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    Slut Wife in black stockings and high heels at the Rugby Club

    Lynn has had many men since we've been married. I suppose being a good looking blonde, with 38b tits and gorgeous legs helps. Lynn always wears sexy clothes, never down right sluttish, but very revealing, with sexy underwear or even better, no underwear at all. At the age of 26, Lynn has come to her sexual, peak.

    On the night in question, we were invited to a Rugby Club Christmas Disco and Buffet. We have been to the club on numerous occasions and each time the men would chat up Lynn and, whilst dancing with her, try to touch her breasts and ass whilst at the same time suggesting rude things. Lynn always told me about their advances and sometimes she would let them go so far, before stopping them. However, on this night Lynn decided before we went, that at least one lucky player was going to get his prick inside her hot pussy.

    Lynn wore a short black dress, which was about 4 or 5 inches above her knees, black stockings and high heeled shoes, under all this she wore a black lacy body, with poppers on the crutch. Christ, I could have fucked her there and then. She came out of the bedroom and said, -well what do you think-. I said, -I think some lucky bastard is going to get the fuck of his life-. Lynn smiled and said, -I hope that's going to be me-.

    We arrived at the Rugby Club at 7.30 pm to be greeted by a friend who took us to the bar and bought us our first drinks. Chris then introduced us to some familiar faces from the past and a couple of faces that were new to us. He then left us alone to mingle and get to know everyone. Lynn pointed to 2 guys and said, -look at those 2 hunks, now I would love to have them between my thighs tonight-. With that she giggled and went and sat down on a stool at the bar.

    +

    As Lynn sat down she crossed her legs and if you looked carefully, you could see the tops of her stockings. She downed her drink and was immediately handed a fresh glass of wine by the barman, which Lynn thanked him for. I moved away to chat to Chris, who said, -God Lynn's looking hot tonight, as usual-. I agreed with Chris and said she was more than a little randy when we left the room they had made available for us. Chris smiled and said, -She's always randy when she comes here, I remember the last time you visited-. Chris winked and went to the bar to refresh our glasses.

    At the bar Lynn was approached by one of the hunks, who asked her if she wanted to dance, Lynn nodded and joined him on the dance floor. Chris returned with our drinks and said, -I see Lynn has wasted no time getting to know our new Members, I've warned them about her appetite for men-. We both laughed and watched as the 2 danced.

    As the night wore on, the 2 guys plied Lynn with plenty of drink and kept her dancing all night. As the music slowed down the dancing became slightly more intimate and every now and then I would catch a glimpse of one of them feeling Lynn's arse or rubbing their hand over her stocking tops. After one dance Lynn came up to me and asked if I was enjoying myself, I told her I was, but obviously not as much as her. Lynn just said, -hmmm, they are tasty and they are getting me very hot, would you mind me fucking them tonight-. Lynn knew I couldn't say no, she just smiled and strutted back to the bar and the 2 guys.

    I watched them hand Lynn a fresh glass of wine has one of them placed his hand on Lynn's leg above her knee and just below her dress. He began caressing her thighs as they chatted, slowly pushing her dress further up until her stocking tops were clearly visible. I watched as Lynn uncrossed her legs so that he had unrestricted access to her thighs. The other guy was stood alongside her with his arm around her shoulder, his left hand draped over her left breast. I watched as he slowly brushed his hand over her nipple, making Lynn shudder. The guy caressing her legs, moved his hand between her open thighs and moved his hand further up has Lynn opened legs for him, he must have been near to her pussy, because she flinched slightly has he moved his hand further up. The other guy was also making progress. He was now cupping her left breast in his hand. I watched as Lynn dropped her right hand and brushed it against the front of his trousers, she turned to him and I watched as they kissed, their tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths.

    Lynn broke off the kiss and got down off the barstool, which made the front of her dress ride up so that you could see the hand of the first guy on her pussy. Lynn smoothed down her dress, pushing his hand away. She then finished her drink, put her arms through theirs and headed for the door. Has she passed where I was sat, she smiled and winked, I knew then she really was going to fuck them both. I followed her and the 2 guys outside, they went to the rear of the Club and stopped. Lynn began kissing the guy in front of her, has she did so she began rubbing the bulge in his trousers, he pushed his hand up her dress and rubbed her pussy, Lynn opened her legs to allow him access. The guy stood behind her reached round and began caressing her tits whilst kissing her neck.

