Black Beauty Ariel Alexus in Hose
    My XXX bookstore whoredom

    My first cock was early on and I was taught to suck and swallow by a guy who liked young. He also introduced me to anal sex and all its joys. I learned to be a girl for guys to use. After him it was a few years till a guy in high school played touch cocks in the backyard. It was the usual you show me yours thing and then forgotten as he didn't pursue anything. Then after trying girls for a few years I decided I wanted to find out if I still wanted men and their cocks.

    Did I want to suck them as girls had sucked me, did I want to be fucked as I had fucked them. I started trying on women's underwear again, and wearing it and playing with my cock in it. Then I started using dildos to stimulate my ass/cunt and enjoyed it and shot off while doing it and enjoying feeling something in my ass as I came and my ass clenched tightly to the dildo. Once I was afraid that the dildo wasn't going to come out it took a while to relax and slide out.

    Now I was wearing panties and bras and dreaming of men and their cocks filling me with hot cum. So I started checking out the local XXX bookstores/theatres for action. I was shaving my cock and balls and ass, and legs and sitting to pee. So I went to the bookstore and walked around and looked at other guys wondering if they knew I was trolling for cock. I hesitantly walked up to the counter and bought tokens for the booths.

    +

    I walked back and checked out the first aisle of booths, some occupied most not. I looked for size, in case of company, and did they have glory holes. I had panties on with garter and stockings. I went into a booth and dropped some tokens and surfed for a movie with guys sucking cocks. As I watched the choice I had left the door unlocked and waited and rubbed my pantied crotch. After a few minutes with no action I opened my pants to rub my cock through my panties. I heard the door to the booth next to mine open and saw light through the glory hole. Then heard it close and waited, I heard coins drop and some light came through the hole again. I waited a few minutes and then a cock head appeared at the hole, just there not into my booth. I smiled and reached over to touch it and rub it and then with two fingers pulled at it and he stuck it through into my booth.

    It was about 7inches cut and black, think with a big head on it. I started stroking it then squatted to lick it and kiss it. It jumped a bit in response and I hummed a bit and then started to suck the head of it and take it into my mouth. This got him excited and he actually swelled up a bit more and I started to work it into my mouth and throat until I had about six inches in me and my lips were just about at the wall as he had pulled back just a little. Now he pulled back more and I was sucking him and my lips were in the glory hole opening.

    He now had me where he wanted me and started to fuck my mouth and throat in easy strokes that began to get faster and harder as he got excited and I felt him thicken in me I reached down to caress his balls and felt how heavy they were. I knew I was in for a big load of cum form him for sure. He was fucking me steadily now and I knew it wouldn't be long till he filled me with hot spurting cum.

    Then the door to my booth opened and there I was sucking a black cock, squatting in panties, garter and stockings with my pants around my ankles for whoever it was to see. At that moment I was lost in the lust for cock and cum. The guy decided to step in and close the door. I was working on the cock in me and a bit nervous about the guy watching me. I heard him put more coins in the machine. Then I heard his zipper and out of the corner of my eye saw his pants and underwear slide down to the floor.

    The guy fucking my mouth was really pumping it in me now so ZI knew he was close to cuming and was trying to be ready for his load. I was also wondering what the guy in with me was wanting as well. I now saw him with his cock in hand and it locked to be 7 or 8 inches uncut and he was stroking it as he watched me sucking cock. Then the black cock was shooting hot cum into my mouth and throat and I was swallowing furiously and trying not to gag on it as I tried to swallow all of it some leaked out dripped down my face and chin. I felt like he came a quart or more of cum in me and it was delicious. I kept sucking as he slowed down and stopped cuming until he pulled out of my mouth. Then I stood up and looked at the guy next to me and let him watch me wipe cum off my face and lick it off my fingers.

    I smiled and he smiled and I looked at his lovely cock and arched an eyebrow as to say so what can I do for you. He looked at his cock and smiled and looked at the screen where a guy was sucking a cock. And motioned for me to suck his cock. So I touched it and started stroking it and working the foreskin back off the head exposing a toadstool shaped head that was nice and big. Very clean and had some precum on it as well. So I squatted down and started kissing and licking it for him.

