your penis was always huge in my dreams, and I'm glad that it's the same in real life-,

    Her mouth remained open as she stared wide eyed at his throbbing cock. She looked sideways at me, her face flushed, eyes diamond bright and panted -can I touch it-. I smiled at her and nodded and she gently placed her trembling hands around his penis. Mike gasped as D staring intently at it, slowly stroked his shaven penis before sliding her hand underneath to gently cup his large and swollen balls. She turned her head upwards to him again and sought his lips. She kissed his neck and then his chest and stomach before kneeling in front of him. I sat on the bed as an excited knot formed in my stomach. D looked at me before opening those wet inviting lips around Mike's huge helmet. He gasped in pleasure as she licked and bobbed her mouth over him, feeding more and more of him into her throat. Mike braced himself and dropped one hand to her shoulder and cupped the back of her head with the other. -God Dawn, that feels so good-. The sight of my wife kneeling in front of me whilst she sucked off another man produced conflicting thoughts in me, had I miscalculated and was this going too far, or was this the most arousing thing I had ever seen. I pulled off my boxers and started to stroke my hard penis as Mike slowly rocked his hips backwards and forwards at an increasing pace. -Oh God I'm gonna cum Dawn-. D slid him from her lips and said huskily -Cum in my mouth- and she opened those obscenely inviting lips as Mike rubbed his hand over his wet slick cock. D looked up at him expectantly and longingly as Mike grunted and jerked sending a thick stream of white spunk across her lips, she moved her face nearer so that his cock rested on her lower lip and he filled her mouth with his spunk as he continued to ejaculate.

    His shoulders slumped when he finished and there was a look of ecstasy on D's face as she looked at me, still holding his spunk in her mouth before slowly swallowing it and using her fingers to scoop that sperm which had splashed over her face into her mouth. Dawn crawled over to me and kissed me. I could taste his spunk in her mouth as her lips kissed mine. She whispered into my ear -Did you like watching that Danny, was it nice to see his spunk spurt into my mouth. Was it what you wanted me to do sweetheart-, and she meant it. She was putting on a show for my enjoyment. -Yes Dawn it was great, you look so sexy babe, I love you. Are you enjoying yourself-. She held my cock and looked at me intently -Yes, I never imagined I would ever do this for real, thank you for letting me- and she slipped my penis into her mouth and started to gently suck me.

    Mike had come to sit on the side of the bed next to us and gently stroked D's back as she gave me head. I leant back on my elbows. Mike knelt by D and reached down to stroke her ass and hips. -Danny I can't thank you enough for letting me see Dawn. Do you think she will let me fuck her now.- The idea nearly made me cum and I said to her, -Do you want Mike to fuck you Dawn-. Without taking me out of her mouth she shuddered in anticipation and closing her eyes nodded. Mike moved behind her and lifted her to her knees before parting her thighs and reaching through to slide his fingers along her trimmed and very wet vagina.

    He positioned himself between her thighs and held his very stiff again penis against her dripping lips before sliding himself deeply up into my wife's cunt. She grunted in pleasure and the thought of her being fucked at that moment in front of me made me cum hugely into her warm mouth. Dawn gasped in pleasure and also surprise at the feeling of Mikes penis as he slid in and out of her. Only ever knowing my 6inches, the feeling of Mike's 9 to 10 thick inches driving into her was overwhelming and she started to cum almost immediately.

    -Uhhh, Oh God, Oh God, fuck me Mike, fuck me hard. Ohh, Nnn I'm cumming- she groaned as Mike felt her tighten around him. Her breathing was heavy and ragged and she groaned as Mike continued to pump into her harder. -Oh God Dawn I'm gonna cum, do you want to feel my spunk spurt inside you- he gasped. -Oh yes fuck me harder, fill my cunt with your spunk- she gasped as she jerked and twitched into another massive orgasm just before she felt Mike swell and stiffen and spurt his hot thick white spunk into her convulsing vagina. I watched the ecstasy on her face as her eyes rolled and her lips parted in silent sobs of pleasure. But Mike remained inside her still hard and still thrusting my wife into more orgasms. -Does that feel good baby- I asked her, -Oh that feels so fucking good,- she moaned. -Does he feel better than me-. Dawn uttered a half strangled groan as if she half expected but didn't want to answer the question. -He feels different sweetheart- she said softly. -But he's so much bigger than me babe, it must be nicer for you-. She couldn't contain herself any longer, -Oh Danny, Mike feels so big inside me. I have never felt so stretched before, he's hitting every nerve ending that I have and I can feel him bumping against the opening to my cervix, I don't think anyone can be fucked better than I am being at the moment-, and she closed her eyes as she came again, mouth open and just a drop of saliva drooling from the corner of her mouth.

