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    Lynn in her new stockings fucks a friend who is just passing through

    Carrying on the true events in my slut wife's sexual encounters, this one was right out of the blue, because although Steve was a mate from way back, there had never been any hint of Steve or Lynn flirting with each other, but then sometimes you don't see it or it wasn't there anyway, but in time one or the other realises there's something between them or purely a moment of lust comes to the front and someone acts upon it.

    Anyway, Steve had rung to say he was passing through and any chance of popping in and could we recommend a Hotel for the night. Lynn would have none of it and insisted Steve spent the night with us, we had a spare room and he was a very good long standing friend of us both, so it was agreed Steve would spend the night with us and that he would be with us about 4 pm today. Lynn rushed around making sure everything was just so, the bedroom was tidy and she put clean towels on the bed etc to ensure Steve's stay was as comfortable as possible, we then awaited his arrival.

    It was about ten minutes to four when Steve's car pulled up on the drive and we both went to meet him, I shook his hand and Lynn gave him a kiss on the cheeks, telling him it had been a long time since we'd got together and chatted. We sat in the front room chatting and Lynn asked about dinner and we all agreed we could pop out for a bite to eat, so she didn't have to spend time in the kitchen. Lynn then said in which case, she was off to take a shower to freshen up and Steve asked if he might do the same, Lynn told him to go ahead; there was a shower in his room with fresh towels etc, so they both disappeared upstairs to shower and change.

    +

    I followed Lynn up about 10 minutes later, quickly showered and changed in to something smart and casual, Lynn had put on some dark brown stockings and a cream suspender belt and matching knickers and bra, she then put on a skirt and cream blouse which was slightly see-through and her brown suede 4 inch high heels, she looked very smart and sexy, the skirt being somewhat shorter than usual coming down to half way to her knees. She asked me is she looked okay and I told her she looked wonderful and it was a shame we were going out, she told me to behave and lets go get something to eat as she was now getting hungry.

    Steve was already down stairs and when Lynn walked into the sitting room Steve said to her that she looked very nice and her choice of dress was very, very nice. Lynn did a little courtesy and said thank you kind sir, now let's go eat. We walked round to the restaurant, well more of a Bistro really and had a very nice meal, which Steve insisted he pay for and then he suggested popping next door for a quick drink in the small pub, which we all agreed to, so off we went only to find the pub was a touch busy, but Lynn said it's okay we can grab a drink and stand at the bar till a table comes free and then sit down, which we did.

    I bought the first round and to be honest the drinks went pretty quickly and Steve bought another round almost straight away and that seemed to set the tone for the next hour. Lynn then excused herself and said she was visiting the ladies to powder her nose and as she walked away, Steve said to me you are one lucky fella, Lynn looks better each time I see her and she is looking radiant and lovely tonight, I thanked him and said, you only ever see her every few years or so, not exactly a regular feature is it and we both laughed. Lynn returned and picking up her drink emptied her glass and asked for a refill, which I bought for us all.

    Steve then said he needed the loo and walked off to find them and once out of sight Lynn moved closer and said, he's been rubbing his hand on my backside, I thought it was you at first until I realised you couldn't reach that far. I said did you tell him to stop and Lynn said no, it felt nice and anyway, it's the first time Steve has showed any sign of attention towards me, she then smiled and said its probably the drink and moved back to get her glass. Steve returned and I noticed him place his hand on her backside, Lynn winked at me and wiggled her behind just enough to encourage Steve but not draw any attention to what he was doing. I watched as Steve caressed her behind and finding her suspender strap began rubbing his hand along it.

    Lynn noticed a table coming free so we moved over and sat down, Lynn sat against the wall on the comfy looking long bench seat and Steve joined her and I took a chair on the opposite side to them. We carried on drinking and I went to the bar to fetch the next drinks, the pub was certainly getting busier and once or twice looked back to see Lynn and Steve turned towards each other chatting away, probably about old times, I did notice that Steve's right arm was under the table but didn't think anything of it because of the way they were sat. I bought the drinks and joined them back at the table, as I sat down Lynn winked and smiled at me as they both turned my way and we carried on chatting about old times and catching up on recent events.