    As I got it wet and definitely hard and ready I started sucking it into my mouth and working my tongue around his foreskin and under it to his cockhead. Then I worked the foreskin back and stared sucking the head as I started taking more of him into my mouth and throat. He fit easily into me as I had relaxed with the black cock already. He started to fuck me right away with deep even strokes that felt really good as he fucked my mouth cunt. He fucked me for several minutes and I felt his balls swelling and his cock grow thicker in me.

    Then he pulled out of my mouth and stepped back and I looked up at him questioningly. He reached down and pulled me to my feet and turned me around facing away from him. Then he pulled my panties down to my ankles. Then he bent me slightly over and stepped up behind me and spread my ass cheeks. I felt his big cockhead push up against my ass/cunt hole as he held my ass in his hands. Then he pushed the head into my asshole and I let out a gush of air and moaned. As I felt him stretch my asshole I was nervous and on fire all at the same time. I wanted him to fuck me deeply and fully and I was excited also as I was wearing panties and garter and stockings just like a good cock whore. I wanted to be used as a woman by men and satisfy them. I wanted them to take me and fill me with their cum and more.

    As he fucked me deeply and steadily I was vibrating with the thrill of being fucked by this man. Then I heard the door open again, oh no now not only have I been seen sucking a cock but now someone was seeing me dressed in women's underwear and being fucked as well. I was beside myself with desire and also afraid of being humiliated as well. I heard the new guy say well I see you're fucking a good cock whore there. She looks like she is enjoying you fucking her mancunt so deeply. Then the guy fucking me said not only does she enjoy having her mancunt fucked when I first saw her she was sucking a big black cock and she swallowed his full load as well. No shit said the second guy she sucks black cocks and swallows. Yep said the first guy as he kept fucking me. Then I heard another zipper and heard pants hit the floor again.

    The guy walked to the front of me and I saw his huge cock hanging down in front of me. He was black and hung with what looked like a 10inch cut cock. He said well bitch since you have already sucked black cock open wide. I gulped and opened as wide as I could as he shoved his cockhead into my mouth and proceeded to force it deep into me. I was starting to gag on it and was afraid of choking to death on it. After he had about half of it in me he pulled out to the head and then shoved it back down my throat deeper this time. All the while fucking me in my ass was saying fuck he deeper and make her take it all. The black kept fucking in and out of me going deeper each time till I felt his balls hit my chin as I had swallowed the whole 10inches of him. He groaned and held it in me till he felt me fighting for air and flailing about then he pulled out and let me gasp for air.

    Then he started fucking me seriously and I was being hammered at both ends as both guys rammed their cocks in and out of me like they had practiced this before. Then the gut fucking my ass/cunt grabbed my waist and drove his cock all the way into me and held on as he spewed his hot cum into my loins. Groaning loudly as he came again and again in me. He held his cock in me till it softened and slipped out of my cunt hole and I felt some leak down the crack of my ass. Now I had cum in my ass and belly and was waiting for more form the other black guys cock.

    Then he surprised me by stopping and pulling out of my throat. He said you already have a belly load of black cum now let's add to your cunt load. As he turned me around and rammed his huge cock into my ass/cunt hole I moaned at his hugeness stretching me even wider. The other guy was still standing there with his cock hanging down. He then pulled my head up and shoved his cock into my mouth and said clean me bitch. So I sucked his cock clean of his cum and my fluids till he pulled it out of me and got dressed. He said to the black guy I hope you enjoy the bitch as much as I did. The guy said oh I am going to trust me. And if you see a big tall Indian looking guy out there point him to this booth will you. Sure said the guy and left.

    The black man now said bitch you are going to be bred well before tonight is over. You'll be a cock whore who wants any man to please use her for anything before we're done with you. I was thrilled and terrified of what I had gotten myself into. Then the door opened and a guy said oh I see you found a whore. Yeah and she is a great cock sucker as well I'm her third man tonight and you're her fourth. Oh okay he said but I have to go pee first.

