My Wife Lynn in stockings at the Pub/Bar

      I can think of no better feeling than reaching up under my wife's skirt when she's been out and feeling her pussy all hot, wet and wide. It doesn't matter if she's wearing panties and I have to work my hand inside them, although she very rarely wears any underwear when she goes out at night, unless they are very sexy and designed to compliment her outfit. Lynn will always kiss me, forcing her tongue deep into my mouth so that I can taste the guys cum on her breath whilst I rub her pussy, savouring the delight of her well fucked cunt.

      This particular Friday evening, she had rushed home to change into a short denim skirt, semi-see through white blouse, dark blue suspender belt and blue stockings she didn't bother with a bra or panties. Lynn rushed in had a quick shower and changed. She then rushed down stairs, gave me a quick kiss and said “I'm off out on the town with a few work mates, see you later”. I asked her if she would be bringing home her usual delight to which she said “hopefully, if not I will be pretty pissed off”. She then disappeared out the door and shouted, by the way we are all going to the Septic Ferret pub, see you later.

      I took the hint and went to get changed myself. I have never met Lynn's work mates, so she'd obviously told me where they were going so if I wanted to watch her I could. She will sometimes do this, knowing I find it a great turn on watching her flirt and fuck guy's she meets. Lynn is now just 50 years of age, but she truly could pass for someone in their early 40's or late 30's. She has a lovely curvy body and blonde hair, although she keeps her pussy well and truly trimmed to accentuate her pussy lips.

      Anyway, I arrived at the Ferret about 40 minutes after Lynn. She was sat on a chair at a table with 4 guys and a young woman who was probably about mid thirties. The woman was very loud and seemed drunk compared to the rest. There was a lot of chatting and laughing and one guy got up to fetch some more drinks. One of the guys said not to get any for him and Anne, because he was going to take her home before she passed out, the guy said okay and went to the bar. Lynn saw me sat at the bar and winked at me as she turned to the guy next to her and spoke to him. The guy nodded and got up and walked to the jukebox and put some music on. Has he returned to the table, Lynn said she was going to the ladies room and to keep her seat warm for her. Has she walked away, I heard the guy say he would keep something warm for her but it wouldn't be her seat, Lynn just turned to him and laughed as she walked away.

      +

      When Lynn returned, it was obvious that she had undone two buttons on her blouse and had hitched her skirt up a bit so that it really looked like a short mini skirt she smiled at me then went and sat down. The guy with Anne said it was time that they left and he stood up and grabbing Anne he made his way to the door, saying goodnight all as he left. Everyone at the table giggled and one of the guys sat next to Lynn said, bet he isn't getting any tonight. Lynn said what makes you think you will be and he replied that he felt lucky and anyway with a good looking woman sat next to him he had a chance. Lynn laughed and dropped her left arm from the table. The guy smiled at her and said that feels good, the other 2 said what's he getting that's making him smile and Lynn said to wait and see.

      After about 10 minutes, Lynn raised her left arm and took hold of her drink and emptied the glass, as she placed it on the table she asked who was getting the next drinks and one of the guys stood up and said me. As he walked away, Lynn dropped her right arm and the guy on her right said that he could see why Bob was smiling and that he was right it felt good and Lynn laughed and said that she was good at feeling good! The guy to Lynn's right said to her had she seen the beer garden here, I knew that Lynn wasn't interested in the garden, but she said that she would love to, so he said, come and follow me and I'll show you.

      He took a hold of Lynn's right hand and guided her right past me. She gave me that knowing glance as she did so, I could hear the clicking of her high heels on the bar floor as they rounded the corner and disappeared outside. The guy at the bar asked where they had gone and Bob said that Alex had taken Lynn outside to show her the beer garden, they both laughed and Bob said, she'll see more than the garden, again they both laughed. They sat chatting about Lynn saying what a good looking piece of fanny she was and that they hoped she would give them all a good fucking. The guy called Chris said that he thought she would be an easy lay from the way she smiled at them and flirted at work.

