Lynn in stockings and expensive underwear takes Bob's big cock II

      There wasn't much activity in the pub, so we grabbed a drink which Bob ordered and sat at a table in a small semi circular cubicle away from the bar, but not to remote, we chatted in general as we drank our glasses of wine. Bob asked Lynn to raise her skirt slightly to show off her lovely lacy stocking tops, which she did without any hesitation. Bob said they looked very nice and maybe she should wear them every time he comes to see her, Lynn told him he would soon get bored with black stockings and that she had some lovely stockings in other colours. Bob then said to me it was my turn to get the drinks and I went to collect the glasses, but bob said to leave them and get fresh ones, which I did. When I returned with the drinks they were talking and laughing and Lynn said that Bob had told her she was to open her legs when the barman came to collect the glasses and that he was turning her into a right slut, I laughed and said it wouldn't take much and she reached across and slapped my arm.

      We chatted some more and Lynn kept letting her legs drift apart so Bob and I could clearly see her juicy pussy lips, Bob kept on calling her a slut and she just kept on agreeing with him saying he wouldn't have it any other way. Bob then excused himself and went to the gents. I asked Lynn if she was okay with this and she said she was enjoying it and, that Bob was only teasing her and she enjoyed the sexy talk, it kept her very moist, she smiled at me as she spoke. Bob returned and sat back down and asked if the horny slut was being good, I told him she was being very good. Bob said that's fine and turning to Lynn said come her I want you to sit on my cock again like you did earlier, only this time facing away from me. Lynn smiled and said what here in the pub, okay get your long fat cock out and I will.

      Bob undid his zip on the front of his slacks and eased his cock out, Lynn moved over to him and straddling his legs raised her skirt and eased her self down onto his cock until eventually her arse was resting on his body. Bob said to her, see it went in easier this time, Lynn shuddered and hissed that she wanted to scream the feeling of being stuffed full of prick was so intense. Lynn then let her skirt back down to give them some form of coverage. Bob reached around her and began fondling her tits, her nipples which were already very hard seemed to grow in length even more and Lynn moaned at Bob's touch. Whilst fondling her breasts, Bob undid a couple of the buttons on the front of her blouse; well actually he undid enough to allow the blouse to open to the bottom of her cleavage. Bob slipped his right hand inside her blouse and cupped her left breast, flicking her nipple as he did so. Lynn moaned and one or two guys at the bar, which was now starting to get busy, looked around to see what was happening.

      +

      Bob removed his hand and left her blouse open showing her cleavage off to everyone and then he moved slightly causing Lynn to moan again and bite her lip as he did so. Lynn looked round at him and said that was amazing and to do it again, has he did it Lynn just blushed slightly and looking straight in to my eyes said in a low voice that she's just had a massive orgasm as Bob made his cock twitch inside her. Bob drank his wine and when he placed his glass on the low table he told Lynn to show me how stretched her pussy was around his cock, Lynn lifted her skirt slightly and I could clearly see her cunt lips stretched tight around his hard shaft. Bob asked if the pub was a popular place with the small village community and I told him that hardly anyone used it and that it relied on passing-trade for its income. Bob then said that means everyone in here is a stranger, how sad but how fortuitous for this slut, she can flash her tits and pussy and no one will know her. Bob then told her to allow the barman to see her tits when she went to the bar to collect the drinks. Lynn said that was easy, the hard part was getting off his big thick cock. Bob said to do that she only had to stand up and Lynn laughed and winked at me as she said that was the hard part and that she didn't want to stand up.

      Eventually Lynn stood and Bob managed to tuck his cock into his trousers, shielded by Lynn standing in front of him, she then sat back in her chair and smiled at him saying she really did need to feel him fucking her with his big cock and Bob just smiled and told her later. Lynn made a show of crossing and uncrossing her legs so that we could clearly see her pussy lips which were absolutely wide open and glistening with her juices, she then opened her legs wider and smiled and Bob and I turned suddenly as someone clattered against a chair, Lynn laughed when we realised she'd opened her legs so the guy could also see her pussy and in his distraction had walked into a chair. As the guy who was only about late teens early twenties picked himself up Lynn asked if he was okay, he said he was and that he felt a fool for walking into a chair, Lynn smiled at him and said it was easily done if you weren't paying attention or got distracted. As the guy left to join his mates at the bar Lynn said it was wicked of her, but such good fun, now watch all his mates visit the toilets, one at a time, we all laughed at her comment and sure enough one of his mates went to the gents and almost immediately returned and slowed down as he walked past our table. Lynn smiled at him and opened her legs sufficiently for him to see her stocking tops and bare thighs. Once passed he rushed up to the group of guys and obviously confirmed what the first guy had seen.