    I watched as Lynn began undoing the zip on the trousers of the guy in front of her, finally she slid her hand inside his trousers, and pulled his cock out, slowly wanking him. The guy stood behind her undid his own zip and took his cock out, he then lifted the rear of Lynn's dress up so that it was around her hips and began rubbing his cock against the lace covered cheeks of her arse whilst caressing her stocking clad thighs. I could now see the guy in front of her ease his hand into the front of her lace body and rub her hairy minge. Lynn began to moan with the enjoyment she was receiving.

    I watched as Lynn reached round with her free hand, grabbed the prick of the guy stood behind her and slowly wanked his cock in time to the cock she was wanking with her other hand. Both the guys were busy, the one in front was clearly fingering Lynn's cunt, whilst the guy behind her was rubbing her tits and arse. Lynn's dress was completely round her hips so that you could see her stockings and bare thighs, along with the panty section of her black lace body. Lynn broke off her kiss with the guy in front and I heard her say, -you guys go get some fresh drinks in at the bar whilst I go and find Gary to let him know I'm going to take a walk for some fresh air. I'll join you at the bar and we can then go back to our suite and you can fuck me properly. They all agreed, so I went and sat back down at the table to await her arrival.

    The 2 guys walked past me and up to the bar to order the drinks. Lynn came in and sat next to me. Lynn's face was flushed and she smiled as she said - I've just had their cocks out, round the back, I'm going to take them back to our place for a good fuck, so you've got 10 minutes to get there if you want to watch them shag me-. I gave her a kiss and pushed my hand up her dress. Lynn opened her legs slightly so I could get to her crotch, which was very moist, she then moved my hand a way and said, -see you later- with that she went back to the bar and joined the guys.

    I watched as she climbed on to the barstool, giving everyone a flash of her bare thighs. 1 of the guys placed his hand on her thigh and eased it up under her dress. Lynn eased her legs apart so that he could right upto her fanny, she didn't seem to care that others could see her, she just sat back with her legs open whilst he caressed her cunt lips. Chris came across and said, -it looks like Lynn's pulled again-. I said, -I pity them-, we both laughed and Chris went back to join his mates. I took this opportunity to depart for our place.

    Once back at our place, I decided to wait in the spare bedroom. From the top step I could see all the sitting room, but from the sitting room, you could just see part of the small landing in front of the bedrooms. I laid on one of the spare beds and lit a cigarette, deciding to give them a few minutes to start when they came in so that they would be too preoccupied with what they were doing to bother about me.

    About 10 minutes later I heard the key in the door lock and the 3 of them came into the room giggling. I heard 1 of the guys say, -you randy little fucker, you enjoyed flashing your bits to the lads in the bar didn't you-. Lynn replied by saying, -yes, of course I did, you never know when you're going to need a cock so it's better to keep some in reserve-, they all laughed. It then went fairly quite and I'm sure I heard Lynn moan a couple of times, so I moved out onto the landing to watch.

    Lynn was stood there legs apart, being kissed by 1 of the guys, she was fumbling to get his prick out whilst he had his hand up the front of her dress rubbing her pussy mound. The other guy was stood behind her and was taking all his clothes off. Once fully naked I could see he was sporting a fully erect cock, which looked just a bit larger than mine, he then approached Lynn from behind and taking hold of the bottom of her dress he began to lift it up and over her head. Lynn raised her arms to allow him easy removal. Once the dress was off he stood behind her and held both her tits whilst placing his cock between her legs from behind. Lynn threw her head back and they began kissing, their tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths.

    The other guy then threw his clothes off and walked up to Lynn with a truly massive erection. I watched as he placed his hands between her open thighs and pulled her poppers undone on the crotch of her black lacy body, Lynn looked fabulous stood there in her high heeled shoes, back stockings and black lacy body surrounded by the 2 guys sporting truly impressive cocks.

    The guy in front dropped to his knees in front of Lynn and pushed his face into her fanny. Lynn moaned as he began to lick her pussy lips, she reached behind her and took hold of the cock between her legs and wanked it whilst rubbing it up and down between the cheeks of her arse. The guy stood behind her, took her tits out from the body and began rolling her nipples between his fingers, this only made Lynn moan even more. After 10 minutes of this, Lynn dropped to her knees and then rolled on to her back, she spread her thighs and said -come on, fuck me, fuck me now-.

    I watched has the guy who'd been licking her cunt got between her legs and taking hold of his cock, slowly inserted the head between Lynn's pussy lips. He then eased it in, each time forcing an inch more into her until finally his whole prick was nestled inside Lynn's cunt. Lynn said -oh yes, go on fuck me, fuck me with your big prick, fill me with your spunk, do it-. The guy started to ease his cock in and out of Lynn's minge, Lynn was moaning all the time. The other guy laid by her side and began sucking her tits, Lynn reached out and took hold of his cock, has he sucked her tits, Lynn wanked his hard prick.