      About 10 minutes later, Alex came walking back round the corner with a huge grin on his face, as he saw his mates he grabbed his crotch and gripped it with his right hand saying she's a dirty bitch that Lynn. Bob asked why and Alex said that as soon as they reached the garden, she placed her left arm round his neck and began French kissing him, at the same time rubbing his cock on the outside of his jeans with her right hand. Bob said to fuck off and that no way had she just felt his prick, Alex assured them she had. At that point I could hear Lynn's high heels clicking on the stone floor as she returned, smiling.

      Chris said to her as she approached the table that Alex had said she was getting dirty with him outside. Lynn giggled and said it wasn't dirty it was nice, as she sat back down at the table. Lynn then picked up her drink and drunk half the drink. Chris asked her if she fancied some more fresh air, has he spoke he winked at his mates sat at the table. Lynn asked why, she'd already been outside with Alex. Chris said yeah, but did he show you the pretty flowers and shrubs. They all chuckled and Lynn said no Alex hadn't shown her everything. Chris stood up and grabbed Lynn's hand and said to her well come on then let me show something very nice, something I think you'll want to get very close to. Lynn just laughed at him as she stood up and tried to pull her mini skirt down over her stocking tops where it had ridden up whilst she was sat the table. Lynn again winked at me as holding Chris's hand she again walked outside to the garden.

      After they had walked out, Bob and Alex started talking about my wife. Bob said that he thought she would be a hot, easy fuck tonight and Alex agreed, but said what about her hubby, she is married, she wears a wedding ring and all. Bob said that he wasn't bothered where they fucked her as long as he got his cock inside her, anyway, for all they knew the old man could be away, they both agreed that she was just begging for a fuck and that they were game to give her one. After hearing this I decided to go to the Gents toilet which was out back near the Gardens. As I walked out I could see Lynn with her back to me French kissing the guy she was with. She had her right arm around is neck and was rubbing his trouser front with her left hand, her legs were parted and her denim mini skirt was pulled tight against the tops and backs of her thighs, you could clearly see her stocking tops and the straps of her suspenders holding them up. It was obvious that Chris had his hand up her skirt and was either rubbing or fingering her pussy. From the groans coming from Lynn it seemed like he was fingering her, but when Lynn is hot and she was tonight, you never could tell. One thing was for certain, they were both enjoying themselves.

      I walked back into the bar area, where Bob and Alex were both still sat at the table chatting. Alex glanced at his watch and remarked that Chris and Lynn had been gone a long time. Bob said that Chris was probably giving her one in the garden, they both chuckled and Alex said that he had better not be, he wanted first crack at her juicy pussy. Bob asked how he knew it was juicy and that for all he knew it could be all dry. Alex laughed and said that he had his hand up Lynn's skirt whilst out in the garden and had felt her hole all warm, shaved smooth, moist and just begging to be filled by his hard meat. Bob told him to fuck off, but Alex said it's true and said to him that to prove it, he should shove his hand up her skirt, but to expect a surprise because she wasn't wearing and knickers and was just gagging for a cock. Bob and Alex laughed out loud and agreed that Lynn was going to get one hell of a fucking later on when they left the pub.

      About 10 or so minutes later, Chris came walking back into the bar area and said Christ was she horny, they all laughed and Bob asked Chris if he'd fucked her, Chris goaded him by saying that he was a gentleman and would never divulge that a woman had just given him a wank whilst he fingered her juicy pussy. I walked around the corner to be met by Lynn adjusting her skirt, she was trying to pull it down a bit, but I told her to leave it up so they could see her bare thighs, she just smiled at me and called me perverted. Lynn's blouse was undone a bit more than it was when she left to go outside with Chris, but she said that Chris had undone it all the way and had been feeling and squeezing her tits and nipples whilst she wanked his hard prick. I asked her if she's made him come, to which she smiled and said of course, she blew me a kiss and walked back in to the Bar and sat down with the lads.

