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    My Wife's Striptease in Stockings - Part 5: Anal Gangbang

    Sue and I picked up Jane from her place and then proceeded to the hotel where we knew the guys would be waiting in a state of very high excitement! I wondered if Jane was having any doubts about what was ahead but she reassured us that she was looking forward to -a damn good gang fuck. Lots of dicks up me to make up for a pretty dull year since I broke up with my boyfriend, and I'm also wanting some anal – I hope you'll be able to make sure they're gentle with me, Alan,- I nodded my agreement. -I think I'm also up for some DP! Sue's story about last time was so hot I've been fantasising about having cocks in both holes at the same time!-

    Well it looked like this would be a worthwhile evening for everybody - my wife loves getting a few cocks in her without commitment, Jane was clearly desperate for it, and I was going to indulge my fantasies of seeing my wife fucked, filming it all, and getting up Jane as well - I hoped!

    We'd brought our usual bag of tricks with us - lubricant, Durex, vibrators and dildoes, butt-plug etc; Sue had some great underwear on that we'd bought a few days earlier and Jane assured us she was kitted out provocatively, so we were ready to go. We entered the hotel room to a chorus of greetings from the guys and many lustful looks at Jane, who was unknown to them all. Jane really played up to them, pulling flirty poses and shaking hands while making comments like -it'll be lovely to see more of you later- and -I hope you've got a long tongue- while raising her eyebrows at them.

    +

    We all had a few drinks and the guys made sure everything was set up as far as lights and a makeshift -stage area- were concerned. It had been agreed that, in a similar way to the very first charity session where Sue stripped for them, there would only be one record of tonight's adventure, a video, that I would be in charge of, and that no copies would be available - just occasional viewings at my house later. With this undertaking everyone had agreed that there would be no masks tonight.

    Sue and Jane had taken off their coats and now stood ready to begin. Sue wore a pale blue forties-style dress with seamed stockings and heels; Jane wore a fantastic figure-hugging tight red dress with a low neckline emphasising her cleavage, white stockings (I assumed) and red high-heeled pumps. This chimed wonderfully with her auburn hair which she had piled up on her head. She had deep red lips and heavily made-up eyes which gave her a vampish look. I put on a cd-rom of sleazy jazz and blues.

    This was Jane's cue. She was new to the group and wanted to create an impression. We had told her about Sue's first strip for the guys, and the effect it had on them, and she was keen to catch up. She began to move in time to the music, running her hands over her hips and thighs, bending slightly at the knees and swaying from side to side. Then she went up to Bill and held her hand out to him. He offered his back but she ignored it and instead placed her palm against his flies! -Hello I'm Jane,- she said -and I'm pleased to meet you.- With that she rubbed her palm up and down against his trousers as his dick began to grow. Bill looked surprised and delighted as she gave a final rub and moved on.

    The next guy she approached, Joe, didn't bother to offer his hand, just thrust his crotch forward. This time Jane felt at his fly for his zip and slowly pulled it down. Then she put her hand inside his jeans. Joe's erect prick was pulled out and Jane grasped it for a while. -Have you later- she whispered.

    When it was Mike's turn, Jane walked behind him and opened his trousers from behind, her hands reaching around his waist as she unzipped him and pulled out his erection. This time she slowly wanked him a few strokes before kissing him on the back of the neck.

    Then she went to Andy. -I've heard about your enormous… manhood,- she teased -it might be too much for me!- She undid his belt this time and opened his trousers fully, pulling down his Y-fronts to expose his huge dick which was semi-erect at this point. -You'll have to do better than that!- she said, then bent forward and took the end of his knob into her mouth for no more than a second. -That's more like it!- she said as he rose to full attention.

    Then she skipped away from them and continued her dance. She let Bill undo the back of her dress and then she let it fall. She looked incredibly hot in matching red satin underwear - underwired push-up bra, a size too small I'd say, judging from the way her tits seemed to be trying to escape from it, beautiful panties with white details on them, including side tying ribbons, and a long-line vintage style suspender belt. They were obviously very expensive items. I zoomed in on them with the video camera.

