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    Lynn fucks my mate in stockings and stilettos

    No doubt you are aware of Lynn's sexual escapades with other men. She loves to be fucked and loves the feel of a hard cock in her juicy pussy. Lynn has had many men and this is just one of those nights where she couldn't get enough!

    We have known Chris and Penny for some years and we have had some pretty raucous nights out with them and although Chris has flirted with Lynn on a number of occasions, nothing had ever come of it. However, this was all to change when Chris and Penny invited us to a night out at a private bar they were members of. The bar called 'Cookies' wasn't that large and only had 30 or 40 members, more a private drinking club in the cellar of a large building. The bar was tastefully decorated and lit in such a way as to be dark and not to bright.

    On the evening in question we were staying at Chris and Penny's place when we all decided to go to the bar. Lynn went to shower and change and I watched her dress and do her make-up in the bedroom having had her shower. Lynn always keeps her pussy shaved and tonight she had given it a trim. I watched as she put on her black seamed stockings and black suspender belt. She asked if she should wear her black matching lacy knickers. I told her if she was wearing her black lacy bra then she should wear her knickers (not a great lover of bra no knickers - all or nothing). Lynn said she would need to wear her bra, because her Black blouse was very sheer and very see-through and she wasn't sure it was appropriate for the venue without a bra.

    I must admit Lynn looked stunning. She was wearing a black mid-thigh length flared skirt, black sheer see-through blouse, and black seamed stockings and 3 inch patent leather shoes, along with her black lacy underwear. I wore a pair of smart chinos and open necked shirt, which Chris said would be ideal and in keeping with the dress code of No Jeans and T Shirts, smart casual. Chris and Penny joined us down stairs and Penny looked similarly stunning in a light summery dress and high heeled shoes and Chris in a pair of dark trousers and open necked shirt.

    We walked the short distance to the bar, which only took about 10 to 15 minutes, the ladies walked together in front whilst Chris and I followed on behind chatting about this and that, until Chris mentioned how lovely Lynn's legs looked in black seamed stockings and how he would love to touch the lacy band at the top of those. I just laughed and told him if he asked her he might get the chance. Lynn asked what we were laughing at and Chris said it was nothing in particular and not to worry. Chris then said it was a pity Lynn was wearing her lacy bra, because with the blouse she was wearing it would have a wonderful affect on any male who took the time to view her front had she been braless. Again we laughed as we walked along.

    +

    We arrived at the bar and descended the stairs down to the basement and allowed our eyes to adjust to the darkness lit only by candles and some very subdued lighting. Chris bought the first round as Lynn climbed onto and sat on a bar stool. Penny immediately went off and began chatting to a couple of guys sat at a table in the corner, eventually sitting with them. Chris took her drink over to her and spoke to the guys, whilst he was doing that Lynn asked why we had been laughing and I told her what Chris had said about how lovely her legs looked in her seamed stockings. Lynn smiled and said, she could have been wearing seamed tights, how did he know they were stockings, I just said he must have guessed, but a bloody good guess all the same. Lynn asked me what my reply was to him and I told her he would have to ask if he wanted to feel her lacy stocking tops. Lynn smiled and said if he asked she might let him. I also told her about his comments with regards her bra and how it spoils the view. She slapped me playfully on the arm and drank her drink.

    I bought her another glass of wine and asked if Chris and Penny needed a refill they both said yes and emptied their glasses. I bought the drinks and took them over to wear they were chatting to the other guys, I could see Penny had one of the guys hands on her left leg above her knee, but she wasn't complaining and Chris either didn't care or didn't realise. Chris came and joined us and we laughed and joked over a number of things. Lynn said to Chris that Penny seemed to be enjoying herself and Chris said she always does when Brian is in the bar, he keeps her entertained. Lynn then said, in which case I need to keep you entertained or you will get very bored doing nothing but drink. I watched as Lynn crossed her legs, which showed off just the merest hint of her lacy stocking top on her right thigh. Lynn looked at me and winked as she talked with Chris about this and that, but nothing in particular.