      Bob had his right arm over Lynn's shoulder when I returned to my bar stool. His hand was slowly caressing her right breast, his thumb teasing her nipple as he sat there talking to her, asking her what had taken her and Chris so long in the garden. Chris then went a little red as Lynn told them that Chris had something to show her and she had something to do to the item that Chris had shown her. Bob said that her tits felt great and that her nipple was fucking rock hard. Lynn told him to keep his voice down a little or they would be thrown out and that they didn't want that this early in the night. Alex said it was gone ten and they would need to leave soon. Lynn giggled and asked if they had to be home by a certain time or would mummy lock the door on them. Chris told her to fuck off and that he'd show her what Mummy's little boy could do. Lynn laughed and said I hope it's more than you did in the garden. Bob asked if he was going to get his turn in the garden. Lynn said why, are you jealous of the other two then and Bob replied that he wasn't, but that he was better in the garden than they were. Chris and Alex told him to piss off; just because he had a 10 inch cock didn't mean that he knew how to use it.

      Lynn smiled at Bob and said, well you could show me the garden it would be nice to see it again. Lynn stood up and walked towards the Garden again, as she passed me she nodded towards the garden, I replied with an imperceptible nod to confirm I understood her. Bob walked past me pulling up his trousers in a cocky walk, saying to the guys not to wait up for him or Lynn, she would be pretty bandy legged by the time he had finished with her. I sat and listened to Chris and Alex talking, Chris was telling Alex how he had shoved three fingers up Lynn's juicy hairless twat, whilst Lynn had taken his cock out of his pants and wanked it, all the time they never broke off their French kissing. Chris asked Alex if he'd taken Lynn's panties off and Alex told him hat she wasn't wearing any when he went to finger her pussy. Alex told Chris that Lynn had said that she never wears knickers, not even at work. Chris said that she was a dirty cow and was dying for them to fuck her. Alex said that he couldn't wait and was going to try to fuck her the next time they were at work over her desk.

      I drank the last of my drink and ordered a refill. Whilst the barman was doing that I walked towards the toilets and then slipped into the garden. I could her faint moans coming from Lynn and Bob, but couldn't see them. I walked a bit further into the garden and turned to my right and there bent over one of the beer tables was Lynn, her skirt pulled up to her hips, blouse undone with her tits hanging out, whilst Bob was stood behind her, in between her stocking clad legs pushing deep against her bare arse. I could hear Lynn moaning and groaning as Bob pushed against her. Lynn then said to Bob in a very heavy voice that she hoped it was all in because it felt fucking fantastic having his big cock buried deep inside her and that he now needed to fuck her hard. Bob told her to hold on to the table and then slowly withdrew his prick so far before slamming it back into her.

      Lynn gasped and said yes as Bobs cock drove into her, she turned her head to look at him and smiled as she told him to fuck her, fuck her hard. Bob drove his prick into her and slowly began to speed up as Lynn urged him on saying go on fuck me, come inside my cunt, go on. I watched as Bob slammed his hard meat deep into Lynn. Bob called her a fucking slut and Lynn just groaned has Bob fucked her. Lynn told Bob to keep going and to make her come. Bob said that he was going to come anyway and Lynn said yes and that he was to shoot his spunk deep into her belly. Bob began to speed up his stokes and I watched as he clenched the cheeks of his buttocks, obviously unloading his spunk into Lynn's cunt. I decided to return back to the bar and enjoy my drink having just watched my wife take another guys cock deep into her pussy.

      I returned to the Bar and began drinking my beer; Chris and Alex were starting to look somewhat disturbed at the length of time that Lynn and Bob had been outside. Just then Bob came walking back in and said to the guys, what a fuck she is, the slut took it all and begged for more. Alex told him to piss off; there was no way he had just given her one in the garden. Bob said well fuck you if you don't believe me ask her when she comes back in. At that moment, Lynn came walking back in to the bar, stood by he table where the guys were sat, picked up her glass which was still half full and drank it all straight back, she looked at the guys and said, whose round is it now and Chris said he would get them in again. Lynn said he was a darling and sat down next to Alex. Alex leaned across to Lynn and whispered something in her ear, Lynn giggled and said that a lady doesn't discuss those sort of things in the company of gentlemen, Alex joked and said that they weren't gentlemen, to which Lynn said, well in that case, yes we had a good time in the garden and Bob certainly knows where to put his prick to satisfy a lady, at this she laughed and Bob sat there smirking at Alex.

