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    Debbie's adventure in stockings

    It was almost two weeks ago that Debbie had allowed herself to be fucked under the green canopy of Epping Forest; although every night she tried to relive the thrills she found it was never quite the same. So with a sense of rising apprehension she had bathed; shaved her cunt and dressed according to Dave's instructions. She had thought him mean to tell her that she was going to enjoy this Friday night but did not tell her where they were going or what was going to happen. Debbie did not realise that the effect of keeping her wondering what was in store was adding to the overall excitement.

    Dave had said he was going to pick her up at 6.30 pm and she was to be ready and waiting or else! She was now getting used to his ways and she knew that to disobey him when he said something in that way and manner would result in her getting a bare arsed spanking; which she rather enjoyed from time to time. Debbie had arrived home from work at her usual 4.30 pm and instead of doing her usual Friday evening of shopping she jumped straight into getting ready for what she perceived as her big night. She knew Dave was coaching her along the road to different sexual experiences and she loved him for his patience and out of the norm sexual ideas.

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    Taking a long soaking bath she even managed to shave her cunt whilst relaxing in the bath but only thought about the floating hairs when it came to emptying the bath. She cursed under her breath when she found it hard to get them to go down the plug hole but eventually using a disposable wipe she had managed to collect them all and flushed them away down the loo. Now she walked naked across the hallway and into her bedroom; only to be shocked to find her 18 year old daughter sitting on the edge of the bed.

    Mum, can we talk? Sally asked rather embarrassed to see her mother naked; she could not take her eyes of her own mother's shaved and clearly aroused cunt; even when she finally managed to drag her eyes up towards her mother's face; she almost gulped as her eyes roamed over her own mother's tits. Grabbing a bath towel Debbie managed to cover up before answering; Yes honey we will always find time to talk if you want to!

    Mum, it's sort of personal and a bit embarrassing but Geoff wants me to go to a nudist colony with him for a long weekend; but I am not sure I could walk around naked in front of strangers! She coyly said.

    Nonsense my girl; her mother snapped; you have a wonderful body and should never be afraid to display it; and just imagine all those hard cocks you would cause know they were caused by them wanting your body? She added almost regretting saying it as soon as the words had left her lips. Sally smiled knowing what her mother meant but a little taken aback that she would actually say it out loud to her own daughter.

    Sally put this down to Dave's influence; she had noticed little things over the two years Dave had been on the scene; things like her mother's skirts getting perilously close to being obscene and the fact that her own mother clearly wore stockings and suspenders and was not afraid to occasionally flash the stocking tops. Without thinking Sally suddenly stood up and wrapped her mother in her arms; before saying in a hushed whisper that I love you Mum you're a mother in a million! Debbie suddenly felt a tingle in her cunt as her own daughter's similarly sized breasts crushed against her own; she shook her head to free her dirty mind from the situation and kissed her daughter on the forehead before excusing herself as having to be ready for when Dave arrived.

    As per Dave's instructions she wore a wrap around skirt and suspenders and stocking but no panties; he had told her to wear the minimalistic bra that supported her 40DD breasts without hiding them and to finish it off she was to wear a boob tube which left her mid-rift bare. God, she thought I am ready now and still an hour to go before Dave get's here; she toyed with the idea of having a strong drink; but decided not to as Dave would probably smell the alcohol on her breath. She wandered over to Sally's bedroom and without waiting or knocking she entered and Wow she wished she hadn't; for laid naked on her daughter's bed was her new boyfriend Geoff and it was clear what he was waiting for; his hard stiff cock was too much for him to hide in his two hands and Debbie found herself thinking what a lucky girl Sally was if she was getting the full length of that inside her.

    Apologising Debbie excused herself and walked rather shakily back to her own room; only to be shortly joined by her daughter; Sally who apologised to her mother but added we were going to have a night in knowing you were going out; Debbie simply smiled and said you go and enjoy yourself but be careful after an unwanted baby is still an unwanted baby. Sally then shocked her mother by saying Oh yes mum; but I am on the pill and we still use condoms anyway. A sudden image of Geoff's monster cock clad in the rubber condom and spurting its load into the teat of the thing shot through Debbie's mind and she could not help but smile. Sally recognised that smile as being a crafty leer and walked away after muttering dirty minded bitch and adding a long laugh after she said it.