      We decided to finish our drinks and walk home, but before we did, Lynn gave the next guy a very good view all the way to her pussy lips and he blushed as he stared at her crutch whilst walking back to the bar. We walked home and Bob and Lynn walked into the sitting room and sat on the sofa, whilst I loaded up the coffee machine. By the time I entered the room they were both kissing passionately, Bob with his hand inside Lynn's blouse and her rubbing his cock from end to end. Bob undid her blouse and pulled it open so her tits were clearly on view and then went back to squeezing her nipples hard, Lynn moaned and began undoing his slacks so she could get her hand inside to feel his hardening cock. Lynn broke off the kiss and asked if she could take his cock out of his trousers and Bob asked her why. Lynn said she wanted his large cock, she wanted to feel it pulse inside her, to feel it shoot his spunk deep into her and Bob said okay slut, you can take it out and wank me.

      Lynn slowly eased Bob's prick out and again I was amazed how small her hands looked around his shaft. Bob moved his hand to her pussy and I watched as he inserted 3 fingers deep into her making my lovely slut wife moan with passion and lust. I went into the kitchen to grab a coffee, not bothering to ask them, they wouldn't have answered anyway. As I returned I was greeted with the sight of Bob kneeling on the floor between Lynn's wide open thighs and Lynn slumped down on the sofa so her pussy was overhanging the edge of the seat. I watched as Bob took a hold of his cock and slowly forced the head of his cock between my wife's pussy lips. Lynn moaned out loud as Bob continued to push his cock into her until she had taken half of it and was breathing heavy as he pushed. Bob said for her to relax and enjoy the sensation and that from this position it was going to feel somewhat different to the last time. Bob moved forward closer to her pussy, slowly moving his massive cock into her, all the time telling her what a lovely slut she was and how he was going to make her his whore and that she would never refuse him a place to put his cock when he needed to fuck someone. Bob then told her that in fact, she was by far the best fuck he'd had and dearly wished he'd fucked her years ago.

      Bob kept pushing into Lynn's cunt all the while she was moaning until after sometime Bob lunged forward and forced the last few inches into my wife's sloppy cunt. Lynn cried out and told him she was cumming all over his cock and Bob said that was good, he reached forward and began squeezing and sucking her tits. Bob then began to withdraw his cock until only he head remained in Lynn's pussy, she pleaded with him to fuck her and Bob goaded her in to asking for it, which she did. Bob slowly eased his whole cock back into her. I watched as Bob began slowly fucking my wife easing his cock in and out of her pussy each time forcing it deep inside her. Lynn was moaning and saying how fucking lovely it was to feel his cock sliding in and out and actually fucking her and that she wanted the feeling to last forever and for Bob to fuck her hard on a regular basis. Bob began to speed up slamming his hard meat into her, all the time Lynn was moaning with pleasure has he drove his cock in and out of her.

      The sight before me was just too much and taking my own cock out, I began slowly wanking my prick as I witnessed the sight before me. When Bob forced his cock into her I swear you could see the outline of his cock head inside her stomach way up near her tits and Lynn kept saying how wonderful it felt inside her and how it felt like his cock was pushing up almost to her chest. I was amazed at Bob's stamina, he seemed to be in total control and carried on fucking her for ages, I'd had to stop wanking my cock at least 5 times so that I didn't cum, but he just kept on slamming his cock deep into my wife, stopping occasionally to pull Lynn back towards the edge of the sofa having forced her backwards with his lunges into her cunt. Lynn kept telling him how she was cumming as he fucked her and I'd lost count how many times she actually came. After about 30 minutes of constant fucking Bob withdrew his prick from her and as she sighed, he told her to get on her hands and knees on the floor.