    I asked Chris about the pictures on the walls and he told me they were of some of the nights they had celebrated here in the Basement Bar. I excused myself and walked over to the far wall to look at some of the pictures. Some were very funny and some just a touch risque, I found one where Penny was sat on Brian's knee showing a vast expanse of thigh, but she must have been wearing tights at the time. Chris asked if I wanted a top up on my drink which I refused, having still got a full glass, but he bought one for Lynn and himself and carried on chatting with her, in fact they were getting on very well as they laughed and joked as they drank their drinks. I had noticed that Lynn had now crossed her legs the other way and Chris was paying some attention to her legs as he rested his hand on her knee.

    Penny asked Chris for a refill and he walked over to get her drink. As he did so, Lynn came over and stood by me and asked if I was okay, I told her I was and that I was just looking at the pictures on the wall. I asked her if she was okay and she said oh yes, Chris was being very attentive and was stroking her leg just above her knee. I said that's because he can see your stocking tops, Lynn giggled and said possibly, if he plays his cards right he might get to see more, I asked how much more and Lynn giggled and said that depends and walked back to her bar stool.

    I watched as she sat down, flashing her stocking tops to Chris, who smiled at her as she made herself comfy. I joined them as Chris replaced his hand on Lynn's knee. The barman put on some low music and went to fetch some more beers for the bar. I asked Chris if any others would be joining us and he said, maybe one or two but no more as they were all away at a game of rugby and weren't expected back till tomorrow. Three more guys came in and sat at a table over the other side having bought beers at the bar and said good evening. I watched as they noticed Lynn's stocking tops were showing and they nudged each other in recognition of the fact. Lynn said she needed go powder her nose and Chris directed her to the ladies rest room which was just down a corridor off the side of the bar area.

    Whilst she was gone Chris said, Lynn looks lovely and her stocking tops are very erotic, I told him she was a sod for flashing them, especially if she knows people are watching. We heard Penny laugh and one of the guys at her table came to the bar and bought them and us fresh drinks. Lynn returned and again climbed onto the barstool again showing just the hint of stocking tops. She asked where the drink had come from and acknowledged it by raising her glass to the guy who had bought them. Lynn said it looks like Penny is enjoying herself over there and Chris said she always did when Brian was in the bar he winked as he said it. I looked at Lynn and noticed she had undone a couple of buttons on her blouse so that her cleavage was clearly on display down to the top of her lacy black bra. Chris replaced his hand on her leg this time above her knee and took a drink of his drink I watched as Lynn crossed her legs and Chris kept his hand on her leg as she did so.

    I went to the Gents and when I returned Chris had his hand on Lynn's thigh and was slowly stroking his hand up and down as they talked. The Barman was also watching from his side of the bar and smiled at me when I returned. I ordered more drinks and took them over to Penny who now had her hand in Brian's lap. They thanked me for the drinks and carried on chatting amongst them. When I returned to the bar Chris wasn't there and Lynn said he had gone to the Gents. I said he's getting closer with his hand and Lynn giggled and said getting closer to what. I said whatever it is he's after. Lynn smiled and said hmmm maybe he is. She smiled at me as she drank her drink and moved the hem of her skirt up her thighs to give me a lovely view of her stocking tops and smooth thighs.

    Chris returned just in time to catch a glimpse and said don't cover them up on my behalf, Lynn smiled and said okay I won't. Brian then shouted across that they were all going upstairs to the TV lounge to watch the rugby game. The barman asked Chris if he would watch the bar for him so he could go watch the game and Chris said it would be no problem, which left just the three of us and the three guys sat at the other table at the far end of the bar. I watched as Chris put his hand back on Lynn's upper thigh at the point where the lacy tops of her stockings began. Lynn smiled at him and asked him if he was enjoying himself, Chris said it was okay, but it was a shame she was wearing her bra, had she not then the view would have been a whole lot better. Lynn called him a cheeky bugger and drank some of her drink and then replaced the glass back on the bar.