    Sitting in her living room, Debbie could not help but let her mind wander as the time seemed to be dragging so slowly; she saw in her mind's eye her daughter riding her boyfriends cock and cumming like a whore as it pumped load after load of spunk into her. Her daughter was right she thought I am a dirty minded bitch but who would not think of taking such a prized possession of that cock.

    Lost in a semi world of sexual fantasy and curiosity Debbie did not realise her cunt was on fire just at the thought of her daughter taking that monster cock up her cunt; even worse Debbie began to imagine her herself taking it up her but up her arse instead of her cunt and she found herself panting on the edge of a climax at the exciting thought of taking such a fuck stick up her tight arse; she always loved anal as much as vaginal sex but never dared to tell anyone close to her.

    Finally the front door bell rang and broke her train of sexual thoughts; She rose and walked rather unsteadily to the front door and opened it just enough to peep around the edge to see who it was. Suddenly the door was pushed open by Dave almost knocking Debbie off her feet but he told her that she must always open the door fully to flash herself off to whoever it may be standing there or passing by on the street only yards away.

    No sooner had she closed the door; Dave pushed his hand up between her legs and almost choked back a cough as he swore that her cunt was already flowing like a river. As much as she loved and trusted Dave she simply could not tell him the reason for her high state of arousal; after all it had begun with improper thoughts about her own daughter. Dave turned and looked around before enquiring if they were alone and trying desperately to keep her voice steady and level she informed him that Sally was upstairs with company.

    Ordering Debbie to grab a short coat he had the door open and was waiting for her to step through it. Dave deliberately walked slowly with his arm around Debbie's waist occasionally dropping his hand down on to her bounced arse cheeks and when he did this he always managed to raise her short skirt for a brief second or so to flash her naked butt cheeks. Debbie found herself floating of an invisible cloud of pure lust and I swear she would have fucked him there and then in the middle of the very road she lived on. Several times she tried to find out where they were going but each time Dave refused to tell her. As they turned the corner at the end of her street he hailed a passing black cab and opened the door for Debbie to get in; as she did so he made sure that the taxi driver got to see that she was not wearing panties and that her cunt was shaven. Sitting with his back to the driver and directly in front of Debbie he ordered her to open her legs a little wider and then a little wider still. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the taxi driver alter the interior mirror and assumed it allowed him to see more clearly his female passenger in the back.

    Dave now played his master card telling Debbie to raise the skirt to her waist as he wanted to see how well she had shaved her cunt; Dave knew the Cabbie would not miss the trick and would see Debbie almost naked from the waist down apart from her stockings that is. All too soon the cab arrived at their destination and As they climbed out Dave went to the driver's side to pay and the Cabbie almost whispered that he was a lucky so and so to be bedding a woman like that. Dave called Debbie over and in front of the cabbie he repeated what the cabbie had said and then added; for such a compliment as that I think you should at least allow the cabbie to test the smoothness of your cunt, don't you!

    Debbie simply nodded and stepped up close to the cabbie's door which by now was open and without any words being spoken the cabbie slowly slid his hand up the smooth thigh of Debbie until his fingers found her clitoris and he smiled and he said like porcelain guv'nor. With that the cab was gone and Debbie and Dave stood in a well lit street surrounded by a number of sex shops, taking her hand he led her to one in particular and walking her inside he purchased two tickets and obtained some loose change as they headed towards the back of the shop.

    Poor Debbie was like a child in a candy store; she did not know which way to look first; she wanted so much to go browse some of the strange looking but clearly sexual toys on display; but it seems that Dave had other ideas. Stepping out of the main shop area he walked her slowly down a corridor with doors every four or five feet on both sides. Stopping outside one of the middle ones he opened the door and led her inside; Debbie was a bit disappointed as she quickly scanned the room there was a coin operated TV in the corner and a poor excuse for a bench against the opposite wall. Dave dropped two coins into the slot and the TV came to life; Dave immediately change the channel to one he wanted before stepping out of Debbie's line of sight.

