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    Lynn fucks in stockings at our private club annual dinner

    For those of you who have followed Lynn and her shagging escapades, this episode occurred a few years back whilst we were members of a private club and one which really rocked when it come to putting on functions with each month having a disco and buffet, or a formal dinner or some such entertainment. This particular night was a formal dinner, which meant gents were wearing 'black tie' and the ladies 'long dresses' etc. The club did have a number of rooms, mainly used by single guys working in the area and a number of double rooms for couples who wanted to stay over. Not a cheap club to join, but worth the outlay.

    Lynn had bought a gorgeous electric blue dress, a little off the shoulder number that looked fabulous, although I am a little biased, her being my wife and all. On the night I watched her dress as she showered, shaved her intimate parts and legs (waxing was not readily available then) and then having done her hair and make-up began to dress. She wore a lovely lacy pair of black knickers and matching suspender belt with seamed black stockings, her strappy shoes matched the colour of her dress and had 3 or 4 inch heels. All this was topped off with a liberal dose of very expensive, heady perfume.

    The night began as most often did with drinks on arrival and lots of chat about don't you look nice in that and oh doesn't that dress flatter your size and some other crappy conversation, culminating in someone in waiters dress announcing dinner was served and we all escorted our ladies to the table. On these occasions it was normal for each person to check the 'table layout' to see where each person was sitting, with each partner sat opposite each other with some one of the opposite sex either side of you. Being long standing members of the club, we were sat fairly high up the table and only about 2 or 3 places from the top. Dinner was served and the conversation along with the wine flowed with ease.

    +

    Once dinner was complete, we all retired to the Ballroom where a disco would entertain us until about 1 am, it was now nearly 11 pm. Lynn and I sat at a table and were joined by three guys who we knew quite well and were all single. They asked if they could join us so they didn't have to sit with the boring old farts on another table, we happily accepted their request and soon we were all laughing and drinking, later we were joined by Graham and Sandra and one or two others who pulled up chairs to join us. The music was pretty good and it didn't take long before the single guys were asking Lynn to dance, which she loved to do and she spent most of her time dancing with the guys, popping back to empty her glass and demand more alcohol.

    Around midnight the music slowed down a bit and the room thinned out as quite a few people left for home. Lynn was still dancing with the guys and now they were all taking it in turns to dance with her, holding her close as they did so. I could see was enjoying herself as usual and a couple of times she made eye contact and smiled at me. I noticed Graham wasn't there anymore and I asked Sandra where he was and she said the miserable sod had gone home, so she was staying till the end, one of the guys then grabbed her hand and said okay then lets party and they joined Lynn on the dance floor. About 30 minutes later the lighting was turned down a touch and the slow music continued and Lynn and Sandra never had a chance to stop other than to grab a drink only to be pulled back on the dance floor. It was obvious the guys were caressing her backside and Lynn was pushing herself up against them.

    When she next came for a drink I asked for a dance and she smiled and nodded and taking my hand guided me to the dance floor. I asked her if she was okay and she smiled and said very, it's nice getting all this attention, especially as they keep pushing their hard cocks into me, she then said they have all rubbed my behind and commented on my stockings and suspenders, which they could feel under my dress, she then kissed me and said, I'm very, very horny, can I have one to play with. I told her to go ahead and play. She kissed me again and walked me back to the table and grabbing Jerry's hand pulled him on to the dance floor, winking at me as she did so.

    I watched as they moved close together and Lynn put her hands around Jerry's neck, leaning back a little which pushed her pussy mound into his groin, they swayed to the music and I saw Jerry begin caressing her arse and then move his right hand up to the side of Lynn's breast. Lynn was looking into his eyes and smiling as Jerry slowly moved his hand so he was rubbing her nipple with his thumb as they slowly swayed to the music. Half way through the song they were joined by Mark who stood behind Lynn so she was sandwiched between them and they all swayed to the music together. Mark spoke to Lynn who nodded and laughed, they then returned to the table to drink their drinks. Lynn said the guys are having a toga party in the corridor can we join them, I said why not, but we don't have any toga's. Jerry said it wasn't a problem, he had the keys to the linen cupboard and there were plenty of white single sheets we could use. Sandra said she might join us later as she was still chatting to Mike, so we all trotted off to the corridor with arms full of cans to party.

    We all sat on the floor of the corridor, drink beer whilst a couple of the guys went to get the sheets, Lynn was sat with Jerry with her hand on his thigh and her dress pulled up over her knees so she was comfy, they were both giggling like school children. When the guys returned they said we could use the far end room to change and Lynn said to me you go and change first, so I walked to the end of the corridor and as I walked into the room I glanced to my right to see Lynn kissing Jerry, full on. I changed and having folded my clothes walked out to see just a couple of guys in toga's drinking and laughing. I grabbed a can, sat and having taken a drink asked where they all were, they said they had all gone to change. Slowly they all drifted back except Lynn, Jerry and Mark but with the jokes that were being told, I didn't realise they weren't there.