    Jane went over to the bed and lay back on it. Then she raised her legs vertically. The guys were concentrating on her panties and her bottom, wondering what she would do next, and my hands began to shake slightly. Then, with infinite slowness she began to open her legs. All eyes were on the gusset of those lovely shiny knickers as she started to slide a finger over the crotch and bent her legs back even as she opened them further. Then, with one hand on each hip she undid the ribbon ties on the sides of her panties. We all knew what was in store now and sure enough Jane simply flicked the front of her knickers away from her exposing her wet vagina and arse-hole to us all. I went in for a close-up and all the lads gazed on her pudenda - a light dusting of light red hair crowned her glistening cunt-lips which gaped open showing lighter pink insides, which were producing lovely juices slowly oozing out and running down her perineum onto her little puckered anal ring. Perfect. I made sure this image filled my viewfinder as Jane said: -Alan, pass the camera to Sue for a bit, I have a job for you.-

    I did as I was told and Sue took over filming. -Come here and lick my flaps- said Jane. I didn't need telling twice and I dropped to my knees in front of her wide-open cunt which was glistening in the lights. I was aware that all the guys were close behind me as I began to let my tongue slowly rove over her sweet-tasting vaginal opening. I teased each cunt-lip in turn, then concentrated on her clitoris, increasing the pressure. -Oh, that's fucking lovely, Alan,- she said -now do my arse for a bit.- I lowered my face slightly and began to attend to her ring-piece. As I did so she placed her hands flat on her bum cheeks and pulled them apart for me, opening her bum-hole at the same time. This gave me access inside her anal ring and I licked it slowly and lightly. As I did so she began to produce vast amounts of cunt juice which ran out of her over her arse and onto the bed. -Put your finger up me, Alan- she commanded. I did so, it slipped easily up her bum and I began a rhythmic motion, putting another finger in her cunt. We continued like this for a minute or so, then Jane whispered for me to stop. -I think I'm ready for them now- she said to me.

    She stood up, walked over to Sue, who gave me back the camera, and started to rub her hands over my wife's body. Jane was bottomless but still wore her bra. Soon Sue had had her dress removed, and Jane began to take off Sue's knickers too. Sue had forties style white underwear on, to match her dress. The panties had been full-cut and tightly fitting, but they were now discarded as Jane made her bend over with her back to her -audience- and place her hands on the bed. Jane ran her hands over Sue's bottom and rubbed down between her legs, as Sue opened them for all to see. Jane got hold of each of Sue's feet in turn and made her open her legs wider and wider, then she pulled Sue's bum cheeks apart so the men could gaze up at her arse and cunt for an uninterrupted view. Most of the guys had their cocks out and were slowly wanking by now. I got a nice close-up of Sue's crotch as Jane put fingers up inside her.

    Jane dipped into our goodie-bag and tossed condoms out to the men. -Two cunts ready for use!- she called and then stood next to Sue and joined her in bending forward over the bed, legs fully akimbo and cunt aimed directly outwards.

    Joe and Mike were first to get their erections into the johnnies and they just sank themselves up to the hilt in my wife's and Jane's cunts. There was no standing on ceremony, they just slid up them and began pumping away. No one said a word. I got into position to capture the scene and a minute later both guys groaned and seemed to cum in unison inside the women. As they withdrew their cocks, Andy and Terry took their places, again just blatantly ramming their dicks into the women who stood there with sopping wet cunts wide openly and shamelessly inviting access. Now Andy and Terry went at them like pistons. Sue started bucking and shouting -Oh yes, oh yes, oh fucking yes- as Andy went at her, then he too ejaculated into his Durex and had to come out of her. Bill took his place up my wife's cunt and began his thrusts, slightly slower than the others. Meanwhile Terry had cum in Jane and she was needing finishing off - my turn I think. Still holding the camera I unzipped and got out my dick, then pushed it into Jane's willing vagina.

