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    Lynn at the local bar in new stockings

    For those that have been following the story of my slut wife Lynn, will know that we have been married for over 25 years and that despite her age, now 45, she still looks very good and could pass for a woman 10 years her younger. Lynn loves to flirt with other men and will dress to please when we go out for the evening. Lynn has had plenty of extra cock since we've been married, she loves it, craves it and really enjoys it when she's being filled with a guys hard prick.

    We had planned this Saturday night out for a couple of weeks, it all started with a friend of ours telling us what a good night out Portsmouth was, so the seed was planted and the planning began. Firstly Lynn bought a new button up skirt, which was about 4 inches above her knee when standing, a lovely sheer almost see-through blouse and some lovely Brown stockings. I asked her if she wanted a new Bra and Panties but she gave me that look that said, WHY!

    During the Saturday afternoon, Lynn took her time preparing herself she luxuriated in a long bath, shaved her legs and trimmed her bush. Then having done her hair and applied her make up, topped with a liberal dose of Cinnabar perfume, which in it's self says FUCK ME, Lynn dressed for our night out. She looked the perfect slut. The drive to Portsmouth took about an hour and other than Lynn flashing her stocking tops to a couple of truckers, was pretty uneventful.

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    We decided to find a lively pub and let Lynn enter before me, I would then follow her in and watch what happened. I dropped Lynn at the door and parked up the car. When I entered the club Lynn was stood at the bar with a drink in her hand. There was probably about 20 to 30 guys in the club and a group of about 5 women who were sat at a table, but they finished their drinks and left. I sat at a table having bought a beer and sat and watched what would happen. A couple of guys bought Lynn drinks and asked her to dance, which she accepted, but other than one or two groping her arse, very little happened, until a group of guys entered the club, obviously out on the town and obviously American.

    They sat at a table laughing and joking and from the gist of their conversation they were US Navy visiting the UK. Three of the guys were Black and two were white and they seemed to be having a good time. I looked at Lynn who smiled at me and sat on a bar stool, has she did so, her skirt rode up and you could see the merest hint of her stocking tops. One of the white guys noticed and nudged his mates, they all had a good look and one of the white guys said he would really like to fuck her brains out, they all agreed that they all wanted to fuck my wife and after much banter they agreed that tonightís aim was to fuck the lady sat on the bar stool.

    It was obvious that Lynn had heard them talking about how they were going to fuck her, because I saw her reach down to her lap and without drawing attention to the fact, she undid 2 of the buttons on her skirt. Lynn then crossed her legs which made her skirt fall open and show a bit of her stocking tops to the guys. One of the guys said that the bitch was teasing them and that now he really had the horn for her. I watched has Lynn picked up her drink and finished it, placing the glass back on the bar. One of the guys stood up and walked over to Lynn and offered to buy her a drink, which Lynn accepted. The guy then noticed Lynn's wedding ring and asked if her husband was present, Lynn told him I was out of town on business and so she was out on the town enjoying herself.

    The guy bought her a drink and then asked her to dance, Lynn accepted and he offered his big black hand to help her get off the bar stool. has she climbed down her skirt rode up so that we all saw her bare thighs, they then both walked to the dance floor and began dancing, Lynn was dancing very suggestively and when the record stopped he kissed Lynn on the lips and they spoke, Lynn laughed and threw her head back and the next song started which was a slow one, they both moved together and I watched has his hands roamed down to Lynn's arse cheeks and together they began grinding their bodies in time to the music. When this record ended, he again kissed Lynn only this time they seemed to linger longer and then Lynn broke the kiss and headed towards the bar for her drink.

    The guy she'd been dancing with followed her and gestured to his mates by gripping his cock over his trousers and shaking it, he then caught Lynn up and insisted she join them at their table, Lynn said Okay and picked up her drink and then joined them. I watched as the guys moved around so that Lynn could sit between the guy she'd been dancing with and the white guy who first noticed her. To do this Lynn had to squeeze between them and the table, both the guys pushed against her which made her skirt catch the table, pulling open two more buttons. Lynn sat down and I watched as the guys all chatted with her, the guy on her left placed his right hand over her shoulder and let it drape over her right breast, Lynn didn't say anything, so he slowly began to cup her tit. I then noticed the guy who had been dancing with her had dropped his left hand under the table, but I couldn't tell what he had managed to reach.