    Lynn asked Chris if she could have a glass of white wine next and he said he would go and get her one. Chris went behind the bar and began pouring Lynn a glass of wine and as he did so, Lynn slid off her bar stool dragging her skirt right up, almost to the top of her thighs. One of the guys sat at the table shouted nice thighs sweetheart and Lynn blew him a kiss as she walked out to the Ladies loo, her high heels clicking on the floor as she walked. Chris finished pouring her drink and then served one of the guys from the table; he then placed three drinks on a tray and said he was taking them up to the TV lounge for Penny, Brian and the other guy. Lynn returned from the Ladies and as she rounded the corner from the corridor, it was obvious she had removed her bra and you could clearly see her breasts through her see-through blouse. I noticed the guys on the far table nudging each other as she walked in, she looked stunning.

    Lynn sat back down on the bar stool again showing rather to much stocking top and bare thigh, she asked me if it looked okay without her bra on, I said it looked fucking amazing, but was surprised she had taken her bra off. Lynn said that Chris had wanted her to, so she had decided to remove it, so he could have a look at her tits. Chris came back down stairs with the drinks tray, but still had Penny and Brian's drinks on it. Lynn asked why they had refused their drinks and Chris said the guys in the TV lounge had said Penny and Brian had gone back to Brian's room because the reception in the TV lounge was bad. Lynn looked at me and smiled as she gave me a knowing wink. Chris then realised Lynn had removed her bra and smiled at her as he said she looked a lot better now she'd removed her bra and that her tits looked stunning under her see-though blouse. Lynn thanked Chris for the compliment and re-crossed her legs so we both had a bloody good look at her stocking tops and bare thighs.

    Chris suggested as Penny was no longer with them and the fact it was quiet in the bar, even though we'd been there over two hours, did we want to go back their place where we could relax and carry on drinking. Lynn said it sounded like a good idea and we all finished our drinks and having said good night to the guys in the corner, left the bar. We walked back to Chris's place with Lynn arm-in-arm between the pair of us. As we walked Lynn said to us, did you see the look on their faces at the table when they realised I'd taken my bra off, bless them. We all laughed and eventually entered the house. Chris went to get some drinks and Lynn asked if she could put some music on, which Chris agreed to. Lynn put on some music, turned down low and said to me to sit in the chair and relax, because you look tired. I told her I wasn't, but she winked at me and told me I was, so I sat in the chair, whilst she got comfy on the settee.

    Chris brought the drinks in and put them down on the coffee table in the centre of the floor and sat on the settee next to Lynn. Lynn then crossed her legs allowing her skirt to slide up her thighs so her bare thighs were clearly visible, I also noticed Lynn had undone two more buttons on her blouse so that her blouse was almost undone to the bottom of her breasts. When she leant forward to get her drink, I had a clear view of the side of her left tit so Chris must have had a clear view of her right tit. Lynn sat back and began drinking her wine as Chris placed his right hand on the top of her left leg which was crossed over her right one. I watched as he began caressing her leg from her knee to her bare thigh, each time pushing her skirt just a touch higher.

    All the time this was happening we chatted about this and that, until Lynn asked Chris if Penny would be okay with us leaving the bar and not waiting for her. Chris said she would be fine and we probably wouldn't see her know until the morning. Lynn sipped her drink and looking at me winked and smiled a wicked smile. Chris continued to caress Lynn's thighs and Lynn told him it felt good him rubbing her thighs like he was. Chris smiled and said, he wasn't sure how far or how high he could go and Lynn told him, he'd know if he went too far, at which point they both laughed. Lynn then turned her head towards me and said I looked very tired and why didn't I go to bed and the long drive was obviously taking its toll, she winked at me as she said it. I said it was probably a good idea and finishing my drink, stood up and apologised to Chris for retiring early (1030pm). Chris said he understood and said they wouldn't be long no doubt. I went to give Lynn a kiss and she said I'll come and tuck you in shortly, I said okay and went upstairs to our bedroom.

    I heard Lynn and Chris chatting for a couple of minutes and then heard the serving hatch open and then Lynn walking up the stairs. She entered our bedroom and bent over and kissed me. I ran my hand up the back of her legs until I reached her bare thighs, I then asked her what she had in mind. Lynn looked at me and said she fancied a little adult fun and the feeling of something hard and meaty inside her and did I mind. I told I didn't mind and she said okay, I will go back down stairs and see what happens. I rubbed my hand along the crutch of her panties which were hot and damp. Lynn said should I take them off or leave them on, I told her to leave them on, having removed her bra earlier, can't go making it that easy for him, Lynn smiled and said okay, see you later and by the way, I've opened the Serving Hatch, because I'm not sure if he will want me in bed or down stairs, I said he may not want you at all, at which she told me to fuck off, he won't stand a chance. She then blew me a kiss and walked out of the room, wriggling her backside seductively as she did so.