    The TV was now showing a woman on her knees and suddenly a stiff black cock seemed to sprout from the wall and point wickedly at the woman; who wasted no time in engulfing it with her mouth. On and on she sucked as if her life depended on getting something from the unknown man's cock and as she did so her hand was playing inside her panties. Out of the corner of her eye Debbie saw something suddenly appear on the side wall; she nudged Dave who smiled and said Go tend to the man's problem.

    Soon Debbie found herself doing exactly what she had seen the woman doing on the TV, she was giving a blowjob to a stranger's well hard cock and she could not tell who it belong to. Before long she was rewarded with a swelling in the cock and she just about managed to pull it from her mouth before the first spurt hit her in the face; quickly followed by just as much secondary spurts. She looked a real nasty mess with spunk literally dripping from her eyelids, nose and chin by the time the strange cock was pulled back through the hole. A hole in the wall she had not noticed earlier when suddenly a five pound note was pushed through the hole. Dave told her to take it as she had earned it; a mixed feeling of pleasure and disgust shot through Debbie's mind as a myriad of thoughts flooded her brain; had she really just become a prostitute by accepting payment for sexual services; but she had to admit there was a different sexual thrill in sucking a stranger's cock; especially a stranger you could not see.

    Dave offered her a tissue as he told her she had done well in her first time in a glory hole booth; before she could respond he took her by the arm and led her from the room she immediately looked towards the door on the side where she had just sucked that cock. Dave laughed and told her that her mystery lover would have been long gone by now. He allowed her to look around the corridor as he explained that the glory holes were for men who in particular liked to have their cocks sucked and occasionally some women managed to have full intercourse through the wall with strangers.

    Debbie looked down at the five pound note still clutched in her hand, now in the brighter light of the corridor she saw writing on the edge of the note; without thinking she read it aloud, I would have paid 20E to have one of your other holes!' it read. Dave laughed and said see you never realised you were sitting on a gold mine when you are at work! Debbie chided him that she was not a whore; even if she did enjoy acting like one.

    Leading her now to the back of the corridor the climbed a spiral staircase and enter the single door which the upper floor offered. Once inside they saw a largish room with two and three seat leather settees arranged roughly in rows; all arcing around a large projector screen. Dave whispered this is an adult cinema and that was what the two tickets were for; just then a smart looking woman in a neat tailored trouser suit approached and Dave handed over the tickets; the woman smiled and then disappeared into her cubicle. Dave guided Debbie over to a three seat sofa almost in the centre of the third row from the back and indicated she should remove her jacket and then sit down, He took her jacket and folded it inside his own coat he too had removed; clearly indicating that they were going to be here for a little while at least.

    Settling down Debbie was glad to feel the warm of Dave's thigh against her own it was almost reassuring that she was safe. Now glancing around the room she saw she was in fact the only woman present and she turned to tell Dave that she felt out of place when he smiled at her and mouthed the words trust me. There were in fact twelve men sat at various locations around the room and they all seemed curious as to the new couple who had entered.

    Suddenly the lights dimmed and the screen flickered into life as a porno movie began to play in front of her eyes.

    She watched intently as the woman in a French maids outfit was dusting a shelf; a door opened and in stepped a man who spoke to the woman and immediately she stopped what she was doing and walked slowly over to where the man now stood; it appeared he was chastising her for sloppy work as he showed her an area she was supposed to have cleaned but showed traces of dust. Suddenly he pointed at the coffee table and she turned stony faced and walked over to it; then removing her panties from under her frilly dress she kneeled and lay herself across the table. Debbie was enthralled to see the clarity of the film you could make out the individual hairs on the woman's cunt in close up; When the man spanked the maid you could see the skin change colour from ivory to a crimson red.

