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    Lynn cannot keep her legs in stockings together

    Lynn is now in her mid 20's and still looks good and turns heads. She always dresses very smartly, slightly shorter than normal skirts, semi-see through blouses, stockings and expensive underwear. She has blonde hair and very sexy legs and 38b tits, which are still quite firm.

    We have now been married for over 5 odd years and in that time Lynn has had literally dozens of men, some who have been regulars and some who have been one night stands, she loves having a cock inside her, she openly admits it, she says she's not bothered whose, as long as it's hard and inside her. She really cannot keep her legs closed when there's a hard cock on offer! The true story I am about to relate, concerns one of the guys who regularly gave Lynn a good hard fucking and, one she always enjoyed on a very regular basis.

    Lynn had been fucking Danny for about two years, they met once or twice a week to partake of sheer unadulterated sex and, that took place anywhere and everywhere, including Lynn bent over the snooker table at our private club whilst Danny pounded her pussy from behind. They knew that there was a chance they'd be caught and on a couple of occasions, the barman had indeed walked in on them whilst Danny was banging into her from behind, with her skirt or dress hiked up over her arse, they didn't stop, but just carried on consumed by raw sex. The barman would always come and tell me that Lynn and Danny seem to be enjoying themselves, it was almost an unwritten code between us, he would then wink or smile and return to the bar with his tray of empty drinks glasses.

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    On the night in question, we were attending a Grand Summer Ball, the weather was hot without any breeze and the setting was just perfect, two massive Marquees, one laid out for drinking and dancing with a disco and group, whilst the other contained the buffet and seating for diners and of course the club itself provided a cooler place to sit if the heat outside got to much. The dress code for the evening was black tie for the men and ball gowns for the ladies, Lynn wore a low cut electric blue gown with a full skirt, no bra because of the low shoulder-less bodice and garter belt and black stockings with high heeled sandals, she made a clear point of saying she wasn't going to be wearing any panties due to the number of dreamy, fuckable guys who would be available. I did mention that she would need to be careful because there would be at least 5 guys at the Summer Ball who had fucked her and would probably come on to her, but of course they did not know of each others liaisons with my wife.

    We arrived at 7pm and as usual we were seated with Danny and his wife. Dan stood to greet Lynn and I bent to give his wife a 'hello' kiss on the cheek, I did notice that Lynn and Dan kissed on the lips, but hey, no one would notice or for that matter care. I must state at this point, although Lynn was regularly fucking with about 5 guys in the club, I am sure that others knew as well as the barman, indeed, a number of the guys had mentioned how lovely she looked over the past two years and how they would love to get to know her better, which I think was their way of saying 'let me, please, let me take her' We all sat chatting and drinking, the alcohol was free all night and was being dispensed very liberally by the waiters and waitresses, so we were all very merry very quickly. Lynn was sat between Dan and me and Dan's wife was sat the other side of him, although she was deep in conversation with the guy to her left.

    A couple of times Dan and Lynn went up to dance and they were chatting and laughing as they moved around the dance floor. When they did sit down, they would both empty their glasses and it was obvious that there was a certain amount of 'handy work' taking place under the table by both of them. At one point Lynn asked me to dance and as we did so, she told me that Dan had been running his right hand up her dress and on to her stocking tops and bare thighs, even daring to caress her pussy lips once and that she had been stroking his cock along the outside of his trousers, making him very, very hard. A couple of times, some of the single guys cut in to dance with her and she would go off giggling as they held her close to their bodies, she was really enjoying herself.

    Well the buffet was announced at about 8,30pm and was eventually finished at about 10pm, when the music slowed down a touch and everyone was enjoying the drink fuelled ambience. Danny's wife had decided to walk the relatively short distance to their house, having not felt to well most of the day, she said her good byes and urged Dan to stay and enjoy himself, to which Lynn muttered 'Oh he will, I'll see to that' as she said it, she squeezed my cock to emphasise the point. Danny, turned to Lynn as his wife walked away and said to her 'come on lets party' and they both skipped to the dance floor to join the 50 or 60 others dancing to the music. At this point, good old me got accosted by the club bore, who insisted in telling me what was wrong with the world economy and how some de-arranged fart somewhere in the world would put it all back together, like I cared! All I wanted to do was watch my darling sexy wife flaunt herself on the dance floor. Eventually I had to politely tell him to fuck-off, but hey, it worked, however, now I couldn't see Dan and Lynn anywhere, I bet they've gone to find somewhere quiet.