    Lynn was really moaning with the attention she was getting. The guy fucking her began to speed up his rhythm, Lynn began to arch her back thrusting her fanny up to meet his cock as it plunged in and out of her hairy wet hole. Lynn forced her thighs wider apart as the guy shagging her began to slam his meat in and out of her at a rapid rate, he then said -I'm going to cum-. Lynn said -yes do it, shoot your cream deep into me, fill my belly with your spunk, fuck me-. With that the guy slammed his cock deep into her minge and cried out as he shot his spunk deep into her.

    The guy who had been fucking Lynn rolled off her and the guy sucking her tits said -get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you doggy style-. Lynn turned over on to her knees and said -go on then, get your cock into me, fuck me, I need more-. The guy knelt behind her and parted her arse cheeks, he then took a hold of his prick and nudged it against Lynn's fanny lips, with one shove he forced his cock deep into her pussy making Lynn throw her head back and moan out loud. The guy who had just fucked her, took a hold of her right nipple in his fingers and began squeezing it, Lynn smiled at him and said -hmm, that's nice, keep doing it, please-. The guy said to her - you randy whore, you just love having a cock rammed into your cunt, don't you-. Lynn said -Oh yes, the bigger the better, the more the better, fuck me fuck me hard-.

    The guy fucking Lynn rammed his cock into her cunt hard. The guy squeezing her tits began to force his tongue in her mouth, they both kissed with rude abandon, he then broke off the kiss and nudged her cheek with his hard cock and said -go on, suck it you randy slut-. Lynn turned her head and flicked the end of his prick with her tongue, I watched as she slowly wrapped her lips around the head and began sucking his cock into her mouth. The guy held her head and began to pump his cock into her mouth. I couldn't believe I was watching this guy fuck her mouth whilst his mate slammed into her fuck-hole from behind.

    The guy fucking her mouth said -do you like it up the arse Lynn, do you take it up the ring-, Lynn just nodded her head as she carried on sucking his shaft. The guy behind had now really speeded up his strokes and said -shit, I'm going to shoot my wad deep into her belly, the slut is going to take this deep in her twat-. The guy fucking her then grunted and collapsed over her back as his cock spewed his cum deep into Lynn's well fucked pussy.

    The guy eased his cock from Lynn's cunt and placed his hand between her legs and began rubbing her pussy, he said -god, she's swimming in spunk, her pussy is wide open and ready for more-. He then slipped 3 fingers up her twat and began finger fucking her from behind. Lynn just kept on sucking the cock in her mouth as she moaned her appreciation of the treatment her pussy was getting from the guy finger fucking her. The guy at her head pulled his cock from her lips and said -I'm going to fuck your arse, I'm going to shoot my load deep in your arse you randy bitch-, Lynn said - go on then, do it, fuck my tight arse-. The guy moved behind her and ran the tip of his cock around her arse before slowly easing his helmet into her. Once the head of his cock was inside her, he gave a grunt and drove his cock deep into her arse and stopped whilst Lynn just moaned out loud at the feeling of having a hard prick deep in her ring.

    The other guy sat away from the pair and watched his mate fuck Lynn's arse, saying -go on, give the slut what she wants, she fucking loves it don't you-. Lynn said -yes, you know I do, how else would you get to fuck me knowing I'm married-. The guy said, -does hubby like it when you come home full of spunk-. Lynn raised her head, smiled and said, -he loves to feel my pussy when it's been well fucked, yes-. The guy then said -how many cocks can you take, do you want me to ring a mate so you can have 3 different cocks-. Lynn said, -I don't care how many cocks there are as long as you keep fucking me-. The guy then picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number and said -Tony it's me, you know the slut who was flashing her cunt in the club. Well me and Steve are fucking it and she needs more cock, get your ass over to her room and hurry up-.

    The guy fucking Lynn's arse said -you bastard, that means we've got to share the whore with someone-. Lynn said -stop fucking about and give me your cock, fuck my arse and you, get under here and lick my cunt-. The guy crawled under Lynn and began licking her pussy lips and fingering her fanny. Just then there was a knock at the door and the guys both shouted out for the guy to come in. To their surprise, it wasn't the guy they had phoned but Chris our friend. Chris said, -Christ Lynn is there room for one more-. Lynn said -get your kit off and let me lick your cock-.

    Chris entered the room and began undressing, he immediately knelt in front of Lynn and offered his cock to her lips, which she wrapped around his bell-end and began sucking his prick. Chris grabbed Lynn's head and began to move his cock in and out of her mouth, Chris called her a slut and said, -if I'd known you were going to take cock tonight I'd have come home with you earlier, I saw you leave with the lads-.

