Tess in small black thong and black stockings

      About a week after my encounter with Brain, I called my husband to the bedroom, where I was preparing for a shower.

      -Listen honey.-, I said, -I am going out on a date tonight with a special guy. I would like you to select something classy, but also sexy to wear.- He nodded, but I wasn't finished. -You should also get dressed, you are coming with.- I guess that surprised him, but he still didn't know what I had in store for him.

      I was excited to meet Dave for the first time. I had an idea what he looked like, we eventually shared photos, I knew that he was completely different from my husband, Dave was big with a big belly, to my husband's slim athletic figure, he kept his head shaved and looked like a movie fat, bald tough guy.

      My husband had selected a black halter top dress, with a small black thong and black stockings. I looked really sexy in that dress, even if I had to admit it myself. At seven that night, Dave arrived. In real life he was just like his photo, a huge guy with a bald head. He had dressed smartly, with a tie and jacket. He brought me some very nice flowers and complemented me on the fact that I looked much better than my photo. After introducing Dave to my husband, I went to put the flowers in a vase, while Dave and my husband made idle chit-chat. Dave was perfectly casual, as if meeting his date's husband was a perfect natural occurrence. My husband was a bit nervous, but soon relaxed. We left in Dave's car, with Dave and me in the front, my husband in the back. At the restaurant, Dave took my hand as we walked in, pulled my chair out for me. We were sitting on one end of the table, with my husband on the other side. The whole atmosphere was relaxed, Dave and my husband chatted like new friends, the awkwardness of the whole setup had disappeared. Dave turned out to be perfect date, complementing me, smiling at me, he held my hand, listened to what I had to say. He never seemed awkward or nervous, the date went better than I had expected.

      +

      After dinner Dave handed his car keys to my husband, explaining, -I hope you won't mind driving, Tess and I are going to sit in the back.- And so my husband drove us home, with Dave and me in the backseat. As soon as we pulled out of the restaurant, Dave took me in his arms. Unlike my other lovers, he didn't squeezed me against him, but instead held me in a firm, but gentle grip, with one hand on my back and the other on my hip, he leaned forward and kissed me. I almost melted right there. His kiss was soft and sensual, not mushing his lips against mine and forcing his tongue into my mouth. He took his time, caressing my lips with his. When I opened my mouth, his tongue made gentle movements. I totally forgot that I was in the backseat with my lover, while my husband was driving. During this time Dave's hands moved over my back and rubbed my hip, but he never reached for a breast or thigh. It was just so sensual, it made me tingle all over. I was almost disappointed when we stopped at our house and we had to get out of the car. My husband was nervous again, he opened the door for me, and I gave him a peck on the cheek when I got out. Dave asked my husband to help him with something in the trunk, and I went to open the door.

      My husband and Dave entered the house, with my husband carrying a small bag and Dave an overnight case. We went to the living room, I left to make some coffee and the two guys chatted. My husband was visibly nervous, Dave was perfectly natural. After coffee, Dave asked my husband to follow him and bring the bag. I knew that my next part was about to start, and felt nervous, but also excited by the thought.

      Dave took my husband to the main bedroom. In there he faced my husband, telling him to open the bag and take out the contents. The bag contained a pair of pink satin panties, oven gloves shape like a pig's head, some rope and a strap-on dildo.

      -Your wife's instructions are the following, you will strip and wear the panties. You will put both your hands in the glove, which I will then tie up so you can't remove the glove. You will spent the rest of night on the couch, observing. You will not interrupt us, you will not make noise and you will not try and touch yourself.- Dave put a hand on my shocked husband's shoulder. -If you break any of these rules, your wife will fuck you in the ass with the dildo, while you will suck my cock.-

      I can only imaging my husbands horror when Dave told him this. My husband went into the bathroom to put on the panties. When he came out, Dave held out the glove, my husband slipped both his hands into it and Dave tied it with the rope. The couch was against the wall, a three-seater, and my husband obediently sat down on it. Dave told him to stay there, turned off the main light but turned the bed lights on and left the room.