    And the black guy said why she is here and available for you man. The guy said oh and stepped in and closed the door and unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor, he wasn't wearing underwear and had a huge 11inch cut cock. He said open your mouth bitch and I did, as he held his cock up and stated pissing into my mouth and said swallow it bitch. I did my best to swallow his warm piss as fast as I could, some it hit my face and chest as he kept peeing for several minutes and I felt like I had swallowed a gallon of piss on top of the cum already in my stomach. As soon as he stopped pissing he shoved his cockhead into my mouth and stated to shove it down my throat. Inch by inch he kept pushing it deeper into me, gagging me as he stretched my throat even more than his friend already had. I felt like I had a baseball bat being shoved into me large end first. He didn't stop till his balls and crotch hit my lips.

    By this time he was hard as a bat and I was struggling to breathe, even through my nose was no help. I heard him laugh and say when we're through with her she be able to suck or get fucked by a horse without breaking a sweat. His partner laughed as he drove his cock relentlessly into my cunt. The Indian starting fucking my throat as if it was a second cunt I had and the more he stretched me with his huge cock the more my throat became used to it. Towards the end I was moaning with pleasure as I was fucked at both ends with huge cocks by these big men. They were enjoying fucking me like a bitch there just to please them. And I had been used as a urinal as well now.

    My shame and exposure was over it seemed as the door opened again as I was being fucked by these two men another entered the booth. I heard the black man say hey bobby how is it hangin? The guy said hanging just fine thank you where did you find the bitch Harry. Harry said she was here waiting for us it seems. I opened the door and a guy was fucking her. Isn't she cute in her panties and garter belt and stockings bobby? Yep makes man want to fuck her it does. And Buck has already peed down her throat as well sense he hadn't found a bathroom before he came in here. Well that's a complete service whore isn't she? Yeah she even cleaned the other guys cock after he fucked her cunt hole. Now that is a complete service whore. Looks like you have stretched her cunt fairly wide open Harry. Well maybe a bit but she still makes a man's cock feel good in her. Can you scoot over sideways a bit Harry? Sure Bobby he said as I felt him move over and my cunt stretch to one side. Then Bobby was behind me as well and I thought oh no as I felt another cock at my cunt hole and I couldn't scream with Buck buried in my throat. My already stretched cunt was being pried open further as Bobby was forcing his large cock into me alongside Harry's. I felt like I was being ripped open drove his hard cock deep into me alongside Harry's cock. I was being fucked by 3 big cocks on these big men.

    I had wondered once what a woman felt taking 3 men at the same time. Now I knew firsthand what it was like to have 3 men bury their cocks into my body and use me like a woman. I wondered how these men had done this before to others. As I felt Buck drive his cock in my throat cunt and Booby and Harry fucking in and out of my ass cunt I was torn between ecstasy and agony of my situation.

    I had no one to blame but myself for pursuing men and their cocks, And now I was a cock whore to an extent I hadn't imagines before in my experiences. My stomach and my loins were being stretched and filled with cum and piss of men. Not to mention my ass/cunt and throat/cunt were being opened as never before. I used to think an average cock was challenge to me and now I had 3 huge cocks buried in me. Suddenly I felt hot cum shooting my ass cunt and heard Harry groan, then Bobby was grabbing my ass and shooting his seed into me as well. This evidently excited Buck as he drove all the way in my throat and shot his cum into me also and as he started to pull back I felt him filling my throat on the way out. I was swallowing as fast as I could of his huge load and felt my ass and stomach swell up till I felt like a pregnant woman. They all 3 made me suck their cocks clean and then Bobby peed in my ass and made me lick him clean again.

    They made me take off my pants and shoes before they left and I was standing there in stocking, garter and panties, cum filled at both ends. When I noticed a bag on the floor of the booth and opened it. To my amazement it had a dress and shoes and a brown wig in it. The dress was a lrge ebough to fit me one and the shoes were a little tight and the wig fit okay. Now I wondered what they had planned for me as soon as I walked out of the booth dressed as a woman in what is usually a man's area.