    As Lynn walked down the stairs I heard her tell Chris to pour them both a glass of wine, she then entered the sitting room and I heard the door close to, but not shut. I undressed down to my boxer shorts and sat at the top of the stairs, I could hear them talking and could make out some of the conversation but not all of it. After about 10 minutes or so, it went quiet and it was obvious they were no longer chatting and I moved to the bottom of the stairs and saw the serving hatch was still open from the kitchen to the sitting room. As I moved to the kitchen I could hear Lynn moan slightly and looking through the hatch they were French kissing and Chris had Lynn's blouse undone and was massaging her right breast, as Lynn was sat with her legs crossed in his direction, I could clearly see the tops of her bare thighs as she sat kissing him.

    I watched as Chris caressed her right tit and rolled her hard nipple between his fingers. Lynn moved her right hand over him and it was obvious she was rubbing his hard cock through his trousers. Lynn then uncrossed her legs and I watched as Chris lowered his hand to her stocking covered thighs and began caressing her thighs pushing her skirt higher each time until her skirt was up around her waist and I could see her lacy black panties. Lynn slowly opened her thighs for Chris and I watched as his hand delved further up her thighs until he was at the top and he began moving his hand round so he was caressing her inner thigh and probably her knickers at the same time. Lynn seemed to be moving her right arm and hand around and then I realised she was trying to undo his belt and trousers, eventually, her movements settled down and it was obvious she was massaging the whole length of his cock.

    Lynn opened her legs even wider and I heard her moan as Chris rubbed her pussy through her knickers. I then watched has Chris pulled the crotch of her knickers to one side and began pushing two fingers deep inside her, making Lynn lift her backside off the settee in order to get Chris's fingers even deeper inside her juicy cunt. Chris then leant over and began sucking her right nipple which was rock hard as he forced yet another finger into her. Chris stopped sucking her tits and said he thought her cunt was so juicy and hot and he was looking forward to easing his hard cock into her. I heard Lynn say, she couldn't wait to feel his big hard prick easing into her juicy hot pussy and fill her full of his spunk and that she had been wanting this all night. She then moaned out loud as Chris forced more of his hand up inside her. Chris told her not to make to much noise in case it woke me, but Lynn just told him not to worry about me, I was probably fast asleep or massaging a hard-on myself.

    Lynn wasn't far wrong as I stood watching and listening to them whilst caressing my cock which was now outside my boxer shorts and getting plenty of attention from my right hand. I could hear Lynn's pussy squelching has Chris used three fingers to ream her cunt, whilst she was urgently wanking his cock, they were both moaning in sheer lust as they pleasured each other. I then watched as Lynn slid off the settee and moved between Chris's legs, she glanced my way and smiled slightly to me as her head moved forward and out of sight as she obviously began sucking Chris's hard prick. Chris told her it felt good and that she was a cock sucking whore. Lynn stopped what she was doing and sat back and looking at him told him she wouldn't be doing what she was doing if she wasn't and then moved forward to carry on sucking his prick. As she began sucking his cock again, Lynn reached down and began pulling her knickers down her legs until they were off completely, once off she scrunched them in to a ball and tossed them through the serving hatch to me. I caught them and wrapped them around my throbbing cock, it felt heavenly as I slowly wanked myself watching my slut wife sucking a mates hard cock.