    I decided to take some fresh air and have a walk around outside, I might even bump into them, I didn't. The first person I bumped into was our barman, who said 'have you lost her again, I bet she's being naughty somewhere', he winked at me and walked off towards the makeshift bar. There were far to many people outside taking fresh air for them to be up to mischief, but, I had the thought they just might be in the Squash Courts around the other side of the club, so took a walk to find the door open, I walked quietly up the stairs to the viewing gallery which over looks the 4 courts and in No2 court a couple were obviously making out, it wasn't Lynn and Dan, but I saw Angela Hughes in a whole new light, especially has her old man was still inside drinking, so the guy pleasuring her was definitely a 'stand-in' so to speak. I walked quietly back outside, not wanting to disturb them and carried on walking around, eventually making my way back to the makeshift bar for a drink. As I approached the bar, our friendly barman, took my arm and moved me slightly to one side and said, if you're looking for Lynn and Dan, they are in the marquee where the buffet was and they were being very, very naughty. I asked him how naughty and he smiled and said it had given him a massive hard on and giggling he said “she can't keep her legs together can she”. I agreed with him and he then walked back to the bar.

    I walked over to the other marquee, where most of the lights had been turned off, making the atmosphere very intimate, the panels had all been lowered except one and in the far corner I could see Lynn kneeling down with Dan behind her. As I moved closer, I could see Lynn's tits swinging free and her dress was raised up over her hips so that her bare arse, thighs and stocking clad legs were clearly visible. Behind her and in between her legs, Dan was kneeling with his trousers pulled down and slamming his prick into her. I could hear Lynn saying to him to fuck her harder and to get in deeper, she was really beginning to moan in ecstasy of the fucking Danny was giving her. I then heard Danny say he was going to come again and Lynn urging him to shoot his spunk into her pussy again and to fill her up. I watched them for a while and decided to go back for another drink and walked back over to the other marquee.

    I sat down and the barman came up to me and asked if I needed anything to drink, I ordered a brandy, which he brought over to me, he then asked me if I'd found them okay? I said I had and that they seemed to be enjoying themselves and that no doubt they would be back shortly wanting a drink, he giggled and said I wonder if she wants another stiff one, the cheeky sod then smiled and walked off. I watched as Lynn and Dan came walking back into the marquee, Lynn had a beaming smile across her face and Dan seemed to be walking slightly taller than usual. Lynn sat down and gave me a kiss on the lips; I could taste sex on her breath where she had obviously had Dan's cock in her mouth. I asked her if she was enjoying herself and she said that she was, very much so and, did I enjoy the little show, having seen me enter the marquee has Dan was fucking her. I told her it was excellent and wanted to see more, she just smiled and said stick around, there'll be a lot more tonight. Lynn then asked if the barman had spoken to me, I said he had and she said, I hope he remains discreet, he saw far too much tonight. Dan joined us and immediately began caressing Lynn's thighs under her dress, which made Lynn smile. Lynn looked at him and leant over and kissed him, she hen turned to me and said that I was right she couldn't keep her legs shut when a guy wanted to play.

    The night wore on and everyone was consuming far too much drink, many couples were now being just a touch to indiscreet on the dance floor, but it made for an interesting game of who was groping who. Lynn and Dan were among them and Dan was openly caressing Lynn's arse and tits as they danced, whilst Lynn was calmly stroking Dan's cock on the outside of his trousers. I watched as Mal asked to cut-in on their dance, which Dan let him do, sauntering off towards the toilets looking for relief. Mal placed his arms around Lynn and pulled her tight in to him and moved his hands down on to her waist, he slowly began to caress her arse cheeks and Lynn laid her head on his chest in a very relaxed pose. I saw Mal say something and Lynn looked up at him and smiled, he then spoke again and Lynn nodded her head and giggled before putting her head back on his chest. I watched as Mal moved his hand round to her side and began caressing her side, moving closer to her right tit in the process. Lynn dropped her hand and stroked the front of his trousers making Mal smile at her., this went on for about two more songs, which ended in Mal taking Lynn by the hand and leading her outside the marquee.

    Dan returned to see Lynn walking out hand in hand with Mal and stopped to chat with some of his mates, laughing and joking about events taking place on and off the dance floor. Lynn and Mal returned about 20 minutes later and Lynn came and sat down as Mal went to the bar area. I asked her if she had enjoyed herself outside and she said so, so. She then said that Mal had put his hand up her dress and felt her stocking tops, bare thighs and cunt lips, she said he commented on how wet she was, at which point she giggled and said that she had put her hand inside his trousers and stroked his prick which was very long and amazingly thick and hard, she said that she had pleaded with him to fuck her, but Mal said he didn't want to be seen, but invited her to his place later so they could relax. I asked her if she was considering it and she said she was, if only to feel his large cock slide into her pussy and to feel him laid between her open thighs. She looked at me and said that would I like to lick her pussy once she was finished with Mal, I told that was my idea of heaven, licking her pussy when it had just been fucked, she reminded me that she had already been fucked twice by Danny tonight and that she wasn't sorry for acting the slut. I kissed her and told her I loved her.