    Chastened, I was quiet after that and just watched as Mike finally pulled himself out of Dawn's vagina, his spunk dripping down her long firm thighs to collect in pools where her knees rested on the floor. Mike bent down and kissed her buttocks, making her jump as his tongue slid between her firm cheeks and tickled her anus. He slapped her ass saying -get on the bed and let me lick you-, the time had long passed for either of them to seek out my permission. Dawn dragged herself onto the bed to lay on her back by my side. She took my hand and kissed it before placing it on her breast where I could feel her heart racing. She reached up to cup my head and pull it towards her and as we kissed she whispered -thank you darling for letting this happen-, she paused as if searching for the right words. She smiled at me saying, - This is what you wanted sweetheart isn't it, this is what you wanted to happen.-

    She gasped again as Mike, who was now kneeling between Dawn's outstretched thighs, spread her lips with his thumbs and rolled his tongue along her sticky wet vagina. I leant forward thinking -yes, this is what we both fantasised about and we both should be enjoying it-, and pulled Dawn's vagina wide open enabling Mike to slide his fingers inside my wife's sopping vagina and at the same time place his lips and tongue over her swollen clit. Soon her hips were jerking off the bed as she pressed the back of his head hard against her cunt as she came again. -Fuck me darling- she murmured, and initially I thought she was talking to me, but Mike climbed from the floor onto the bed to kneel between her thighs. She turned her flushed face to me and said -Guide him into me Danny-, and I held her open with one hand and placed my fingers around Mike's big fat slippery penis and guided him into my wife's pulsating vagina. He leant over her, placing his hands by her shoulders so that just his hips were resting on hers. I heard a wet sucking sound as he slowly slid all the way into her. Dawn sighed and finally kicking off her heels, raised her knees and wrapped her legs around the small of his back. I could see Mike's slick wet penis sliding in and out of my wife's swollen cunt lips. Mike dipped his head and kissed her breasts, chewing on her nipples, before seeking her wet lips. She kissed him back eagerly as another orgasm approached and Mike began to thrust harder into her as he felt his own climax start to build. -Oh God I love you so much Dawn- he gasped, and in her own sexual frenzy Dawn brought her hands to his face to kiss him repeatedly, and as her own orgasm started gasped, -and I love you so much Mike, give me your baby now-

    I blanched at her words. Yet even as her orgasm racked through her body, Dawn realised that she had unintentionally hurt me and sought my hand saying -baby hold onto me, don't let go-, and as Mike bucked and jerked on top of my wife and shot wad after wad of thick spunk into her in an effort to meet her request, she twitched and jerked but remained looking at me and smiling her beautiful smile. Mike slumped on top of her but she reached over and kissed me on the lips saying -Don't ever doubt that I love you husband-

    Mike rolled off her, exhausted, and Dawn moved closer to me, kissing me. I dropped my hand to her waist and slid her close to me. I could feel her heaving breasts against my chest and I run my hand over her buttocks. Her mouth was warm and her breath was so sweet on my face. I moved my hand to her stomach and then her vagina and felt it full of another man's warm spunk. -Don't be upset darling, if I said things in my excitement-. -But will you ever be satisfied with me again- I said doubtfully.

    Dawn leant on an elbow and reached forward to rummage through the bedroom cabinet. She found what she was looking for and waved a tube of KY jelly in front of him. -A special treat for my understanding husband-. She found my ear -Would you like fuck me in the ass-. It was something I had always dreamt of doing but it seemed so bad I could never bring myself to ask my wife for fear of upsetting her. She saw the smile spread over my face and smiling in return turned over burying her head in the pillow and bringing her knees up to present her beautiful rounded ass to me. She turned her head on the pillow and said -Mike, get my husband nice and slippery for me-. Mike laughed -You lucky man- and proceeded to smear the slippery jelly over my super hard penis as if he was masturbating me. Dawn watched intently. He squeezed some onto his fingers and gently rubbed it around Dawn's asshole and then inside her. I gently held her hips as Mike grasped my slick penis and pressed it against my wife's brown little rosebud anus. With gentle pressure she began to open and I slowly slid deeper into her incredibly tight rectum as she moaned with that intense feeling of not quite pain and not quite pleasure. In time I was all the way up her and she began to relax with the feeling of me sliding in and out of her ass and the feeling of my balls slapping against her buttocks. She responded with more moans as I started to thrust harder into her and as I gripped her hips in a firmer embrace I gave my wife her first anal orgasm before my sperm exploded deep inside her rectum. We collapsed back onto the bed with her gasping -Oh God, oh God, that was so fucking good-.

    We made love to her all night, including at one stage Dawn sandwiched between us as we both fucked her vagina at the same time. Later that night my wife lay on her back on the bed, absolutely sated and reluctantly giving up both her lovers sperm that was seeping out of her vagina and ass. Her two lovers slept either side of her, their faces cushioned against each ample breast with her arms around their shoulders. Her mind was racing, could she love two men at the same time. She wanted to do this again, but could she have this experience again without damaging her relationship with her husband. She loved her husband deeply and planned to have more children with him. He was a good man who would do anything for her, and yet she couldn't deny the night of fulfilling sex she had just had with her husband's best friend, her new lover and his huge penis. Were there other experiences to be had out there. Either way, she knew life for her would never be the same again.