      Lynn moved to the floor in front of Bob and knelt down, her white arse framed by her suspender belt as Bob raised her skirt up over her hips. He moved in behind my wife and offered his cock head to her open pussy and eased it in to her cunt. Lynn had her head hung down and her tits were swinging free as Bob again slowly eased his cock into her. Lynn cried out this time and said it felt so fantastic and that she felt so full of his cock she was having difficulty breathing, Bob just told her to relax and it wouldn't take long for her to adjust to having all his cock deep inside her and having fed half of his shaft into her, he rammed the rest of his cock in has his huge balls slapped against her thighs which were covered in her pussy juices, making Lynn gasp as he did so.

      Bob began to ease his prick in and out of my wife's cunt from behind and the sight before me was just too much and eventually I gave in and with a grunt shot my sperm in to a tissue. Lynn looked round at me and smiled and blew an air-kiss my way, but Bob began to speed up his strokes and she lowered her head once more continuously moaning in pleasure has Bob forced his cock in and out going deeper each time. I could clearly hear Lynn's pussy making lovely juicy sounds around Bob's cock and after 10 or 15 minutes of Bob hammering his cock into her pussy, her moans became noticeably louder and she slumped forward so her face was on the ground, but Bob hung on to her hips and just kept sliding his cock in and out all the time telling her what a good slut she was and how he was going to fuck her till she begged him to stop and that he was going to fire his sperm so deep into her cunt I would be able to taste it on her breath. Lynn just moaned in pleasure urging him to cum inside her and to fuck her slut cunt hard and fast.

      I have to admit Bob's performance was impressive, Lynn was now moaning in sheer lust as he kept on forcing his cock in and out of her pussy for what seemed like ages. Eventually Bob asked Lynn if she was ready to take all his cum deep inside her. Lynn hissed yes back to him and then in a very husky voice said she'd waited long enough for this pleasure, she was very ready to feel his cock pulse inside her and to feel his hot spunk flood her cunt and womb. Bob slammed his cock into my wife's pussy a couple more times before eventually forcing his cock into her and holding her against him has his cock flooded her with his hot cum. Lynn said she could feel it deep inside her as his sperm shot from his cock and splashed against her insides. Lynn kept on encouraging Bob to keep shooting his hot cum deep into her, but eventually Bob began to withdraw his cock from her pussy, which was dripping their combined juices all down her bare thighs, there truly was bucketfuls flooding out of her.

      I watched as Bob's huge cock dropped out of her pussy, it had definitely lost some of its hardness, but the length hadn't receded at all. Lynn remained kneeling on the floor, her cunt lips were gaping wide open, swollen and very red with the pounding she had just taken. I asked her if she felt alright and she said that she felt fucking fantastic and couldn't wait for Bob to fuck her again. Bob laughed and said that tonight she was going to take as much as she wanted. Lynn sat up and turned slightly so that they could French-kiss each other, at the same time taking hold of Bob's prick and slowly sliding her hand along its length. Bob broke off the kiss and said if she carried on doing what she was doing, she might just get another good fucking sooner than she thought. Lynn told Bob he could fuck her now if he wished, she really did want to take his cock again now. Bob called her a total slut wife and turning to me asked if he could take my cock-hungry slut to bed and give her a thoroughly good shagging. I told Bob I would be happy for him to give her another good fucking, so Bob stood up and fastening his slacks told Lynn to go get on the bed.

      Lynn stood up and straightened her stockings, as she bent to do so, I could see her pussy lips from behind still hanging down a good couple of inches where they had been stretched round Bob's cock and his spunk and her cunt juices were still running down her thighs and soaking her stocking tops. Lynn stood up straight and grabbing Bob's cock said come on lover and guided him upstairs. I could here them laughing and talking from upstairs, then it went quite and I can only assume they had started to get serious again. My own cock was now hard again and when Lynn moaned upstairs my cock visibly twitched and hardened faster than at any other time and to be honest, this wasn't the first time I'd seen or heard Lynn being fucked, in fact it was a regular occurrence for her to get someone to fuck her when she wanted some fun, but to hear her moan the way she did when full of Bob's cock was truly arousing from my point of view. I began to slowly wank my prick savouring the sounds coming from upstairs, Bob calling my wife a slut, a cock lover and a whore, whilst she just urged him on to fuck her harder, deeper, longer was just so fucking erotic knowing my own wife was being used this way. I could clearly hear the bed and floor begin to creak in a slow methodical rhythm as Lynn's moans became louder and more urgent for Bob to fuck her, my own prick was now throbbing and again I splashed my cum into a tissue. I now felt drained and aroused and began to wonder how Bob kept it up, which was my last thought as I drifted off to sleep in the chair at about 4pm.