    Debbie almost gasped out loud when the man then parted the maid's legs and she saw her how wet her cunt was; it almost glistened on the screen. As the man now released his stiff cock from his trousers; Debbie knew he was going to fuck her and almost alarmed at being caught watching this she scanned the room around her. She tugged on Dave's arm and whispered that there was a man on the next sofa along and he had his cock out in his hand. Dave whispered to her I bet you would like to go earn another fiver from him too!

    Playfully Debbie slapped Dave's arm but it was loud enough for the man in question to suddenly look towards her; their eyes met and she instinctively smiled; the man simply showed more of his cock. Dave whispered you really want that cock don't you; without thinking Debbie replied oh yes. Indicate for him to come closer then and maybe you can hold it at least. Feeling even more exhilarated Debbie patted the empty seat on the next sofa; and the man got up and moved into that space.

    When he rose to come closer he held his coat against his groin so no one could see and soon settled in beside Debbie; He slowly moved the coat out of the way and showed Debbie his proud hard member. Tentatively she reached out and instinctively wrapped her finger around it; with gentle motions to start with she began stroking his cock; much to the man's delight. Working up the speed of her hand and the pressure she applies which led to the man letting out a low groan as his sperm spurted in an arc before crashing to the floor.

    Debbie half expected Dave to lead her out of the cinema at this point but no he sat with a satisfied smile on his face; almost knowing that the fun was only just warming up. The film on the screen now ended and the main feature began to play. There was obviously an underlying theme to the main film; which was about being owned and only doing what the master allowed. It started with two young beautiful girls beginning to explore woman on woman love; when the master enters the room, soon both girls are naked and being spanked with a black leather paddle. Then two guys entered and took one of the women to one side and secured her with ropes to a hook located in the ceiling; a spreader bar now kept her legs from closing as each man took turns to insert obscenely thick dildos into her arse and cunt; the thick rubber cocks were about 4 inches thick and tapered down to an inch and a half at its head.

    The second girl had her hands tied behind her back and the master delighted in force feeding her his extremely hard cock; only when she baulked did he ease some cock back out of her mouth and very quickly he rammed it back as he tried to train her to deep throat his impressive cock. Debbie had attracted some more attention from the men present and it was helped by Dave who had unbuttoned her blouse until her bare breasts supported by her quarter cup bra were on full view. Three men now knelt in the sofa's in front of the one Debbie was sat on and with Dave's consent and encouragement they were feeling Debbie's tits; some by twisting her nipple or another pulling on her other nipple.

    Dave now demanded that Debbie tell the men what she would like them to do to her; an embarrassed Debbie almost dreaded hearing her own words as she told three total strangers that she wanted fucking in every hole and would only be satisfied with her face white with their drying spunk. As Dave nodded his approval; Debbie was lifted over the back of the sofa and placed on one man's lap. Not as you may have thought decently positioned but instead she was wide legged as she straddled him facing towards Dave as he laughed as he watched Debbie's face.

    Now with the man's, who she was sat on, cock buried deep inside her cunt another fierce looking hard cock was pushed towards her face and Debbie determined to impress Dave simply opened her lips and tasted the cock head much as a connoisseur tastes wine. The she felt something she had missed for three long years, a hard cock pushing against her anal ring. Unable to breath just about she was also unable to scream her passions as the cock forced its way inch by inch up her rear channel. Soon the men began working in rhythm almost like cock enters the mouth as the cock in her cunt is almost half out and the cock in her arse is just at the rim of her anal ring.

    On and on they continued to fuck her each trying to outlast each other but determined to get the full benefit of fucking this slut and achieving their own desires. Debbie was like a little ragdoll as she was pounded by the three aggressive cocks, Even Dave managed to reach between them and play with her nipple. Then the men began to cum and it was just as well they were all wearing condoms as one by one they filled them. Dave delighted in tipping the contents of each on to the face of Debbie and by the time he had done she was wearing a white spunk mask and as it cooled Debbie saw it as a mask of honour proving she had done everything her boyfriend and master had demanded of her. Even walking home with the same spunk now almost dry on her face did not faze her; she just hoped that Sally would not still be up when she arrived home.