      He met me in the living room, announcing that everything was in place. I had mixed us a drink, which we drank while talking, we did not discuss the fact that my husband was waiting in the bedroom wearing panties, nor the fact that we would pretty soon be intimate. When we finished our drinks, he removed his jacket and tie and we walked to the bedroom, Dave put his arm around me, holding me close to him. My husband was sitting on the couch, looking at us when we entered, he looked funny wearing the panties and that glove. The glove was obviously to prevent him from touching himself. Near the bed, Dave turned to me and took me into his arms.

      His kiss was just as sensual and passionate as before, it made my knees weak. He had one hand on my bare back, it felt as if it would burn me. I ran my hands over his bulky frame, he was by far the biggest man I would have as a lover. With one hand he held my neck and head, the other hand moved underneath the dress caressing my hips and buttock. He lifted the halter and I slipped my head out, then slowly pulled the dress down, while kissing me. The dress slipped to my feet and Dave bent down, kissing my leg as he did so and remove the dress and flung it in the couch's direction. He then lifted first the one foot, then the other, removing my heels. I was standing in front of him, my breasts bare, wearing only a little thong and stockings. He picked me up and gently put me down on the bed, removed his shoes and socks and moved in next to me, took my face in his hands and kissed me again. There was no rush, he took his time, kissing me, his hand slowly moving over my arms, my neck, my sides, brushing against my breast, moving over my tummy, rubbed the naked part of my leg. Pretty soon his mouth started to move down as well, following a similar path, staying away from my nipples, but kissing the side of my breast, kissing my tummy. He kissed the inside of my thigh and started to push my stocking down my leg, kissing each part that become exposed. When he removed the one stocking he did the same with the other leg, starting at top, his mouth placed a few kisses on my pubic area, blowing warm air through the thong before moving down my other leg, making me squirm and gasp. He tossed the stockings in the direction of the couch, before he spent some time rubbing me feet, with gently, yet firm hands. It felt wonderful, I could do nothing than simply lie there and enjoy his touch and caresses. Then he moved again, placing a knee between my legs, touching my pubic area and leaned over, kissing me again. I could feel the heat from myself against his knee, I was getting turned on by his slow and sensual exploring.

      He stood up and unbuttoned his shirt, dropping it next to the bed. He gently rolled me over so that I was face down. With his hands, lips and tongue he explored my neck, shoulders, back and finally my exposed buttocks. I could feel his big stomach against my bare skin. Using his nails and teeth, he traced lines across my butt, which made me squirm from pleasure. He pulled down my thong, I lifted my hips to help him and he threw it at my husband sitting on the couch. With his hands he rubbed my thighs, by now I was very wet and very turned on.

      He turned me around again, positioned himself next to me and kissed me again, this time moving his hands across my nude body, cupping my breasts gently, rolling his thumb over my nipples, moving his hand downwards and finally touched my pussy. I almost came when he finally made contact, his fingers exploring my soft folds, gentle, slowly, moving up and down, not rubbing hard it like my other lovers did. He didn't push his fingers into me, instead he simply placed his thumb on my opening, rolling it slightly. It drove me nuts, I could not help but squirm, moving my hips to meet his hand and moaned in pleasure. While his hand was between my legs, he moved his mouth to my breasts, this time, placing kisses all over it, starting on the side then moving towards my nipples. He took turns on each breast, ending with him sucking each nipple. Then he moved his body down between my legs, he opened them and placed his head between my legs. His tongue started to trace lines across my inner thigh towards my pubic area, stopping each time just before he reached my pussy. He did the same with the other thigh, teasing me until I pushed my pussy towards his approaching tongue. Finally his tongue touch my folds, sending sparks of pleasure through my body. He once again took his time, his tongue tracing first the outer parts, then parted my lips and moved inside. He avoided direct contact with my clit, instead tracing the area around it. He moved his hands up, cupping my breasts, while his tongue d pleasured me in ways I couldn't have imagined. After awhile he moved one hand to assist down there, his thumb once again pressing on my opening and another finger caressing my anus, while his tongue made gently circles. This proved to be the breaking point, shortly after his finger touch my butt, I came, the explosion ripped through me making me gasp and sent spasms through my body.. He slowed down but continued his movements, making the orgasm last until I felt weak and drained. Just when I knew I had enough he stopped, almost as if he knew exactly when to stop. I couldn't move, my whole body felt like it was glowing, I just tried to catch my breath, while I shuddered from the pleasurable explosion I just experienced. Dave dropped down next to me, taking me in his arms again, holding me until I could move again. I have never kissed my husband when his mouth was down there, but I felt that Dave deserved it, so I kissed him, tasting myself on his lips and tongue.