      I awoke to the feeling of my darling slut wife sucking on my cock. As I came to and looked down, Lynn was smiling with her eyes as she slowly sucked the head of my cock, she looked well and truly fucked, her hair was a mess and she was now just wearing her stockings and suspenders which looked the worse for wear. I asked what the time was and she said 6:30pm and was I okay with today so far. I told that today had been amazing so far and how was she feeling. Lynn was fondling my cock and balls as she said very numb around the pussy area and that her pussy lips felt like they were hanging down to her knees, she laughed as she said it I told her they probably were hanging down that far and she would probably not want to be fucked like that sometime soon, but Lynn chuckled and said not to be silly and that once Bob and her had showered he wanted to go back down the pub for a couple of wines and then fuck her all night, if I was happy for her to spend all night being well and truly fucked by him. I told her I was more than fine and told her to stand so I could feel her hot, wet pussy. Lynn stood and opened her legs so that I could get my hand into her and she was gaping wide open and for the first time in our married life I could get my whole hand inside her cunt it felt so wide and slick,

      Lynn asked me if it felt nice, because it really did feel good taking Bob's cock inside her. I moved forward and taking my hand from her pussy guided her cunt to my face so I could kiss her pussy and run my tongue along her lips. Lynn held my head and forced my face into her pussy mound and told me it felt good to feel my tongue on her pussy, she asked me if I was enjoying it. I told of course, I loved licking her pussy when it was full of spunk and well used. Lynn bent over and kissed me grabbing my cock again and wanked me hard. After a couple of minutes of having her delicate hand on my cock, I told her I was about to come again, so she let go of my cock and laughing moved away saying she needed to have her shower and her finishing me off by hand would have to wait.

      I watched as Lynn climbed up the stairs and I slumped back in the chair, my cock feeling like it was fit to burst. I heard Lynn in the shower and went to our bedroom and laid on the bed waiting so I could shower and change, I must have dozed off again, because when I awoke, there was silence in the house and no one answered my calls. I quickly showered and dressed and looking at the clock, noticed it was 8.30pm, so I made my way to the pub. It was very busy, with the usual Saturday night crowd of out-of-towners, so I grabbed a beer as I entered and looking around saw Bob and Lynn sat where we had previously sat at lunch time.

      Lynn was sat laughing and chatting with Bob when I approached them she looked up and asked if I was okay and had I enjoyed my little snooze. I told her I had and felt very refreshed. Lynn was now wearing a white T-shirt and a short denim skirt with dark blue stockings and her matching suspender belt and high heeled shoes; it was obvious she wasn't wearing her bra as her nipples were very erect and very visible through her T-shirt. I grabbed a seat opposite her and Bob and could clearly see up her denim skirt to her stocking tops. Bob then told me my wife was being a little slut again and had been flashing her legs off to passing guys, Lynn smiled and said that Bob had told her to do it, I asked her if she did everything Bob said, because if she did, she could be in trouble, both Bob and I laughed and Lynn just glared at me in contempt.

      I watched as Bob replaced his hand on her leg above her right knee and began caressing her leg, each time moving his hand higher up until his hand disappeared under her skirt and on to her thighs. Bob's hand pushed her skirt higher up so that her stocking tops were clearly on view. Bob said to Lynn that has a good little whore, she should raise her skirt a touch so that everyone could see her bare thighs and freshly fucked pussy. Lynn told him he was wicked and that they could see plenty now. Bob asked me if I could see plenty and I told him that very little other than her lacy stocking tops were visible from where I was sat, so Bob told her to hitch her skirt up so we could see more. Lynn sighed and raising herself, hitched her skirt up about 2 inches so that we could clearly see her stocking tops and her bare thighs as well. Lynn said she thought we had gone too far and that they would get thrown out when the landlord saw the way she was sat.