    Steve excused himself and went to the Gents and as he walked away, Lynn said he's getting fresh and caressing my left leg, in fact he's getting very fresh and once or twice moved his hand just under the hem of my skirt, I asked if she's stopped him and she said no, she was enjoying it and he was being so sweet and lovely rather than pushy, I said well you only have yourself to blame, you let him and he will keep on doing it until you stop him, she laughed and said I might not stop him to see how far he goes. Steve returned and asked what we were chatting about as he sat down next to Lynn, he picked up is drink and lowered his right hand back down below the table and Lynn winked at me. Lynn said to Steve we were talking about how far we have been in the quest for entertainment and Steve asked how far we normally go and Lynn smiled and said as far as we need to and laughed.

    We carried on drinking for another hour during which Steve appeared to have his hand on Lynn's leg all the time, eventually we decided to take the walk home and crack open a bottle of wine and relax in the comfort of our sitting room. All the way home Steve had his hand on Lynn's behind and seemed to enjoy caressing it, mind you Lynn seemed to enjoy it also. Once in the house and Lynn told us to make ourselves comfy and she would get the glasses and a bottle of wine. I sat in my usual chair and Steve sat on the sofa and we carried on chatting, Lynn pushed the serving hatch open and asked if Red wine was okay and we both agreed it would be fine. Lynn came in with the glasses and wine and poured us all a glass, Lynn then sat in the other chair, but Steve said to come and sit with him on the sofa, so Lynn did just that.

    We sat chatting and Lynn crossed her legs, left over right and I watched as Steve put his right hand on Lynn's left leg and began slowly running his hand backwards and forwards from her knee to the hem of her skirt which wasn't far from the tops of her stockings, a couple of times he pushed the hem of her skirt up her thighs just enough to make it clear what he was doing, but Lynn appeared to pay little attention or more likely was ignoring him to see how far he would go and we all just carried on chatting. I excused myself and went to the loo and when I returned a few minutes later Lynn had crossed her legs the other way and Steve was still caressing her thighs, only know he had reached her stocking tops and was actually up to bare thigh. Lynn then reached over and put her glass on the small table and shuffling forward on the sofa said she needed to change into something a bit more comfy and walked out of the room and upstairs.

    Steve and I chatted as we drank our wine and eventually after about 10 minutes or so, we heard Lynn walking down the stairs, still in her high heeled shoes. When she walked in Steve looked up and said to her you look lovely in that, Lynn thanked him and said she didn't get to wear it that often and Steve said that was a pity. Lynn was wearing a long cream lacy dressing gown which was slightly see through so you could see her stockings and suspender belt and she'd obviously taken off her knickers and bra because they weren't visible but her nipples and areola where, just. Lynn sat back down next to Steve and crossed her legs showing a vast expanse of stocking covered leg and bare thigh with the straps of her suspender belt showing also.

    I watched as Steve placed his hand back on her upper leg and once again began caressing her upper thigh. Lynn reached over and took her drink and began to sip her wine as we chatted again. After about 20 minutes or so Lynn asked me if I would refill the glasses and gave me a look that said, I want some privacy for a while, so I filled their glasses, but said I was actually ready for bed and felt very tired. Lynn smiled at me and said you look tired sweetheart why don't you go jump in to bed and I'll join you shortly when I've drunk my wine. I said it was a good idea, apologised to Steve for my cutting short the evening and went upstairs to our bedroom, leaving the door slightly ajar.

    I heard Steve use the downstairs loo and then enter the sitting room closing the door behind him, but the door immediately opened and Lynn walked up the stairs and entered our room and asked if I was okay with this, I told her I was and that she had obviously decided Steve was going to be entertained by her and she smiled and said she hoped the entertainment was going to have mutual benefits, she bent over and kissed me telling me the serving hatch was still open if I wanted to take a peek at what was about to happen next, I told her that sounded like a good idea, she smiled and walked back down stairs closing the sitting room door as she did so.

    I followed her down stairs and through the serving hatch could clearly see them both sat on the sofa, Steve had placed his right hand back on her bare thigh above her stocking tops and was slowly caressing her left inner thigh, but because he was turned slightly towards my wife he was facing away from the serving hatch and couldn't see me. I heard Lynn tell Steve it felt good him stroking her thighs and had he enjoyed it, because he'd done a lot of it this evening. Steve told her he had never felt thighs so smooth and silky as hers and told her he had wanted to stroke her higher but didn't fancy the slap that probably followed it. Lynn laughed and said don't be silly there's no slap trust me and leant over and kissed his cheek, she then placed her head on his shoulder as she drank the rest of her drink passing the empty glass to Steve and asking him to put it on the table.