      It took several minutes for me to recover, we spent this time holding each other and caressing and kissing. Finally I could move again, so I got up. I glanced at my husband on the couch, I could see the bulge of his cock in the flimsy panties. Winking at him, I helped Dave remove his pants and shorts. His cock was semi-hard. I positioned myself so I could make eye contact with my husband and took Dave's cock into my mouth, while staring straight at my husband. I licked the shaft, teasing the small opening on top of the head with my tongue before putting it in my mouth again and sucked. I used my hand to hold it upright, slowly moving the skin up and down, while sucking the head. Every now and then I would push the cock deep into my mouth. Most of this time I looked at my husband. He seemed quite uncomfortable, the bulge in the panties was huge and I could see the top of his penis sticking out. But he never tried to touch it, scared of replacing me sucking Dave's cock while I fuck him in the ass. Dave had his eyes closed, and from the noises he was making I knew he was enjoying the blow job. He started to have spasms, and warned me he was going to come. I increased my tempo until the hot juice spurted from his cock into my mouth, I swallowed it and slowed down until he stopped moving, his was out of breath and his whole body was relaxed. Using my mouth I cleaned his cock, licking around the head and shaft. I was hesitant to kiss him, not knowing if he would like that, but he pulled me towards him and kissed me tenderly, thanking me. I was laying on top of him, his hand caressed my hair, the other stroked my buttocks, while we kissed. Finally we got up, Dave went to fetch his overnight bag, I slipped into a robe and sat down next to my husband, telling him how much I enjoyed Dave's attention, before giving him a quick kiss on the mouth.

      Dave slipped into a pair of shorts, untied my husband hands, but warned him what would happen if he touch his penis and we all went to the living room for drinks. I was resting my head on Dave's shoulders, he had his arm around me. Once again Dave was perfectly casual, making small talk with my husband, by listening to him you would never suspect he was talking to a man wearing pink silk panties and who's wife he had just pleasured orally. After the drinks I announced we would be retiring to the room, I told my husband he was going to sleep on the couch, while Dave and I was going to share the bed. I gave him a duvet and pillows, Dave tied his hands in the glove again and we climbed into bed naked.

      In bed I had my arms around Dave's bulky body. It felt so strange, holding this big man. It didn't take long before we became frisky again. We started to kiss again, running our hands all over each other's bodies. I moved my hand and took hold of Dave's erect penis. I was ready for him, and told him so. He climbed on top of me, his body pressing against me, but most of his weight was on his hands and legs, and I helped him sliding his cock into me. Like everything else, he was gently, slowly pushing into me while kissing me. Once inside, he started to move slowly, building up rhythm, until he was moving hard and fast in me. I was still very much turned on and his fucking felt very good. After awhile he stopped, slid his cock out, and positioned himself underneath my legs on his side, a weird spoon position, and penetrated me again. This way he couldn't kiss me, but he was able to touch my breast with one hand, massaging it, his other hand rubbed my pussy, teasing my clit. This way felt very good and pretty soon I felt another orgasm building up inside me. When it came, he gripped my breast firm and continued to move inside me, but slowing down. When I was done, breathless and limp, he start to pump hard and pretty soon he was gasping, coming himself. He stayed in me until he was soft, then he slipped out and we were back in each other arms, kissing and cuddling. It felt good and eventually we fell asleep like, his semen drying in me, his arms around me.