    Lynn sat back again and as she did so I saw her blouse was now fully open and her tits were hanging out on display, her nipples hard and red where Chris had obviously been tweaking them as Lynn took his hard prick in her mouth. Lynn smiled at Chris and said come and fuck me now, I want to feel your hard cock throbbing inside me, come and fuck me till you shoot your hot come deep into my slutty cunt. Lynn turned over so she was kneeling down side on to me and I watched as Chris knelt behind her, lifted her skirt over her hips, so her arse and pussy were clearly on display, rubbed the head of his hard prick up and down her pussy slowly a couple of times then eased the head of his cock inside my wife's cunt. Lynn moaned as Chris eased his cock into her, she turned her head towards him and said that feels fucking lovely, is this what Penny's getting from Brian tonight and Chris said probably, they seem to fuck most weekends. Lynn asked if Brian's cock was a big as his, because if it was she may need to meet with Brian for a fucking session. I must admit Chris's cock was a good two inches if not three longer than mine, which is 7 inches long, but Chris's cock was fat and had a huge bell-end.

    Chris told her that Brian's prick wasn't quite as long but just as fat, Lynn just licked her lips and said mmmmm, I might need to try that, now fuck me and fuck me hard please. Chris began to ease his cock out of Lynn's cunt and then rammed it back into her, making her moan in delight, Lynn said it felt fucking awesome and to keep going. I was now giving my own prick some serious attention and was close to coming in to Lynn's lacy black knickers, but I held off, wanting to coat the inside of her panties with my come, so she would have a sticky pair of knickers to put on when she came out to the kitchen. Chris began to build up a steady rhythm stroking his cock in and out of my wife's cunt, has he did so, he asked Lynn if I would go mad if I found out she was down stairs half naked having sucked his cock and was now on her hands and knees taking his rock hard cock inside her.

    Lynn turned to look at Chris and told him I already knew she was down stairs being fucked by him, why did he think she followed me upstairs, it was so she could tell me she was going to try and get you to fuck me. Chris carried on ramming his hard cock in and out of my wife and then asked her if she did this often. Lynn said she loved to be fucked and really loved the feeling of a guy laid between her thighs with a hard cock buried deep inside her fanny. Chris then said she hadn't answered the question and again asked her if she fucked other guys often. Lynn said she fucked guys she liked and who she thought had, or knew they had, big hard cocks and could screw her properly and yes she fucked guys often when the mood took her, like now. Chris began to speed up his strokes a little and Lynn moaned out loud and the sheer pleasure she was receiving taking Chris's cock deep inside her. She began urging Chris on telling him to fuck her harder and to ram his cock deep in to her and to shoot his hot spunk deep inside her cunt.

    I watched as Chris slammed his cock in to her and Lynn's tits swung backwards and forwards as Chris forced his prick deeper and deeper with each thrust, Lynn was now moaning constantly and urging him on to fuck her slut-cunt and Chris said he was going to come his spunk inside her. Lynn told him to do so and to fill her pussy full of his hot spunk and that she needed to feel his sperm hot inside her. Chris gripped her hips and forced his rock hard cock in to my wife and I watched as his arse cheeks clenched as he shot his load deep into her, at the same time I shot my spunk filling the crotch of Lynn's knickers with my sticky load. I wiped my bell-end and placed the knickers on the side for her to pick up later as I watched Chris slowly ease his cock, which was still big and hard from my wife's cunt. Some of his sperm ran out of her cunt and down her thighs as she slumped forward with her legs open and her delightful pussy still on display. Lynn looked at Chris and asked him for more, telling him she needed his cock back inside her, fucking her to another orgasm.

    Chris said he would pour some more drinks first, but Lynn told him to sit there and she would come and get the wine from the kitchen. Lynn stood up and straightened her stockings and walked through to the kitchen, she smiled at me and took a hold of my cock and gave it a squeeze as she called to Chris that she needed more and he better be able to perform, Chris said he could fuck her all night if she wanted. Lynn looked at me as if to ask for permission, I just pushed my hand up her skirt to feel her hot wet wide open cunt and whispered your choice. Lynn called back to Chris saying she was hoping he would say that. Lynn grabbed the wine bottle and squeezing my cock went back into the sitting room and poured two glasses of wine.