    The guy fucking Lynn's arse said he was going to shoot his load into her ring, Lynn just moaned as he sped up his stoke and finally shot his cum deep into her arse, finally laying over her back trying to regain his breath. Chris said, -out the way fuck wit, let her take a real cock.- Chris pulled his prick from between Lynn's lips and moved around to her arse and began running his cock up and down her slit. Chris said to Lynn -Christ there's spunk everywhere you randy slut-. With that he eased his shaft into Lynn's sopping pussy, forcing the whole of his shaft into her. The guy who had just fucked Lynn's arse, started getting dressed and said -I'm off to get some sleep, that randy fucker will have us here all night other wise-. His mate just carried on licking her tits whilst Lynn wanked his prick.

    Chris began working his cock in and out of Lynn's sloppy cunt. Lynn threw her head back and moaned at the treatment her body was getting from them both. I remained on the Landing Carpet with my rock hard cock in my hand slowly rubbing the head, watching my slut wife take her third prick that evening. Just then the front door opened and Tony walked in and seeing Lynn on her knees with Chris fucking her from behind and his mate laid under her sucking her tits, whilst Lynn wanked his cock, began to get undressed.

    Lynn looked up at him and smiled has his hard prick reared up out of his boxer shorts. Lynn licked her lips and said, -Oh yes another hard cock, and black too, my first black cock-. Chris said -Shit I'm going to cum deep inside your cunt-. Lynn looked back at Chris and said, -Yes, go on. Give me your cream, shoot it up inside me, fuck me hard-. Chris tightened his arse cheeks as his balls emptied their seed deep inside Lynn's belly.

    Chris withdrew his prick, which was still hard and began rubbing it around Lynn's face. Tony moved in behind Lynn and teased her fanny with his cock head. From where I was laid it looked fucking big and hard. Lynn threw her head back and moaned deeply, has

    Tony pushed first the head and then slowly eased the shaft of his cock into Lynn's gaping cunt. Lynn said, -Oh fuck it feels fucking big, Christ it's in my womb-. Lynn moaned again has Tony eased all his cock into her. The guy licking her tits and nipples knelt at the other side of Lynn's head and began rubbing his cock around Lynn's face, both him and Chris where rolling her nipples between their fingers and mauling her tits.

    Lynn moved her head from side to side and licked their cocks alternately, whilst Tony began to pick up the pace as he fucked Lynn's cunt. I could hear the sloppy sounds her pussy made as his cock moved in and out of her fuck pit.

    Tony told Lynn to lay on her back, so she pulled her self off of Tony's cock and laid on her back. Tony grabbed her stocking clad legs and placed them over his shoulders and slowly drove his cock into her once again. Chris and the other guy were still knelt by her head , but now they were wanking their own pricks, aiming to shoot their cum on her face. Tony said to them, -Go on boys cum on her face, the slut loves it don't you-. Lynn replied with a loud deep moan, which made my cock, twitch and I shot my cum all over the carpet. It was the most erotic site I have ever seen. Lynn has fucked many men whilst I have managed to watch, but this was fucking down right slutish. I looked at my watch and it was 1.30 in the morning so I decided to crawl in to bed and wait for Lynn to bring her well used cunt to me, when she was finished. I had just got on the bed when I heard about 3 or 4 voices enter the room and one said, -So the sluts still going strong, any chance of a fuck-. Tony answered for her by saying -Come on in, she's taking all comers tonight, we're going to fuck her pussy till it can't hold any more spunk juice-.

    I eventually fell asleep to the sound of Lynn moaning in pleasure as they all took turns to fuck her pussy and her arse. I woke to see Lynn sucking my cock, I looked at the clock and it said 7.30. Lynn looked well fucked, her face and hair was covered in cum and her tits and thighs were covered in love bites as well has their cum. Lynn smiled and said, -Hi, guess what I've got-. I said, -what have you got-, Lynn said, -a cunt and arse full of their spunk, have a feel, it's flooding out of me-. I then said, -have they just left-. Lynn said, -yes the last one just left, after he fucked me again, you missed a great show, the guys were coming and going all night, at least 13 different cocks have been pushed deep into my slut cunt-. I felt her pussy, it was gaping wide and slack, cum was dribbling down her thighs on to her stocking tops, which were soaking in spunk.

    Lynn moved up the bed and straddling my thighs grabbed a hold of my prick and slowly sank down onto it, taking it all deep into her belly. Lynn leant forward and kissed me, the taste of spunk was strong on her breath as both our tongues met and twisted in a show of mutual eroticism. God it felt good to fuck her slut cunt.