      When Chris returned with the drinks, Alex told him what Lynn had said, Chris said that he hoped they would all get a chance and did Lynn fancy a gangbang. Lynn said that a gangbang sounded fun. Alex asked her if she could handle 3 guys together and Lynn laughed and said in a hushed tone, 3 will be easy trust me, it's when there are a lot more that it starts to get messy. Bob called her a randy sod and drank his drink. I watched as Alex dropped his hand on to Lynn's lap and began easing his hand up her skirt. Lynn just carried on talking as if nothing was happening. I watched her ease her legs apart so that Alex could move his hand higher up her thighs and Lynn just carried on like nothing was happening. Chris said that her blouse had come undone even more than earlier and Lynn smiled and said that the reason it was undone so far was that you lot keep undoing it. Chris asked Lynn to take her tits out in the bar and give them a look, Lynn asked why, seeing that they had all put their hands inside her blouse to feel them. Bob egged her on by saying go on show us your tit's and hard nipples.

      Lynn looked at Bob and said that she thought he had a thing about hard nipples, because that's all he kept referring to all evening and anyway he was partly responsible for making them hard. Bob laughed and said only partly, Lynn said yeah, Alex is also to blame because he now as his hand up my skirt and is trying desperately to insert more of his hand inside me, he should get a slap for being so forward, especially with a married woman. Alex then said to her, I bet your hubby would go fucking mad if he knew you were sat in some pub with three guys, flashing your tits whilst one of us has his hand up your skirt. Lynn said that she thought I would find it amusing. Anyway, it was her body and she could do what she liked with it, including taking her tits out in a bar in front of three guys. As she spoke Lynn took a hold of each side of her blouse at the front and pulled them apart so that her bare beasts were open and on display. Bob and Chris both reached over and took a hold of a breast each, Bob said that they were truly marvellous and that he'd never seen skin so smooth on a tit before, Chris said they were so suck-able.

      Lynn moved heir hands away and covered up her breasts, she said that they were so smooth because she had always massaged them with body lotion, Alex said that he thought that was a job he could enjoy doing for the rest of his life, Lynn told him to keep his voice down and to be careful where he put his hand, they all laughed and drank their drinks. The barman came across and began collecting the empty glasses, he said that he would be calling time shortly, but seeing that they were enjoying themselves, they were happy to stay on after hours, has he said it he glanced down at Lynn's stocking covered thighs and stocking tops and smiled. Bob asked Lynn if she wanted to stay longer and maybe even the barman might like to join in and help them satisfy her. Lynn said that I was time they left and maybe they could all go back to our place for a drink. They all agreed it was a good idea and began finishing their drinks. Lynn told them to go ring for a taxi and wait outside for her whilst she went and did ladies things, they all agreed and piled out the door into the car park

      Lynn came up to me and asked if I was alright with the arrangements, I could only agree, she told me to make my way home and stay out of sight and she would entertain them down stairs in our open plan living room, which was viewable from the top of the stairs. Lynn then went over to the barman and gave him a peck on the cheek saying that maybe he would like to serve her drinks after hours some other time. The barman said that he as disappointed that they weren't staying, but had enjoyed the show and that she was sexy lady he would like to get to know a little better. Lynn said thank you and she would make it back to the pub next weekend. She walked away and as she reached the exit, she turned and pulling her blouse open said see you next weekend lover boy. As she walked out the door the barman turned to me and said that's one horny lady, boy what wouldn't I give to nail her pussy all night long. I said she certainly seems to enjoy herself, drank my drink and bid the barman good night. I then got in my car and drove home, passing the group of guys and my wife who were waiting for the taxi, but kept pulling her blouse open to feel her tits to pass the time away.