    About ten minutes later a door opened and Mark walked out followed 5 minutes later by Jerry and then Lynn, her toga looked hot on her and I noticed she still had her stockings on. She looked at me and smiled and then winked at me as she sat down, which revealed her stocking tops to everyone, she had that guess what I've been doing satisfied look on her face . One of the guys remarked how sexy they looked and Lynn pulled up her toga so they could see both stocking tops. Jerry said, they should have been in the room with them changing, Lynn looked dead sexy in those stockings and no bra, both he and mark laughed and Lynn chuckled as the others said show us Lynn give us a flash. Lynn told them to behave or she would get dressed and leave, so the quietened down a bit and we chatted amongst ourselves drinking the beer.

    I watched as Lynn moved her legs and some of the guys saw her knickers and commented on how sexy they looked and did they match her bra. Lynn smiled at them and pulling her toga slightly to one side flashed part of her tits so they could see she wasn't wearing one and said Jerry told you I wasn't wearing one. Lynn then placed her hand on jerry's thigh as she drank her drink, one of the guys then said hang on that means Jerry and Mark have seen your tits, yet we just get a glimpse of the side of one breast, where's the equality in that. Lynn smiled at him and said poor you, never mind, maybe later. We carried on drinking and the banter was carrying on, Lynn was sat there showing off a great expanse of her stocking covered legs and bare thighs with her suspender belt straps disappearing under her makeshift toga and a couple of guys kept making comments about how sexy she looked. Lynn then asked Jerry where the Ladies loo's were and Jerry said you will need to use the one in my room, Lynn said okay and removed her hand from his thigh to allow her to stand up, as she went to stand, her toga opened at the bottom so we could all see her panties and one of her tits fell out, which she scooped up and placed back into her toga.

    Jerry said, come on I'll take you to my room and find a pin for your toga, Lynn thanked him and smiling at me walked down the corridor hand in hand with Jerry. As Jerry opened his door, Sandra came staggering down the corridor and came and sat between two of the guys and grabbed a can of beer. Sandra then said is the lucky sod going for a shag, we all laughed and said, no she's just using the loo in Jerry's room. Sandra then smiled and said yeh, I bet, she'll be jumping his bones you watch. One of the guys, Colin asked Sandra if she wanted to put on a toga and that she could use his room to change and standing, grabbed Sandra's hand and pulled her up and guided her to his room, whilst we all carried on chatting, laughing and drinking.

    About 10 minutes later Colin returned and said Sandra had fallen asleep on his bed and said she was well pissed, but that he'd thrown a quilt over her and she was fast asleep. Mark said I bet you took advantage of her as well, Colin told him to fuck off and that he unlike him was a gentleman, again we all burst out laughing, cracking jokes about him fucking a passed out Sandra. I emptied my can and opened another and had almost finished it when Lynn and Jerry came out of his room and walked back to where we were all sat on the floor. Jerry sat down and Lynn looked at me and winked as she sat down, showing her stocking covered legs again, only this time she had her legs open and we could all see her panty covered pussy as she sat. Again Lynn placed her hand back on Jerry's thigh and very lightly appeared to be caressing his upper thigh. One of the guys told Lynn the view up her Toga was stunning, just a shame her tits were still covered, Lynn laughed and threw her head back and smiling took a hold of the side of her toga and pulling it open to reveal her left breast said is that better.

    All the guys agreed it was great, just a shame she kept the other covered and we all laughed as she sat there flashing her knickers and left breast whilst caressing Jerry's thigh. Jerry then placed his left hand on Lynn's right thigh just above her knee as she sat with her right leg laid on the floor and bent at the knee in front of her with her left leg up and bent at the knee so her foot was just the other side of her right ankle. I watched as Jerry caressed her thigh slowly moving a little higher until his hand was moving on to her bare thigh above her stocking top. I could see Lynn's nipples grow and become firmer as Jerry carried on doing what he was doing. Mark then said to her you've got a love bite on your tit and laughed. Lynn took a hold of her breast and lifting it looked down to inspect her left breast and said no I haven't, but Mark goaded her by saying why did she have to check, had she and Jerry been naughty whilst they were in his room all that time, Lynn smiled and said it's not being naughty and smiled. I knew she had, I could see how puffy her cunt lips looked under her knickers and the front of her panties although very lacy and see through so we could all see her pussy looked decidedly wet.