    Steve put the glass on the table and sat back placing his hand back on Lynn's bare thigh she again placed her head on his shoulder. Steve turned to look at her and she looked up and they kissed and Lynn shifted her position so she could put her arm around him. I watched as their tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths and Steve raised his left hand to Lynn's tits and began caressing them over her lacy dressing gown, she then reached up and pulled the top of her gown open and Steve got his first feel of her bare tits. Steve told her, her tits felt lovely and rolled her hard nipple between his thumb and fingers making my darling wife moan in pleasure. Lynn reached over and began rubbing Steve's cock through his trousers and said I want this inside me tonight I want to feel your hard prick deep inside my pussy, as she said it she began undoing his trousers and I watched her hand move inside and grasped his cock.

    Steve pulled her gown open and put his hand on her inner thigh and began to move closer to her pussy, Lynn opened her legs to allow Steve easy access to her pussy mound which he rubbed with the whole of his hand before slowly inserting first one then two fingers deep in to my wife's juicy cunt. Lynn told him, that felt very good and to get his fingers in deep and they began kissing again as Lynn pulled Steve's cock from inside his trousers and began to slowly run her hand up and down the shaft. Lynn broke of the kiss and told Steve to lay down on the sofa, she stood and adjusted her stockings and once he was laid down, she knelt by his waist and taking hold of his cock began to wank him. I watched as Steve dropped his left arm down and move his hand between Lynn's open legs and slowly he moved back up to her cunt and reinserted his fingers deep in to her. Lynn leant forward and flicked the tip of his cock with her tongue and Steve asked her to suck his cock and that he'd always dreamt of her sucking his prick.

    Steve asked Lynn if it was safe doing this whilst I was upstairs, he didn't want to cause a problem, Lynn stopped sucking his cock and turning to Steve said, do you think I would be here sucking your cock if I thought there would be a problem, Gary doesn't mind, he knows I like to have a little fun now and then, especially when I'm feeling randy like I am now, she kissed him and went back to sucking his prick and I watched her arse cheeks quiver slightly as Steve carried on finger fucking her cunt. Whilst she was sucking his cock and he was fingering her slutty cunt, Lynn reached behind her and threw the bottom of her gown over her waist and I had a lovely view of her bare arse, legs apart and Steve fingering her pussy, she looked fucking hot as she moaned on his cock as she sucked and wanked his cock.

    Steve now had three fingers inside my wife's cunt and she was moaning quite loudly has he reamed her pussy and she massaged his cock as she sucked on the head of his prick. Steve told her he was close to shooting his spunk in her mouth and to stop if she didn't want it, Lynn turned to him and carried on sucking and wanking his cock as he drove his fingers deep into her juicy cunt which was really squelching with her juices. Steve reached over and placed his hands on the back of Lynn's head as he lifted his hips of the sofa and shot his come deep down her throat, I watched as Lynn kept on sucking until he finished shooting his spunk into her mouth and then licking her lips said I hope you can still fuck me with this, because I need to feel it deep inside me, I need to feel your prick throb inside my pussy, I want to feel it spray my insides with your spunk. Lynn carried on slowly wanking Steve's cock, which remained rock hard, she then said come on, give me this I need to feel you fucking me now.

    Steve rolled off the sofa and laid down on the floor, his cock sticking up rigid, it must have been about 7 inches and reasonably thick, I watched as Lynn took a hold of it again and kneeling over Steve lowered herself down until her pussy was touching the tip of Steve's cock, she then ran it up and down the length of her cunt lips three or four times and then guided the head between her pussy lips and I watched as the shaft of Steve's prick disappeared deep in to my slut wife's cunt. Lynn moaned and told Steve it felt really good to have his cock inside her and him between her thighs, she only wished she'd done it years ago, Steve told he'd always wanted to fuck her ever since we all first met, but wasn't sure how to tell her, Lynn smiled and said you should have just told me or you could have caressed my behind like you did tonight, I could have then fucked you so much more.