    Jane turned to look back at me. -Arse, Alan,- she said, -do me up the arse to get me ready, and do my clit with your hand.- I obliged. My cock went up her arse with no trouble. Holding the camera with one hand I put the other under her and gently rubbed her little button. The guys who had already cum watched intensely as I went in her arse with long slow strokes.

    -If you do Jane up the arse,- I said to everyone as I penetrated her, -you must be careful. Don't overdo it, make sure she's well lubricated and don't force yourself at any point. If she's resisting make sure you add lube and let her open up for you. She told me she's up for anal, so that's a nice treat for you all - don't blow it!-

    -Same goes for me,- called out Sue, to my shock and amazement, still being fucked from behind by Bill. -I'm prepared to let you in my arse now that Alan has got me used to it, but if you rush me, or hurt me, that will be your lot - for ever. I mean it!-

    Fuck me. This was news to me. Now my wife was going to let all comers up either hole! As the news sank in I felt Jane's arse tighten on me and she began moaning with orgasm. This set me off and I came almost immediately after she did. I took my cock out of her arse and we all turned to watch Bill and Sue going at it. Sue had cum already but having all eyes on them seemed to be the trigger for Bill and he closed his eyes and began frenzied and furious pump action into my wife as he, finally, came into her.

    -End of round one, I think,- I said, switching off the camera. I poured drinks for everyone while we all got our breath back.

    That meant everyone getting ready for the next round - and that was going to include anyone who wanted to, banging Jane or my wife up their arses! There was quite a lot of talking in the next twenty minutes or so, and the girls both allowed the men to finger them as they talked. -It all helps get us juiced up and ready- said Jane.

    Well everyone wanted to get involved in arse-screwing and all were up for DP too, as long as rules were adhered to about going gently on the girl's arse-holes. I made sure that everybody was prepared to put in a performance, and to think about a good show for the camera, not just to think about getting their own rocks off - I knew they would really like looking at the video later.

    I went round the group, filming them as they got ready for the next phase, the girls helping the men to get erect by licking or rubbing their dicks, and the men inserting fingers in my wife's cunt and Jane's bum-hole. Both the girl's bras were removed with fairly short shrift. I watched Terry go to the bathroom and bring a large towel back with him, which he passed to Sue. Sue then got on all fours and arranged the towel behind her on the floor. The guys gathered around as Terry held my wife's arse-cheeks open for her and she began to pee on the towel backwards. I managed to get the stream of piss caught on the video for later watching and was transfixed as Terry inserted two fingers up Sue's crack as it still dripped out wee. Then he simply folded up the towel and returned it to the bathroom - ready for room service to launder it! Mike and Joe meanwhile had a little feel of my wife's tits and cunt. Then Jane told Andy to get on his back as she wanted to do him - or for him to do her!

    -Up my bum, Andy,- she commanded -but be damn careful, your knob is a whopper so you owe it to everyone to ream me open slowly - lots of lube please, Sue.- Sue moved away from Mike's and Joe's prying fingers, put some KY jelly on hers and began working it into Jane's arse. Then Sue grasped Alan's huge cock, pulled a condom onto it and put lube all around the head of his dick.

    -Let's make this a nice show,- said Jane, and she manoeuvred herself on top of him, facing his feet in what I think is called a reverse cowgirl pose, hovering a couple of inches over his erection. Bill and Joe walked over to her and held her so she was completely off the floor, arse agape. Sue bent forward and held Andy's cock erect as the two men slowly lowered Jane onto the end of his massive penis, the tip of it just teasing her anal ring.

    -Steady,- said Sue -be very careful now as his dick goes into her arse-hole!- At this point Jane was lowered about an inch further and Sue opened Jane's ring-piece for her, making sure plenty of KY was helping. I was crouched forward focusing the video camera on the action as the rest of the guys watched in anticipation. Andy was sweating profusely. Then the head of his dick went into Jane. She gave a small gasp and Bill and Joe stopped lowering her. -Get a hand either side of Jane's cunt,- commanded Sue and the men changed their grip, -then you can feel if it's going in OK.-

    -Its fine,- gasped Jane, -just let it go in a bit further - it's fucking enormous, but fucking wonderful too!