      I made the journey home in about 15 minutes and knew that their Taxi would only be about 10 to 15 minutes behind me. I made a drink and grabbing a few things went upstairs where I could safely watch the horny proceedings which were about to take place. A short while later I heard Lynn's key in the front door and the door opened and they all came in to the lounge giggling like school girls as Chris said the taxi driver didn't even seem perturbed that Lynn had sat in his cab all the way home with her tits on display and being fondled by 3 guys. Lynn told them to keep the noise down just in case the neighbours complain, which would seem highly unlikely because we have on a number of occasions swung with them and they live far enough away that you would have to be very, very loud for them to notice. Lynn pointed out the down stairs loo and the kitchen to them and said that there was some drink in the kitchen and that she would have a glass of wine. She told the boys to make them selves comfortable whilst she went upstairs to powder her nose. As she passed the stereo, she turned on the local radio station so they had some music to listen to and then came upstairs to our bedroom.

      Lynn entered the bedroom and came over to where I was laying and bent and gave me a kiss. As she did so I ran my hand up the back of her legs and up to her bare arse, she was certainly wet and sticky, she said to me boy could that Bob fuck, just you wait till I get down stairs and take his prick again, I'm going to be sore for a whole week. I called her my sweet whore as I kissed her and she replied by saying, yes but you love it when I come to you freshly fucked and dying to feel your cock in my pussy, she then rubbed my prick over my trousers and stood up. Lynn smiled at me and said she would see me later and walked out of our bedroom swinging her hips and making her denim skirt sway as she did so. As Lynn walked down the stairs I heard her say I hope you boys haven't lost interest in our little game, because I have suddenly come over all hungry for a damn good bout of physical sex with you three. I then heard the boys cheer as Lynn said okay get your kit off its playtime.

      I walked to the top of the stair way wearing just a pair of shorts, my prick was already very hard and I just knew that if I paid to much attention to it, I would be shooting my cum all over the carpet. I saw Lynn stood in front of the guys as they undressed, she was slowly undoing the last few remaining buttons on her blouse and then she slowly slipped it from her shoulders as the guys watched her and tried to undress at the same time. All three stood there in their Boxer Shorts watching Lynn, who said, keep going boys all off, get it all off. The guys all grabbed their boxer shorts and in one swift movement pulled them down and kicked them away so that they were stood there totally naked, just their hard cocks pointing up towards my delicious wife who was stood there in just a very short denim mini skirt, blue stockings, suspenders and her 4 inch high heels.

      Lynn walked up to Alex and took a hold of his prick in her left hand at the same time she reached across and took a hold of Chris's cock in her right hand, she slowly began to move both her hands up and down the shafts of the hard cocks she was holding. Bob walked up behind her and reached around her front and began squeezing and playing with both her tits, at the same time he began kissing the back of Lynn's neck. Lynn responded by throwing her head back and saying that it felt nice. Bob then reached down and undid Lynn's mini skirt and pushed it down over her hips so that it fell to the floor. Lynn kicked her mini skirt away with her foot and stood there with her legs apart a cock in each hand and Bob stood behind her fondling her breasts and sliding his cock in the groove of her arse cheeks. I watched as Alex reached out and began rubbing Lynn's shaven pussy lips, she opened her legs further so that he could get his hand between her thighs and into her moist pussy, she began to moan as Alex slipped three fingers deep into her. Alex asked Lynn what she wanted and Lynn replied by saying I want you three to fuck me all night, I want to feel your spunk shooting deep inside me, I want to suck your cocks and taste your cum as it slides down my throat, I want to be well and truly fucked – now.