    Lynn began to move up and down along Steve's shaft, whilst I watched as Steve took hold of both her tits and began to squeeze them and pinch her nipples which made Lynn moan with pleasure, Steve called her a beautiful slut and asked her why she was fucking other men when I was available and how did I feel about her fucking other guys. Lynn said what makes you think I've fucked other guys you could well be the first. Steve said really and Lynn smiled at him and said NO, not really you are just one more to satisfy my nymphomaniac desire to have a throbbing hard cock inside me constantly, as for Gary, he loves it when I go to him with a freshly fucked and spunk filled juicy cunt, he's probably having a wank right now thinking of you with your cock firmly embedded in his wife's pussy, she then giggled and said aren't I a slut really. Steve said she wasn't a slut, but he was so glad she enjoyed being fucked, because he was enjoying having her semi naked sat astride his waist with his cock inside the one pussy he never thought he'd get to fuck.

    Lynn began to ride Steve's hard cock and to be honest, I'd already come in my boxer shorts and my own cock was really wanting some attention from my gorgeous slut wife. Lynn then stopped sliding up and down Steve's cock and standing said come and take me from behind lover-boy and knelt with her arms and head on the sofa with her naked arse and stocking clad legs spread my way so I could see her pussy lips hanging open and dripping her juices down her thighs and on to her stocking tops. Steve moved up behind my wife and taking hold of his cock he eased the head into her pussy and then slowly eased the remainder of his shaft deep into her making her moan out loud with pleasure as he went balls deep into my wife's cunt. Steve slowly began to ease his cock in and out of her pussy, Lynn lowered her head and hissed for him to fuck her hard and to shoot his hot spunk deep into her cunt and that she wanted to feel him spurting deep into her.

    Steve reached forward and grabbed her swinging tits and squeezed them as he forced his prick in and out of her pussy which was now squelching with their combined juices, Lynn kept saying oh fuck as Steve pounded away at her from behind, Lynn lowered her head to the seat of the sofa and moaning told Steve, she was coming and to fuck her harder, Steve grabbed her hips and really began slamming his cock into her which made her moan even more. Lynn's nipples were absolutely huge even from where I was stood at the serving hatch I could see her nipples grow as she came with Steve's hard cock inside her. Steve still pounded away at her pussy as Lynn seemed to go from one orgasm to another, Steve telling her, her cunt felt so wet and juicy as his cock went in and out, he then began to speed up and after a few thrusts forced all his cock into her and I watched as he shot his come deep into my wife's juicy cunt.

    Steve waited a couple of minutes, his cock still embedded deep in my wife's pussy, then began to pull his cock out, as he did so I could see their combined juices run out of her cunt and down her thighs. Steve sat back and Lynn eventually turned round and began kissing him as she took hold of his cock in her hand and slowly wanked him as her played with her tits and nipples. Lynn broke off the kiss and asked Steve if he fancied another glass of wine, Steve said yes and Lynn got up and walked to the table as she did so, she smiled and winked at me as she grabbed the glasses and walked back to Steve. Lynn and Steve sat and talked as they drank their wine, Steve asked her why tonight and Lynn said, he'd been caressing her backside and she thought he was interested and wanted to feel him between her thighs with his prick buried deep inside her, so why wait.

    As they talked Lynn took hold of his cock and caressed it as Steve rubbed her inner thighs and began fingering her pussy. Lynn looked at him and said, I hope you're going to fuck me again tonight, because you fingering me is getting me all warm and wet between the legs. Steve said he wanted to fuck her all night if she'd let him and they then kissed and laid down on the floor, Lynn moaning as Steve fingered her pussy and she wanked his cock. It was now getting late and I made my way upstairs and laid on the bed listening to my slut wife moaning as another man played with her body and fucked her again, she was urging him on and I could hear her moaning as Steve obviously fucked her again. I drifted off to sleep to the sound of my wife being pleasured by Steve, but woke a couple of times, as any man who enjoys having his wife fucked by someone else will tell you, there is no finer sound than hearing your wife moaning whilst full of another man's cock.

    Lynn eventually came to our bed at sunrise having gone to Steve's room and fucked on his bed for most of the night, her hair was a mess, her tits and thighs had love bites on them and her stocking tops and inner thighs were wet and sticky when she got into our bed and wrapped herself around me. She reached for my cock which grew very hard in her hand and asked if I'd missed her, I told her I had and asked if she'd enjoyed herself, she kissed the back of my neck and said yes thank you he fucked me a dozen times, he never lost his erection once, he just kept on fucking me, from behind, me sat on his lap, laid between my thighs on our sides with my right leg in the air, bent over the table it was lovely to feel his hard throbbing cock inside me. We talked as she wanked my cock and asked if I wanted to come and I said yes and she just kept going until eventually I shot my spunk into her hand and we fell asleep.