      Bob stood up and asked who wanted a drink, both Lynn and I said yes and Bob went to the bar and placed our order. I watched as Bob leant over the bar and spoke quietly to the barman who nodded and finished pouring our drinks, at this point, Bob walked towards the gents and the barman came over with our drinks on a tray, as he placed the drinks on the table he looked at Lynn and said nice legs lady, your fella says you have a shaven pussy and that you're happy to show it off, any chance of glance. Lynn blushed and as Bob reappeared she glared at him and told him he was a pervert, offering for her to show off parts of her body to just anyone. Bob told her to stop wittering and to open her legs so the barman could see just what a slut wife's pussy looked like. Lynn blushed slightly and eased her legs apart, but only just enough so the barman could see she wasn't wearing any knickers, he told Bob that her pussy looked very nice and most fuckable, Bob told him he wasn't wrong and that he would be ploughing his way into her later and giving her a very large portion of meat.

      The barman laughed and walked back to the bar chuckling as he walked. As he reached the bar he turned and said if she stays like that, trade will definitely improve. Bob said that maybe we should have her serving customers topless and they both laughed. Lynn tugged at her skirt to pull it down an inch or so, she smiled at me and said, you'd like that wouldn't you, your slutty wife topless serving all these men, no doubt with master pervert here trying to get his cock up me from behind whilst I'm trying to serve drinks. Bob laughed and told her it was a good idea, but not tonight, he had other plans for her sexy body, we both laughed and Lynn stuck her tongue out at us telling us we were acting like horrid school boys. Bob said to her that she'd pulled her skirt back down and that she was to pull it back up so we could enjoy the view. Lynn again told him he was a pervert and slid her skirt up her thighs so hat we had a lovely view of the tops of her lacy stockings and bare thighs.

      Bob reached over and began rubbing her leg, pushing her skirt up higher, Lynn was obviously enjoying he attention as her nipples were becoming very prominent again. Bob asked her to uncross her legs and smiling Lynn did exactly that, as she did so Bob ran his hand up her skirt and on to her pussy mound making Lynn take a deep breath. She told Bob to behave, but he just smiled and said why should he. Bob pointed out that she was very wet with anticipation, he was enjoying exploring her pussy with his hand, especially as her pussy lips were still very extended and your husband is certainly enjoying watching you act like a slut and to be honest he was right, I really was enjoying watching my darling wife being used as a slut.

      I went to the bar to get more drinks, which took some time as the bar area was becoming busy. When I returned Bob was sat alone and said that Lynn had gone to visit the ladies restroom. When Lynn returned, she came over and kissed me and asked if I was okay, I told her I was and she went over and sat on Bob's knee, she then moved in and began kissing him, their tongues probing each others mouths, it was really hot to watch my own wife sat on a friends knee whilst French kissing and him sliding his hand up her skirt to her pussy. Lynn broke off the kiss and said to Bob that his fingers felt good as they caressed her pussy lips and she couldn't wait to get his big cock back inside her. Bob told her he wanted to lick her nipples and to raise her t-shirt so he could get at them, Lynn smiled and grabbed he bottom of the shirt raised it over her tits so Bob could flick her nipples with his tongue. Lynn moaned quietly with the pleasure Bob was giving her and I watched has Lynn allowed her legs to once more drift apart so Bob cold get deeper into her pussy with his fingers. Lynn then suddenly stood up and pulling her shirt down looked at Bob and said I want to go home, I want you to fuck me and I want you to do it all night and now!

      Bob looked across at me and said, looks like we are leaving are you coming back with us or are you staying for another drink. I told them both I would follow them home when I had finished the drink I currently had, so holding hands both Lynn and Bob walked out of the pub and back to our place. The barman came over and began collecting the glasses from our table and asked if I wanted another drink but I declined, he then said that was one lovely, sexy lady and would give his right arm to taste the pussy on her. I told him I would speak to my wife and relay his wishes to her and let him know her response, the guy blushed and apologised saying he didn't realise she was my wife and offered a drink on the house, I laughed and told him no thanks and that he shouldn't worry, as we speak she, my darling wife was probably laid on her back whilst he, a friend was pumping her full of his rather large cock. The barman said wow, how crazy and she really is sweet and hot, you're happy for her to do this, I nodded, he said cool, does she do it often, again I nodded, he then said to bring her back any night and we could have a lock in party, I told him that was a good idea and we just might do that.

