Black Beauty Ariel Alexus in Hose
    My new black underwear and stockings

    The following day I was in my front garden, when Nick my neighbour walked past. We made small talk and Nick walked to his house and as he entered said,

    -Nice show yesterday.

    I saw the look on Nicks face as he disappeared in to his house.My jaw nearly hit the ground, he knew!!!!

    I rushed indoors.I didn't know what to say or do and just sat down on the floor and started to cry. An hour or so later I'd compiled the courage to go round and plead with Nick not to tell my husband or anyone else. I gingerly knocked on the door and stood there sheepishly.

    +

    Nick opened the door and invited me in. I didn't know where to start and just pleaded with him not to tell anyone as I again broke down in a flood of tears. Nick walked me into the lounge and sat me on his sofa. He sat down beside me and just listened as I pleaded. I told him that I needed a job as money was short and that at the interview at the pub things had gotten way out of hand.

    Nick explained that he had walked into the pub and seen everything. I was still sobbing when I said,
    -Please, I'll do anything. Just don't tell anyone!
    - Well, anything is a big thing to promise!!!- said Nick. I looked up and saw in his eyes that there was a way but that it came at a price!

    -What do you want me to do?-
    -Jo, I've always wanted to photograph you. Do that for me and my lips are sealed.
    -Just model for you?-
    -Yes, nothing more.
    -OK, when?

    The following day I got up and did my daily chores, prepared breakfast, walked the kids to school and then returned home. I ran a bath and shaved my legs and arm pits. I also trimmed my pubic hair in to a neat triangle. I did my make up and fixed my hair before I put on my new black underwear, stockings and slipped in to my new dress. I slipped the top over my head and adjusted it behind my neck as I let the material fall across my body and down to just above my knees. The dress was backless but the front just had to thin strips of material looping behind my neck. My breasts were barely covered by the thin material and I felt very much exposed.

    I walked out the back of my house and over to Nicks garage. I knocked on the door and Nick let me in. The garage was dark and a little cold.There were studio lights in various positions illuminating a roll of paper hanging from the ceiling and across the floor.I walked on to the paper and turned to face Nick.

    Nick told me to stop and keep facing away from me. He picked up his camera and asked me to simply look over my shoulder at him. He clicked away and as he did so the lights flashed. I was told to move around before in placed a chaise lounge on the paper. Nick told me to sit on it, placing my feet at one end. Nick snapped away and gave me instructions turning one way and then the other.

    This didn't seem too bad and I started to relax. I let my hair down and started to spin around. Nick clicked away trying to get my hair in the -right position- as I turned to face him. Nick again directed me to turn to face him. He told me how to position my feet with one pointing towards him and the other to the side. My torso was slightly angled and my hands were on my hips. As directed I looked straight in to the lens.

    I then caught a glimpse of Nick's eyes dropping to my breasts. I instinctively looked down and saw that my breasts were exposed. I immediately wrapped my hands across my chest and turned away.
    -No- said Nick in a stern voice, -a deal is a deal!!!

    He then told me to untie my dress at the neck. I undid the knot and let my dress fall to the ground. Nick had me standing there in just my knickers, stockings and suspender belt. Nick continued to photograph me, issuing instructions. Squeezing my breasts together, playing with my nipples etc.

    I was standing with my back to Nick. Nick told me to lean forward and open my legs.I followed his commands and he snapped away. Nick then knelt down behind me and pulled my knickers up. The thin material entered the crease between my cheeks and started to disappear. Again he clicked away before asking me to remove my knickers.

    -No!!! I'm not having any pictures LIKE THAT being taken. What if my husband or kids saw them?

    Nick relented and again knelt down behind me. He slowly slipped a finger inside my knickers at the side and ever so slowly ran the finger along the edge of my knickers. As he did so he removed the material from my crack. In doing so his fingers ran gently across my arse cheek towards my bottom. I was still leaning forward with my bottom sticking out.

    I felt his finger, with the faintest of touches slide across my lips. I then felt his finger slide out and return to my hip. His other hand went to the other side and slowly Nick peeled down my knickers. My knickers were just above my knees when Nick stopped and continued to take more photographs. He told me to place my hands on either cheek and press my fingers in.I dug my fingers in as he snapped away.

    -Now pull your cheeks apart.