    We watched as Andy's cock went a few inches further into Jane's arse, then the guys began to lift her and move her up and down on his knob. Jane looked as if she was about to swoon with delight. Sue applied more jelly to Jane's arse and we could all see juices pouring out of her cunt. At last Jane was lowered completely onto Andy and he took her weight on his cock, holding her waist and Jane was able to place her knees on the floor and maintain the rhythm herself.

    -Oh god, look,- I said. -Look how her vagina is opening!

    It was true - the pressure of Andy's massive penis reaming a path up Jane's colon was having a fantastic effect on her cunt-hole which was opening wider with every thrust. We could see further up her than a gynaecologist with a speculum! Jane leant back against Andy's chest and the view got even better, her cunt amazingly open, sopping wet with juice and with sucking noises coming from the anal action. Joe couldn't take it any longer and he got on hands and knees and proceeded to lick Jane's clit even as Andy pumped into her arse. Then he moved forward, slipped on a condom and placed his own cock at the entrance to Jane's cunt. Seconds later he had slipped effortlessly up her to complete the DP that Jane had been looking forward to. Bill advanced on the threesome and put his dick by Jane's mouth. Jane turned to him and greedily took him down her throat. Bill began thrusting. -Well, she's certainly airtight now- said Sue, to much appreciative laughter.

    -Want to try that, Sue?- asked Terry, with a wicked grin on his face. Sue grinned back and nodded, then looked straight at me with a wink.

    Terry didn't need any more encouragement. He told Mike to get on his back and -do Sue in the cunt.- Mike got condomed-up and lay back while my wife straddled him, this time facing him and letting her tits hang down. Terry's erection was like an ICBM on the launch pad as his slipped a Durex over it and advanced on Sue's bottom, looking all ready for further penetration. I moved forward and, holding the camera in one hand, used the other to apply KY to Sue's anus, which I penetrated gently with two fingers to make sure she was ready for Terry. She squirmed against me as I let my fingers go up her to the hilt. Then I nodded at Terry - -Up you go then, take it easy!-

    Mike was slowly shafting Sue as Terry put his dick against her anus and applied pressure. As Terry got into place Mike stopped moving for a short while as Sue pressed back at Terry. Then he slipped up her arse, almost going full length; he had a relatively long dick, but fortunately not a large girth, so he went up her fairly easily - he certainly didn't seem to have caused her any discomfort. Now my wife was being DP'ed along with Jane. All the guys were occupied having sex with one or other of the girls except one - me! I filmed the scene for a few minutes, making sure I captured all the action, good close-ups of cunts and arse-holes, and cocks penetrating them. Bill was enjoying sticking his cock in Jane's mouth and she was sucking him expertly. There was one hole free - Sue's mouth - so I went in there. Now Sue was airtight as well and I was in seventh heaven!

    The next few minutes were a blur as guys started to cum in the girls. I can't remember who was first, possibly Andy - buried deep within Jane's arse, but it may have been Bill. Anyway, I had to get out of Sue's throat to catch as many orgasms as possible on the video.

    The action unfolded. Bill hadn't cum in Jane but was keen to have her in the arse and he took over from Andy. Not surprisingly he went right up her without any hesitation and began furiously pumping away at her. Andy and Joe offered their just-cum dicks to Jane to be sucked back into life. Terry came noisily into Sue's arse and withdrew from her with a heartfelt -Thank you - that was fucking amazing. I wish my wife would let me do her up the arse. You are so lovely and tight and warm up there!-

    Mike got up from lying on his back and got Sue down in his place. He asked Terry to hold her legs open and upwards so that her cunt and arse were fully accessible, then he knelt with his cock lying on her cunt opening, between her vaginal lips. -Lift her up a bit, Terry,- he said, and Terry did so. Then he got hold of his cock, still in its condom and lowered it slightly against the entrance to my wife's anus. Then he too thrust forward and the head of his cock went in past her ring. I focused closely on this, Sue's third ever cock in her arse, as he gradually shoved more of it inside her and Terry opened her legs further to allow the access. Then Terry let Sue's legs drop over Mike's shoulders and stepped back to watch the scene. I reached in to touch Sue's cunt as Mike was going up her arse, managing to get a few fingers up her and feel Mike's penis through the membrane, while exerting some pressure on her clitoris.