      I finished my drink and began walking home, my cock was now pretty much solid as I thought about my darling wife laid on her back, naked except for her stockings and suspenders, legs open wide and Bob laid between them pushing his big hard cock deep into her, no doubt with Lynn urging him on to fuck her hard, fuck her deeper and to keep fucking her. How many times had I heard her say those words whilst entertaining some guy on the bed and yet it still gave me a massive erection thinking of her with her pussy all loose and hot, filled with spunk and her pussy lips hanging down having been stretched around some guys prick. The thought of her bringing that hot, wet pussy to me at some point was almost too much and I almost came in my pants without so much as touch of my cock.

      I entered the house and could immediately here the bed creaking and Lynn moaning as Bob fucked my darling wife. I was so right, Lynn was urging him on to fuck her harder and to get his massive cock in deeper, I heard Bob say that it was all in and filing her insides, but she demanded he get further in, she was now shouting for him to keep fucking her. I heard Bob calling her a randy whore and telling her how much he loved fucking her lovely juicy wet pussy and would make a special point of coming to visit her on a regular basis so he could enjoy forcing his cock deep into my wife and to have some fun with her body whilst they were out enjoying themselves. Lynn just told him to keep fucking her pussy and that she was happy for him to come over anytime he felt like giving her a very hard and long fucking session.

      I grabbed a coffee and sat in the lounge, I could hear the bed creaking to the pounding Bob was giving my wife's cunt and her moans as he drove his big cock into her, my own cock was straining to be free and taking it out my pants allowed my pre-cum to flow more freely and my cock to throb as I sat there listening to the sounds of sex between my slutty wife and friend who was slamming his prick into her. Lynn's mans were getting louder and more intense as she demanded he fuck her harder, deeper, faster. Bob seemed to be able to fuck for hours; he just kept on ploughing into her pussy. Eventually I heard Bob say he was Cumming and Lynn telling him to shoot his spunk deep into her stomach and they both groaned together as the creaking of the bed subsided, by which time I was slowly sliding my hand up and down my own shaft and nearing my own orgasm, fuelled by the lusty sounds of my own sweet wife being taken sexually by a friend.

      I heard movement and saw Lynn's legs descend the stairs; she was still wearing her shoes and stockings, but nothing else. She walked into the room and came over and gave me a kiss saying that Bob had just given her the fucking of her life and hat her pussy was drowning in their combined juices. I felt under her pussy and her cunt lips were very, very extended and dripping with their cum, Lynn reached over and taking a hold of my cock began to slide her hand up and down the shaft as I slid my hand along her juicy pussy. Lynn told me she had purposefully come down stairs to wank my prick so that she could make me cum, then she was going back up to Bob so her could once again slide his hard cock deep inside her pussy and fuck her till she screamed. She told how she could feel his cock pulsate inside her cunt and how when he shot his cum; it was with such force that she felt it hitting the sides of her pussy. She said that Bob kept on calling her a sweet slut wife and how he loved to fuck her cunt and especially whilst I could watch and witness his darling wife impaled on a huge cock that was taking his friends wife to new heights of pleasure. As she spoke, I shot my cum all over her hand, Lynn bent forward and kissed me saying she hoped I'd enjoyed that, but she was now going back to Bob and his big fat long cock.

      I eventually dragged my self upstairs to our bed and eventually fell asleep to the sounds of strenuous fucking along the corridor, my wife moaning in pleasure and urging her lover to fuck her more and more and Bob calling her a fuck slut and posh whore who would fuck anyone just to feel a cock inside her. Lynn just kept urging Bob to keep fucking her. I must have fallen asleep and once or twice woke to the sound of some heavy fucking going on and my wife virtually screaming as her orgasms over took her, but eventually tiredness got the better of me and I must have drifted into a very deep sleep.