      During the night I woke up and felt something push against me. He had an erection, even though he was sleeping. I slowly pushed him onto his back, then climbed on top of him, lowering myself onto his cock. He woke up of course, and watched me as I rode him, moving my hips. He took hold of my breasts, cupping them as I moved, preventing them from bouncing all over. Although it felt good, I knew I wasn't going to come soon, but it didn't matter. I fucked him until he came. After some kissing, we slept again, our nude back and buttocks against each other.

      I woke up in the morning with hands rubbing me. Dave was awake and busy arousing me. I smiled and turned on my back, reaching out and took hold of his cock. His hand slipped between my legs and pretty soon I was ready. He told me to get on my knees, I obeyed and he positioned himself behind me, slowly pushing his cock into me, while holding onto my hips. Once he was in, he started to thrust, moving faster and faster until he was pumping like a jackhammer. I could feel his tummy slapping against me. I took one hand and started to rub myself, urging him to fuck me harder. I came first, but he didn't slow down and slammed into me until he came too. He took his penis out and fell down beside, out of breath. I leaned over and kissed him, when I put my hand on his chest I could feel his heart pumping.

      I looked over to where my husband was on the coach and saw that he was awake and watching us with his erection sticking its head out again..

      -I think my husband's cock is going to explode.-, I giggled in Dave's ear. I stood up and walked to the coach. My husband's cock was rock hard in the pink panties. It was the first time since he came back that I was nude and close to him. Still mindful of the warning Dave gave him, he didn't do or say anything. I pulled the panties down, letting his cock jump out. Without saying anything I took it in my hand and started to jerk him off. It took less than a minute for his come to flew out the tip in a thick burst, making a mess on my hand and the couch. Smiling I pulled the panties up again, tugging his cock away. I walked over to the bed, bend over and gave Dave another kiss, before heading for the bathroom and a nice hot shower. It was over.

      While I was in the shower Dave got out of bed, pulled some shorts on and freed my husbands hands. He told him that he can now remove the panties and it is over. My husband left the room, headed for the shower in the guest room. Dave showered after me and then we all went out for breakfast. The conversation was once again small talk, but this time I was sitting next to my husband. We returned home, Dave collected his overnight bag and I walked him to the car. I thanked him for the help, explaining that it went better than I could have imagined it. With a peck on the cheek, Dave left, I promised him I would contact him later that week. I walked back into the house, where my husband was waiting for me. He didn't know what to say and I wasn't ready to discuss it with him. There was one more thing to do before I would be satisfied, only after that can we discuss the recent events.

      I had the idea of my husband's punishment when when I found out about cuckolding. However, I did not intend to totally humiliate my husband, nor that it would be an ongoing thing. I never had a problem with our sex life, and although we could spice it up a bit, I wasn't going to humiliate him by telling how much better my lovers was, that they were bigger than him and that they satisfied me more than he ever could, that would be a lie. I just wanted him to know that I too can enjoy sex with other people. I was toying with him, at first he only knew that I went out and probably fucked another guy, the second time he knew for sure, with the come stained panties as evidence. . The third time he listened in while I was fucking and he was present during the fourth time.

      I was surprised at Dave though. He seemed like nice guy, we had some great chat sessions and even better telephone conversations. He did seem big and clumsy, but instead of the grizzly bear I expected, he turned out to be a teddy bear. I never expected him to be so sensual and passionate. That almost wrecked everything, the sex was much better than I had anticipated. It was an awkward position I had put him in, but he never acted uncomfortable and played his part perfectly. I just hoped that I haven't ruined our friendship, but I suspected I did. To my relief Dave was casual about it, later he told me how he enjoyed it and hoped that we could meet again, but under normal circumstances this time. I assured him we would. There was just one last task ahead.