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    My Sister Bride before the wedding night.

    It was the night before my sister Allison's wedding. My sister is 22, and I am 25, and I was her bridesmaid. We went out, got a little loose, watched some male strippers, I was amused by the reaction of my sister, her eyes getting very wide when she saw the stripper's cocks on display. That made me hot, they were all very well endowed, and I ached to get those beauties in my cunt, my ass and my mouth.

    Back at my apartment, we talked and giggled, and I hoped that we would go to bed soon. My cunt was horny and throbbing, I needed to hop into my bed, and rub my horny cunt wildly, I needed an orgasm, and soon.

    Just after midnight, we went to bed. My sister Allison shucked off her T shirt and jeans, while I quickly shed my clothes. I found myself trembling with excitement, my turned on state, and being totally nude with my sister, started my pussy aching. I took a long, lingering look at Allison's body, as she pulled off her bra. Seeing Allison almost naked, save for her tight panties, made my pussy flutter. Being bisexual, I was most certainly turned on by the sight of a nude, beautiful female, it made no difference to me that she was my sister. I was looking at Allison from behind, and the sexy curve of my sister's ass cheeks, almost completely visible through the thin, gauzy rear of her panties, took my breath away. Then, Allison slipped down her panties, and I saw her naked ass. The knowledge that she herself was now completely naked, gave my horny pussy another erotic jolt. I filled my eyes with the sexy sight of my sister's nude form, her back curving down to her sexy naked rump, before she turned around, and smiled at me.
    - Would you mind if I slept in the nude?, - Allison asked, -I started sleeping nude a decade ago, and it feels so much better that anything else.
    I quickly replied, - No, not at all.

    +

    Allison smiled, and climbed into bed. I figured why not, and joined her, equally nude. In bed, we were both restless, for different reasons, I thought. Allison suddenly blurted out,
    - Joni, did you know I'm still a virgin? - That was a surprise.
    - I thought I wouldn't be, but no such luck. Now I'm wondering how romantic the wedding night will be, if he's big, if it'll hurt like hell, if I'll bleed all over the place.
    Then, she said,
    - Joni, you're my big sister, and you've always done good things for me. I trust you completely, and I want to ask you - she paused, then plunged on, - Can you take my virginity, right now?

    My pussy was a soaking mess, and I said, - Allison, I would love to be your first. Can you wait for a bit, I'm so horny, and my pussy is soaked, I need to masturbate, I can't wait any longer!

    As I lay back, and spread my legs wide, Allison gently held my hand back. Smiling at me, she whispered in my ear,
    - Let me do that for you. You know what they say, who can stroke you as good as yourself, but another female.

    I lay back in the darkness, my heart hammering, as I felt my sister's fingers caressing me. Her fingertips grazed my belly in a sensuous caress. I could feel my nipples standing out hard and erect, the areolae reddened and needing her touch. She swung into position, kneeling over me, and she reached up with both hands and cupped my breasts, her fingers stroking and tweaking my hard, aching nipples, sending pulses of pleasure to my hot center. The feel of her hands and fingers stroking and fondling my tits, my body and mind responding fully, set me on fire with lust. She repositioned herself, so her hands could wander lower, her fingertips ran over my thighs, my hips and belly. My sex was aching for release, drenched with the slickness of my juices, my scent reaching my nostrils and turning me on more. I gasped and writhed on the bed, her hands roaming urgently over my body. She caressed my hips and buttocks, down the crease between my cheeks, fingering and rubbing the skin between my tight asshole and my twitching cunt, she ran her fingers down, stroking my tightly puckered asshole, running her fingertips around and around the rim, feeling it twitching with desire. She quickly put her finger into her mouth to lubricate it, then slipping the tip of my finger up my ass, she slid the rest of her finger up my tight asshole. I grunted with pleasure, I was reaching the boiling point, I could feel the pressure build, my body was virtually throbbing.

    She then ran her palms along the quivering inside of my thighs, then up over my aching core, caressing my belly, my navel, up my chest to my breasts, fondling my body.