      The scene before me seemed almost surreal as my wife was stood in the centre of the floor whilst three naked men with huge hard pricks played with her mature, fuck-able body and, Barry White played merrily on in the back ground on the Hi-Fi. Lynn slowly dropped to her knees and then rolled on to her back, as she did so she allowed her legs to open wide, with her knees slightly bet upwards, she looked at Chris and asked him to fuck her. Chris got between Lynn's legs and slowly lowered himself onto her, at the same time Lynn took hold of his cock and guided it in to her waiting pussy, she moaned as Chris's cock sank deeper inside her. Alex knelt by her left side and moved his prick over her mouth and asked Lynn to suck his cock, Lynn smiled at him and I watched as her tongue flicked over the head of his cock has she slowly sucked his shaft in to her mouth and began moving her lips along the shaft of his rigid cock. Whilst Lynn was sucking his prick, Alex was squeezing Lynn's left breast, squeezing her hard nipple between his thumb and fingers. Chris was speeding up his strokes as his cock pumped in and out of Lynn's hairless hole. Bob was laid by Lynn's right side and was sucking her right tit as she held his cock in her hand and slowly wanked him. All the time this was happening, I could her Lynn moaning and just knew that she was enjoying all the attention the guys were giving her. Lynn loved to be fucked she loved to feel a hard throbbing cock inside her pussy. There was no doubt about it, Lynn was a slut and a whore, we had joked about it in bed many times how she acted like a slut and a whore, but she always giggled and said that it was only to please me and that she knew I liked her to act like a slut and little whore, but here she was acting like a big slut and a big whore and loving it.

      Lynn has had many encounters with different blokes, she has had nights where she has been fucked by more than 3 guys, indeed at a party on evening her and Penny the host's wife had taken about 17 between them, but, this was the first time I had seen Lynn with 3 guy's altogether and on her own. I watched as Chris started to speed up his rhythm and just knew that he was close to shooting his ht sperm deep inside my wife. I watched as he clenched his buttocks together and eventually he stopped pumping his cock in and out of Lynn and just laid between her legs with his cock buried deep inside her. Bob said to Chris to fuck off out the way so that Alex could get his cock inside he and give her a proper fucking, Chris told him to piss off and moved out of the way, his cock still hard as he moved to sit on a chair as Alex knelt between her legs and guided his cock into her fanny. As Alex pumped into her, Bob and Lynn began French kissing and Lynn worked her hand up and down Bob's shaft. Chris sat watching holding his cock and slowly giving the head a massage to keep it from going down.

      Lynn was still moaning as she and Bob kissed whilst he massaged her tits and Alex began thrusting his cock deep into her pussy, which was now so very wet I could hear it squelching up on the stairs. By this time I had removed my cock from the confines of my shorts, it was seeping loads of pre-cum which kept it nice and slippery has my hand moved slowly up and down the shaft, I had to be careful not to shoot my load there and then, the sight before me and being able to hear Lynn moaning was totally erotic, my own wife being fucked was a sight to behold. Chris moved off the chair down to Lynn's left side and he began mauling her left breast, Lynn took a hold of his cock and began moving her hand up and down the shaft, she looked over at Chris and smiled and then turned back to kiss Bob.

      Alex was now thrusting in and out of Lynn's pussy and he was picking up some speed as he plunged his cock in and out, Alex hissed he was about to come and Lynn broke off her kiss with Bob and moaned for him to shoot his baby juice deep into her. Alex moaned and I saw his buttocks clench as he to added to the spunk already inside her fanny lips. Alex did exactly as Chris did and laid between her thighs, his softening cock still inside her as the last of his spunk joined that from Chris. Alex got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink, as he did so Lynn said to Bob, now it's your turn to make my pussy all juicy, do it again just like you did in the pub garden. Bob got between her legs and slowly I watched as all 10 inches of his prick disappeared inside my wife. Lynn moaned heavily as Bob's cock sank into her, she said she could feel it pushing against her womb it was that deep and it felt fucking fantastic, she then told him to fuck her hard and to make her cum again.

      Alex came back from the kitchen and knelt down at Lynn's right side and began sucking her tits, Chris moved up so that his prick was level with her ace and told her to suck his cock, Lynn guided it in to her mouth and really began sucking it hard, Chris called her a slut and said for to make his prick shoot spunk down her throat. Lynn then grabbed Alex's cock and began to wank him as he continued to suck her tits and nipples. Lynn was really moaning hard as Bob slammed his 10 inch cock in and out of her gaping pussy hole, her legs now wrapped around his back as he thrust deep in to her. I was now wanking my own prick hard and in seconds shot my spunk all over my hand as a tried to catch it from hitting he carpet. I was totally spent.