    Chris had moved and was now sat on the floor with his back to the settee, I could just see from his cock all along his legs. His prick was still hard and Lynn walked in the room, picked up the glasses and handed them to Chris, who took them from her. I then watched as my wife straddled his legs and raising her skirt sat down on his thighs guiding Chris's cock back up her fanny. Chris told her she was a true slut and was she expecting him to fuck her all night, Lynn said she wasn't so much a slut as a nymphomaniac who needed plenty of cock inside her as she moved her pelvis around until she had Chris's cock exactly where she wanted it. Lynn then poured the wine and taking a drink told Chris to squeeze her tits and nipples so they were hard. I watched as with both hands Chris took a hold of her tits and squeezed them making my darling wife moan as he did so.

    Chris leant forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked it hard, Lynn looked my way and smiling at me winked as she said I need you between my thighs, I want to feel your cock deep in my pussy again, I want you to fuck me until I can't take any more cock. Chris looked up at her and said maybe we should have invited a couple more guys back for a gangbang and Lynn laughed and said it's too late for that now, maybe next time, Lynn smiled at Chris and said just fuck me good and hard, so that when I go to bed my pussy will be well and truly fucked and full of your spunk. Chris asked her if she intended waking me to fuck once they had finished and Lynn told him it depended on how well he fucked her as to whether or not she woke me for another good fucking. Chris then took her glass from her and placing them on the floor told her to lie down so he could give her some more hard cock.

    Lynn stood up and as she did so, I saw Chris's prick slip from her cunt. She laid on the floor with her pussy pointing in my direction and raising her skirt up to her waist opened her legs and thighs so her wide open pussy lips were in full view. Chris stood up and then immediately lay in between Lynn's thighs and I watched as she took a hold of his cock and guided it straight into her waiting hole. Lynn moaned out loud as his cock plunged back into her cunt and I watched with my own cock now hard again as my mate began to ease his big hard cock in and out of my wife's cunt one more time. Chris asked her if she had taken lots of cocks up her pussy and Lynn said she'd had a few inside her, but the best one was the one that was fucking her at the time, she really did enjoy the feel of a prick inside her. Chris began fucking her and Lynn asked Chris if he minded Brian fucking Penny and Chris said it wasn't ideal, but tonight he didn't care because he got to fuck her and was enjoying it so much. Lynn asked Chris if Penny fucked many guys and Chris said she only fucked with Brian, although some guys had tried, but penny wasn't happy with the arrangement. Chris then asked Lynn if I minded her being a slut and taking lots of cock. Lynn told him I didn't so long as he got to fuck her when she had finished.

    Chris then began to fuck Lynn in earnest and I watched as his arse raised and lowered as his cock plunged in and out of my wife's well used cunt. They were both moaning and French kissing each other as Lynn wrapped her stocking clad legs around Chris's back to get his cock deeper in. Chris began to speed up again and told Lynn he was going to come, Lynn told him to shoot his spunk deep into her again, so she could feel it splash against the walls of her pussy and Chris clenched his ass cheeks one more time as he shot even more spunk into my wife's pussy and I watched as her cunt lips stretched around his cock held it all in.

    I heard Chris mutter something to Lynn and I saw her wave her hand at me, so moved upstairs to our bedroom and pushed the door to. I heard Chris coming up stairs followed by Lynn who said, whilst you're in the bathroom, I'll check on Gary and she walked in to the bedroom with a huge smile on her face. She came over to the bed and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth as I ran my hand over her hot, wet, sticky wide pussy lips. Lynn whispered was I okay and could she go back down stairs and fuck again. I told her I was happy for her to go back and take some more cock if she wanted it and Lynn replied by saying Oh she wanted it alright. Lynn then stood up and smiling left the room and walked back down stairs. Chris asked her if I was okay and she told him I was asleep. Chris said how anyone could sleep, when there's a chance your wife is down stairs being fucked by someone else. Lynn said don't worry about him, just fuck me again until we are both fucked and can do no more.

    I listened at the top of the stairs as Lynn moaned out loud and said for Chris to get some more inside her and to finger her pussy hard until she came. Chris called her a fucking big slut and told her he was going to fuck her until she begged him to stop. I walked back down to the serving hatch as Lynn moaned out loud for Chris to really finger her cunt deep. Chris told her to suck his cock again while he fingered her and I could see my slutty wife take Chris's cock in her mouth and suck him in. Chris told her he was going to come in her mouth this time and shoot his load down her throat and I watched as my wife moaned again and began to wank Chris's cock as she sucked it for him and Chris reamed her cunt with four fingers. Lynn was really giving Chris's cock a good working with her lips and hand whilst he fingered her pussy really deep. Chris then said he was going to shoot his come into her and Lynn just looked at him and carried on sucking his cock as I watched it lurch has he fired his hot spunk into my wife's mouth. Lynn swallowed it all and eventually let his bell-end slip from her lips and then said now fuck me again.