    Her fingers slid down to my aching sex, she shoved two fingers up my fiery tunnel, and stroked at my throbbing clit, which was rock hard and erect. It took all of 20 seconds, and my hips began thrusting up and down. The waves of orgasm came quickly, wonderfully and uncontrollably. I reached down and held her hand tighly to my sex, smothering it in my ecstasy. Closing my legs around her hand tightly and rolling over on my side, I shivered in blissful fulfillment as the climax shook through my body.

    Coming down from my orgasmic peak, I could see my sister's eyes wide with desire, and I growled lovingly at her to lie back, and let me take care of her.

    I hopped out of bed, and reaching into my drawer, I took out my 8 inch dildo and harness. Being bisexual, I've had a few encounters with beautiful ladies, and this would take care of my sister's virginity. I quickly pulled on the harness, it was very much like a thong bikini bottom, and fitted the dildo in. Turning back to the bed, I could see my sister spead eagled on the bed, her thighs spread wide for me, her eyes wide, thinking about the stuffing she would soon feel. The idea that I was going to fuck my sister, and claim her virginity, made me red hot.

    Climbing back into bed, she urged me on to fuck her. Seeing her nipples, swollen and throbbing, and her tight, virgin cleft, glistening with her juices, told me she was more than ready. I got into position between my sister's spread thighs, and placed the dildo against her tight opening.

    - Allison, I'm going to start opening you up. If it gets too painful to bear, tell me to stop, - I whispered to her.

    At her nod, I pushed slowly, and the head of the dildo slipped inside. I felt her hips tilt up to meet mine as I entered her, I could feel her hands firmly gripping my ass cheeks, pushing down on me so that I wouldn't pull back when I met the resistance of my sister's virgin membrane. I could feel the dildo come up against the obstruction. I pushed, and pushed a little harder, and suddenly, she fliched and gasped as her cherry popped.

    As I paused, she whipered, - Keep going, don't stop, fill me up, complete it, take my virginity!

    I did as she asked, giving her a slow, gentle reaming, sliding the entire length deep inside her tight, no longer virgin tunnel. Allison let out a moan of pure pleasure, and whispered,
    - Oh yes, oh yes, that feels so good. Keep sliding that hard stiffness into me, my loving sister, open me up with that hard dildo, give me the loving fuck that I've been dreaming of.

    I pulled back, and slowly slid in, again and again, giving it to her slowly, giving her the loving fuck she had been wanting. Her gasps, grunts and moans of pleasure really turned me on, and I reveled in the knowledge that I was the one to pop her cherry. Claiming her virginity was a very heady feeling, and I continued to give her a slow, gentle, loving reaming. Her gasps of pleasure told me that she was getting close, suddenly, her legs wrapped around my waist, shaking, pulling me in as tight as possible.

    Raggedly, she cried out, - I'm cumming, oh my god, yes!

    She let out a howl of pleasure, her body wrapped around mine, shaking and shuddering wildly, as her first orgasm through fucking roared through her body. She held me close to her as the orgasm spent its force inside her.

    The next day, Allison was a jumble of wedding day jitters. At the church, in the private dressing room, I decided to take action to calm her jitters. I locked the door, and I stripped her down, until she was just wearing her virginal white wedding lacy bra, garter belt and stockings, and bent her over a table. I had brought my dildo with me, and quickly strapping it around me, I got behind my sister, and placed it against her entrance. I slid it in, slowly, listening to her drawn out sigh of pleasure as I slid in right to the hilt. I pulled back, and gripping her hips tightly, I gave her a pre-wedding doggy style fucking, as I slid it in again and again, filled with naughty feelings racing through me as I fucked my sister just before the wedding ceremony, while she was wearing her virginal white undies. I drove it in, again and again, plowing my sister's not so virginal furrow, my fingers stroking at her twitching clit, until she came wildly, her cunt tightening around my dildo, doing her best to muffle her howls of pleasure.