      Lynn was really enjoying it, Bob was fucking her pussy hard and seemed like he could go on for ever, even though Lynn was in one continuous orgasm, Chris had fed most of his large cock in to her mouth and between gasps and moans was sucking his cock for all she was worth and Chris was sucking her tits whilst she stroked her hand up and down the shaft of his prick, it was truly a sight to make any man come as he watched his wife act like a total whore.

      Alex knelt up and continued to massage her tits as she stroked his prick, he then said to Lynn, I'm going to fuck you tomorrow whilst you're bent over your desk at work, I'm going to shoot my load inside you and make you keep it there all afternoon, Lynn moaned yes please, oh yes. I then heard Bob say he was coming and was going to fill her fanny with is spunk, Lynn urged him on and called him a big cocked fucker and told him to keep going and make her come again, Bob really picked up the pace and was slamming his cock into Lynn's sloppy pussy, she was moaning and sucking and wanking Alex's cock like mad as Bob moaned hard and lunged forward against her thighs and cunt as he shot his load into her.

      Bob fell over Lynn and remained still has his cock continued to shoot spunk deep into Lynn's belly, Lynn mean while was now wanking Chris's cock and sucking it like mad, he said he was going to come in her mouth and pushed more cock into her as he began to shoot his load. I watched as Lynn gulped down his warm, salty spunk, she was swallowing like mad and still some managed to seep out the sides of her mouth and on to her cheeks. Chris pulled his prick from between her lips and Lynn ran her tongue around her lips to lick up any escaped spunk, she smiled at Chris and said that was nice, she then slapped Bob on the back and said get off me if you can't manage to fuck me some more Alex as got a good hard prick here and I need it inside me again, now. Bob climbed from between Lynn's thighs and said she was fucking insatiable. Lynn then told Alex to fuck her again, Alex told her to get on her knees so e could fuck her doggy fashion.

      Lynn turned over and said come on then get your cock up me I need it now. Alex knelt behind her and aimed his cock at her cunt and just eased it all the way in to her. Lynn moaned that it felt nice and to fuck her hard again. Bob moved around to her front and told her to suck his cock, Lynn bent her head down a fraction and took the helmet of Bob's big cock into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down as she sucked on his cock. By this time I was totally shattered and when I looked at my watch it was gone midnight, I decided to lie on our bed and wait for Lynn to come up when she had finished. I awoke a number of times to hear Lynn moaning as the guys fucked her a couple of times I heard her order them to keep going and to fuck her deep, but eventually I drifted off in to a deep sleep.

      I awoke to the strange feeling that something was happening and, when I opened my eyes, Lynn was knelt on the bed sucking and caressing my prick which was becoming very, very hard. I reached up under her pussy to find it dripping spunk down her thighs on to her stocking tops and her pussy lips were inflated and gaping open. I eased two fingers into her fanny which felt very hot and wet I said it feels like you had a good time with the guys, she said yes they've just left and I wanted to give you a special treat of a warm, freshly fucked pussy to play with, I know you like me with my pussy all hot and wet and freshly fucked, don't you. I just moaned as she carried on sucking my cock and I fingered her hole with three and then four fingers, I could have easily got my whole hand in her pussy, it was well fucked.

      Lynn slipped my cock from her mouth and slowly slid her hands up and down the shaft of my engorged cock, she asked if I'd enjoyed watching her fuck the three guys and had it turned me on watching her act like a wanton slut, because it turned her on knowing I was watching her being screwed by the guys. She said that they now want to fuck her at work over her desk during their lunch hour, don't you think that's really horny, knowing your whore of a wife is taking a guys cock up her pussy at work and then having to spend the rest of the day feeling their hot spunk running down the insides of her thighs onto her stocking tops, do you know, it makes me feel really horny just thinking of them slamming into me at work. Lynn then climbed over my cock and guided it straight into her wide open cunt, she slid down until her pussy was resting against me, Lynn then said you know lover, it feels really good with a cock inside me like this, she then proceeded to ride my hard shaft.