    Lynn then suggested to the white guy at the end that they go for a dance, to which he said yes, so Lynn stood up and I watched her skirt fall back down which pointed to the fact that he must have had his hand on her bare thighs. They entered the dance floor and the guy pulled Lynn to him and immediately placed his hand on her arse. Lynn wiggled her ass and they both kissed, I watched as they forced their tongues into each others mouths. Their dance was more like a dry fuck and lots of the fellaís in the club turned to watch. They danced to 3 or 4 songs before the guy was tapped on the shoulder by the second black guy who pulled Lynn to him and squeezed her ass. Lynn placed her arms around his neck and kissed him, I watched as their tongues probed each others mouths. Lynn then dropped her right arm which was the nearest to us and began rubbing the front of his jeans.

    They broke off their kiss and I could see them talking to each other but I couldnít hear what was said. It didn't matter because Lynn went to the Ladies Powder Room and he came back to the table and said, that the horny bitch told him to follow her to the Ladies, so they could get to know each other better. They all cheered and said way to go as he walked towards the ladies. I waited about a couple of minutes and walked towards the Gents and once out of sight, slowly opened the door to the Ladies and immediately I could hear Lynn moaning in pleasure.

    I wasn't too sure what was actually happening until Lynn moaned and said, oh yes, push your fingers deep in my pussy and he said wank my cock bitch. I stood listening to their moans, then Lynn said for him to shove his fat cock up her cunt, Lynn moaned from what I assumed was him forcing his hard shaft deep into her womb. I stood listening to Lynn saying Yes, yes, yes do it, fuck me hard and him saying thats it slut take my prick, you're a slut that loves to be fucked, do you like my big black cock, I'm going to fuck you pregnant. Lynn replied with Oh yes, please do it. I knew he couldn't because Lynn had been sterilised some years ago, but it still sounded horny to hear him use her so

    After about 10 minutes I heard them both moaning and Lynn say Oh yes I'm coming fuck me hard and he grunted as he said thatís it. take my cum whore and then he hissed as he shot his cream into my wife. I left the Ladies Powder Room and returned to my seat and sat drinking a beer when the guy returned to his table and told his mates what a fucking hot slut Lynn was, he told them that he had just fucked her and that she was begging for more. Has he spoke Lynn walked back to the table and I could see her nipples sticking out erect has she stood there. She then said, does anyone else want to dance and the white guy from the end said yes please, Lynn smiled and took his hand and led him to the dance floor. I again watched her dance like a slut for this guy. When the music ended she led him by the hand to the toilets, obviously to fuck him.

    The guys at the table were talking about my wife and calling her a dirty slut and nasty whore, they were trying to hatch a plan to get her back to the ship so they could gangbang her. When the 2nd guy returned, I walked to the Ladies Room and stopped her as she walked out she grabbed my hand and placed it on her cunt which was dripping cum and very open, she said, does that feel nice or what. I said it felt great and told her about their plans to get her back to the ship for a gangbang. Lynn said that it sounded great fun, but what about me, what was I going to do whilst she went with them for the fuck of her life.

    I said I would wait for her outside the dock gates and that she should tell them she could only go for 3 hours, because she needed to catch her lift home. Lynn smiled and kissed me, I could taste the sperm on her breath as she said okay lover wait for me whilst I take all their hard pricks.

    Lynn returned to the table and pre-empted their conversation by saying was there somewhere they could go so that they could enjoy themselves without having to fuck in a toilet, they all said yeah, lets go back to the ship. Lynn said what about security, but they said, give the guy a fuck and he won't mind. Lynn said it sounded like fun and drunk her drink back in one go and said, well lets have a fuck party. The guys all stood up and grabbing my wife they left the bar together.

    I waited at the dock gates for Lynn and after 3 hours, she still hadn't got back to the car, I was starting to panic slightly, but after a further 45 minutes she came walking to the gates, her blouse was undone to her waist and there was a black guy walking her with his arm around her waist. They stopped at the Gates and they faced each other and kissed, forcing their tongues into each others mouths, he opened her blouse and grabbed her tits as she rubbed his cock over his trousers, they stopped kissing and Lynn walked to the car and got in. She said fucking hell, there was 11 of the horny bastards all waiting to fuck your little slut wife, they were great, they fucked my cunt, my ass and my mouth. Lynn took my hand and placed it between her thighs, her cunt was gaping wide open and there seemed like gallons of cum leaking out on to her upper thighs. I said it feels good, Lynn said you should have seen me taking all their cocks, they each fucked me at least 3 times, god it was fucking horny in that bunk being fucked by all those willing cocks, they want me to go back again tonight. I said and are you, she said what do you think, sure I am, all those cocks and all that spunk just waiting to be shot into my pussy, lets go home so you can fuck my sloppy cunt and plan tonights gangbang, with that we drove home, Lynn with her face in my lap giving me a long slow blow job. What a night, what a slut, we can't wait for the next time in Portsmouth.