    Chris got between her open thighs again and I watched has first his bell-end then the shaft of his hard cock disappeared inside my wife's eager cunt. Lynn moaned as his cock sunk deeper into her pussy and she urged him on to fuck her hard. Chris said he was going to fire his come all over her tits this time and Lynn said oh yes please shoot lots of your come on to my tits and nipples. Chris began pumping his cock into my slut wife and I watched as her pussy lips stretched around his cock shaft, making a slurping noise as he drove his prick in and out of her. I was still wanking my cock and eventually I shot my second load of spunk into her knickers, which I placed back on the kitchen surface for her to find and wear later. I saw Lynn looking my way and I smiled at her and waved goodnight and she waved back as she moaned and asked Chris to really pump her full of his hard cock. I walked quietly back up stairs and laid on our bed it was now gone 1am and I'm sure they weren't finishing anytime soon.

    I woke up with the feeling someone was in the room and through the light could see Penny stood there looking totally dishevelled and well and truly fucked, she then walked into her bedroom and closed the door. I glanced at the clock and it was nearly 4 am and no sign of Lynn. After about 15 to 20 minutes Lynn came walking into our bedroom and closed the door. She asked if I was awake and I said yes, just and then turned on the small bedside light to see Lynn stood there in her open blouse, stockings and suspenders with her knickers on and her skirt in her hand. She said who's been a naughty boy these panties were all wet and sticky when I went to put them on. I said I bet they're wetter and stickier now you've got them on. Lynn smiled and said you wouldn't know how wet and sticky, boy can that Chris fuck. Lynn moved over to my side of the bed and I reached out and placed my hand on her pussy, it was red hot and her knickers were soaked, I also noticed she had spunk all over her tits and I said to her I see Chris fired his come on your tits then. Lynn smiled and said yes, lots of come, I don't know where it all came from, he came so much of it.

    Lynn then asked if Penny had come into the bedroom and I told her yes and asked why. Lynn said they heard her come in the front door and she said good night Chris, good night Lynn and then just came straight up stairs, which is why Chris decided to call it a night. As she spoke, Lynn lowered her tits to my face so I could suck her nipple and she took a hold of my cock which was now very hard. Lynn began to wank my cock and asked if I fancied fucking a well fucked cunt full of another man's spunk. I said why, did she want me to go and fuck Penny, Lynn smiled and eased her knickers down and said, no I want you to lick my pussy and then fuck me hard.

    Lynn climbed on to the bed and straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth, my tongue licked her pussy lips which were very puffy from the fucking they'd just had. Lynn said that Chris had fucked her another four times after I left them and each time he shot loads of come into and onto her. Lynn reached round and took a hold of my cock again and began wanking me, her hand felt good around my cock as she slowly massaged my shaft and cock head as I licked her pussy. Lynn looked down and said is that good, do you like licking my cunt when it's been fucked good and hard, I could only agree with her as I lapped my tongue deep in the folds of her juicy cunt. Eventually Lynn lifted herself up off my face and moved down and sank my cock into her hot cunt, she then leant forward and began forcing her tongue into my mouth as we began to fuck. Lynn told me how Chris had fucked her from behind, he took her bent over the table and then again whilst laid on the table with her legs on his shoulders as he pulled and tugged her tits and nipples as she moaned to an orgasm.

    Lynn said Chris kept calling her a dirty slut and a cock hungry whore, which only made her want more cock, she said that Chris was going to introduce her to Brian, when Penny was away, so they could both fuck her. I asked her if she'd like that and Lynn looked into my eyes and said what you think, two hard cocks in my pussy all night, too right. I then came inside her pussy adding to the amount already up there and we drifted off to sleep.