    I did as instructed fully aware that again I was exposing my all. Nick then told me to return to the Chaise Lounge. I sat on the chair and leant back. I raised my legs and placed my feet on the edge wide apart. Nick clicked away before placing the camera down. He moved forward, gently stroking my legs.I knew what was coming.

    He placed his head between my legs and started to ever so gently lick my clitoris. I felt his tongue apply pressure, part my lips and lick up and down. He then entered me with his tongue.Whilst doing so he moved his hands up to my breasts and started to play with nipples.

    I'm not sure if it was the cold garage or the experience but my nipples were hard.Ever since my first child my nipples have become more and more sensitive and I love my husband playing with my nipples. Licking them and teasing them with his tongue. Nick stopped after a few minutes and moved his head up to my right breast. Again he used his tongue to circle my nipple. Applying pressure and sometimes sucking it. It did feel good.

    We moved into my bedroom and I laid on the bed on all fours. Nick clicked away as I removed my knickers. Nick then handed me a black dildo which he'd named -Mamba!! I slowly rubbed it up and down before pushing it in to me. I started to fuck myself with it as Nick snapped away. Nick then handed me a smaller dildo and told me to use that. I pulled out Mamba and inserted the purple one. Again I fucked myself with it but after Mamba there really was no comparison. Nick handed me a tube of KY and said,

    -the other hole.
    -No!!- I pleaded, -I don't do that!!!
    -OK, I'll just tell your husband what you got up to at the pub and show him these pictures. Don't worry I'm sure he and the kids will understand.

    I knew all was lost. I was between a rock and a hard place with no options left. I knelt back down on the bed and applied the KY. I slowly pushed the end of the purple dildo into my bottom. It hurt at first but slowly my muscles relaxed and I started to gently slide it in and out. The KY helped a lot.

    Nick continued to photograph me. He then picked up Mamba and placed it at my entrance. I was fucking myself with the purple one as Nick slid Mamba into me. Almost instantaneously I orgasmed. I slumped down on the bed and the purple vibrator slid out of me. Nick pulled out Mamba and slipped his fingers into me. I felt one and then another and possibly a third.

    He pulled out his fingers and circled my arsehole with his index finger. Nick inserted his finger into my arse and slowly began to finger fuck me. As he increased his speed I felt another finger enter my other hole. He finger fucked me with a finger in both holes and I again climaxed.

    I rolled over on to my back as I couldn't take anymore. Nick started playing with nipples and then started to lick them. He moved his head down to my clit and again started to lick it. I put my hands to his head and tried to move him away.He just took hold of my hands and held them above my head. He continued to lick and then released my hands. He took hold of my legs and brought them up folding me in two.

    My feet were beside my head with my arse in the air. Again he started to lick me and fuck me with his tongue. His tongue left my entrance and moved close to my bottom. I felt his tongue circle my bottom before slipping in to me. He fucked my bottom with his tongue and the pleasure nearly drove me insane. I reached for my clit and started to rub furiously. It wasn't long and I had orgasmed again.

    -No more, please!!!

    Nick rolled me over and told me to get on all fours. He stood behind me with his feet on the floor and inserted his penis into me. He thrust in with such force that I had to push back with arms to stop being forced across the bed.

    Nick then pulled out and rubbed his penis over my bottom. He applied some more KY and placed the head at my entranceI felt Nick start to push against me and the head entered me. It felt so big, I was being stretched but at the same time it did feel good. I again moved my hand between my legs and started to rub slowly. Nick was very gently, although with some force, pushing and withdrawing from me.

    He then pulled out and I felt Mamba entering me again. Nick told me to hold it in place before he again entered my bottom. He again stated to push in and out of me. I tried to fuck myself with Mamba but as Nick thrust into me his penis was pushing Mamba out of me.

    I started rubbing my clit with more vigour. As I did so Mamba fell out. Nick increased his tempo and again I climaxed. Nick carried on and then I felt him spasm. He pulled out and fell on my bed next to me. I collapsed exhausted and just lay there. Nick got up, opened my legs and again started to photograph me. He then left.

    After a while I got up, put on my dressing gown. I stripped the bed and put on a wash. I did my house work and whilst doing so I felt Nick's sperms ooze out of me and start to dribble down my leg. I collected the kids and waited for my husband to return home.