    A minute later Sue began to orgasm and started bucking. This immediately set off Mike and he began very fast and hard thrusting up her arse-hole as his orgasm was unleashed.

    I swung the camera back at Jane who was still being analled by Bill as she sucked Andy and Joe. Joe was the only one who hadn't had bum-sex with one of the girls - -I need to do one of your arses,- he pleaded.

    Sue took pity on him. -Well, mine's free at the moment, Jane's is full. Will I do?- she asked.

    -Fuck, yes,- he replied. Jane was on all-fours with Bill deep in her bum and going at her like a train. Sue got into the same position next to her and beckoned Joe by pulling her arse-cheeks apart for him to look up her. She was covered in lube and cunt-juice, looking completely wanton and ready. Joe sprang to attention, his cock having made a rapid recovery. Slipping on a condom, her knelt behind my wife and put his penis against her ring-piece as I took in the action. I held one of my wife's bum cheeks apart as Andy held the other, making it easier for Joe to get into Sue. Then he was up her. He went gently at first, heeding her earlier warning. Andy put some KY jelly down between them so it would slip into place at her bum-hole. Then Joe was in her to the hilt and began fucking her arse in unison with Bill and Jane. The rest of us stood around and admired the activity. Most had their dicks in the hands, or they unashamedly fondled available parts of the two women, paying particular attention to their tits as they hung down, or they slipped their hands between open legs and put fingers into their cunts as their arses were being pounded.

    All the fingering and pumping reached a crescendo and Bill and Joe both came within seconds of each other, both exhausted but gloriously happy and contented. All that was left was to frig the girls to a final orgasm. I passed the camera to Bill. Andy and I began seriously attending to Jane's clitoris and cunt/arse - I fingered her two holes while Andy gently massaged her cum-button. Mike and Terry did the same to Sue. Soon both the girls had explosive orgasms. Some of us were still pretty turned on by the evening and still had a cum left in us. The girls obliged by lying on the floor, legs akimbo, showing all they had, glistening with juices and lube, while we wanked ourselves onto their hot bodies. Minutes later we were all spent, the girls had cum on their tits and their faces; everyone was satiated.

    -All we have to do now is wash it all off,- said Joe, and we all retired to the bathroom, which was a bit of a squeeze. Jane was first in the bath while Joe, Mike and I peed all over her. Then Sue stood at the side of the bath, with her back to Jane, leaned forward and pissed backwards onto Jane - a direct hit!

    Then it was Sue's turn as Andy, Bill and Terry pissed all over her to wash off the cum. Jane got in beside Sue, put one leg high up against the tiles, opening her cunt and pee hole widely, and she, in turn, pissed all over Sue. After that we all showered and each girl had three blokes towelling her dry, with particular attention being given to breast and crotches - I noticed a few sly licks of cunts as blokes knelt down to towel particularly intimate places.

    At last it was time to call it a day. On the way home Jane asked if she could stay the night at our place and we, of course, agreed. At bedtime Jane decided she wanted to join Sue and myself in our king-sized bed, so she climbed in, with me in the middle. Being shagged out we all fell asleep quickly but in the morning we had a lovely three way series of fucks, Sue holding my dick as I went up Jane's holes, then Jane doing the honours for Sue. Then the girls had a mutual orgasm-giving cunt-licking session. Both the girls agreed that they liked this arrangement (I didn't disagree with them!) and they wanted it to continue on a regular basis. The also agreed that they had enjoyed the DP's as a one-off thing, but didn't feel it was anything extra special over and above the way that I did them in the arse! They have decided that the group sessions may come to an end, at least for the foreseeable future, but our little threesome seems set to endure. Fuck me!