    Lynn finished the drink she'd started before she went to Jerry's room and asked for another can, which Colin opened and passed to her, Lynn took a big drink and then said she was getting hungry and asked what time breakfast was. Jerry said not till 8 am on Sunday, but then Mark said to Lynn we could start a BBQ, he had some meat in the fridge in his room and the BBQ was all set up outside if she fancied helping him. Lynn said good idea you go get the meat and you and I will do it, all the guys laughed and Lynn said what's so funny and Colin said the image of you and Mark doing it. Lynn just smiled and said you're only jealous and I watched as Jerry's hand was getting ever closer to Lynn's panty covered pussy and her hand was higher up his thigh and clearly caressing his hard cock through the sheet he was wearing. Lynn turned to him and smiling began kissing him and the others urged her on saying go on Lynn slip him the tongue and I watched as Lynn opened her mouth and her tongue began probing Jerry's mouth. All the guys cheered as the engaged in some very erotic tongue lashing.

    Jerry then moved his right hand to cup her left breast and the guys cheered as he did so, one of the other guys said to me are going to let him get away with that, he deserves a slap, I told him if he deserved a slap, Lynn would give him one and we all laughed again. Jerry carried on caressing her left breast and nipple as Lynn was slowly rubbing her hand along the length of his shaft under the sheet, Colin remarked how long and hard her left nipple was and said he'd give his left arm to suck that, has he spoke Mark walked down the corridor with a tray of meat to BBQ and said are you coming Lynn, she broke off her kiss with Jerry and said I was about to until you shouted, again we all laughed and Mark asked what was wrong, which had us all rolling around on the floor.

    Mark opened the fire door and walked to the BBQ and Lynn stood up and looking at Jerry said keep it warm lover I'll be back for more later, let me go help Mark with his meat, she smiled and winked at me has she said it. I watched Lynn walk outside and join Mark at the BBQ as he got the coals lit, Lynn walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him and began rubbing his crotch through his sheet, the guy sat beside me could also see her and nudged me in recognition of seeing what she was doing, I told him it was okay and the others asked what we were talking about, so I told them that Lynn was playing with the meat Mark had, they all laughed and went back to talking, which surprisingly centred on my wife and what stunning tits and legs she had, Colin even commented on how wonderful her pussy looked inside her knickers. One of the guys told him to behave, especially as her husband was here but they all laughed.

    The guy next to me nudged me again and nodded towards the fire door, I looked out see Lynn facing Mark kissing and her hand was rubbing his prick through the sheet he was wearing as a toga whilst Mark had his hand inside Lynn's toga obviously rubbing her pussy, if not fingering her. We both watched as he uncovered her tits and played with her nipples as they carried on kissing, I called to them to see how the meat was doing and Lynn broke off kissing Mark and said very well, very well indeed and that it would be done soon at this rate. I got up and went to the Gents loo as I walked away I could hear the guys saying how they'd love to fuck my wife and Jerry telling them they didn't stand a chance and laughed. I went to the loo and when I looked through the corridor window, I could see Lynn and Mark kissing and Lynn had her legs open and Mark had is hand firmly stuck up her toga giving her cunt a real good fingering as she massaged his hard prick. I watched for a while and then returned to the guys in the corridor, grabbed a can and walked outside.

    I could smell the meat on the BBQ cooking and as I approached I asked if they wanted another drink, they broke off their kissing and moved away from each other and Lynn said, she'd fetch them and walked in to the corridor. Mark said to me your wife's a randy sod, but has stunning tits, I told him they were beyond stunning, but they were probably helped with all the caressing they seemed to receive. Mark said sorry I couldn't help it, she just oozes sex, I laughed and told him not to apologise, especially has she loved having her tits mauled and played with. Lynn came back with a beer for Mark and gave me a kiss she then grabbed a Bratwurst off the BBQ and turning walked away saying she was going to find some plates.

    Lynn went into the corridor and we heard her telling the guys the food was ready and two or three walked out and grabbed something off the BBQ and we all stood around talking as we watched sunrise, beer in one hand and bratwurst in the other. Eventually a couple more walked out and grabbed something to eat and Colin said, he'd had enough and was retiring to bed, when Jim reminded him that Sandra had crashed in his bed, Colin said, never mind there was plenty of room for two and laughing, walked back into the corridor and to his room. The remainder of the guys came out and grabbed some food, but Jerry and Lynn hadn't come out with them. Mark asked where they were and Jim said they'd gone off to find some paper plates, Mark then said we won't see them for a while then and we all laughed.

    About 20 minutes later Lynn and Jerry came walking out the corridor and Jimmy asked them where the paper plates were, but Jerry said they couldn't find any. Lynn grabbed another Bratwurst off the grill, walked up to me and kissed me and smiled as she ate her sausage, I asked her if she hungry and Lynn replied ravenous, its hard work looking for plates, then winked at me and rubbed my cock through my makeshift toga, before walking over to Mark, Jerry and Jim. She stood with the guys talking to them and slowly some drifted off when they realised the sun was now well up. Jim also called it a night and I went to sit in the corridor with a beer. Lynn followed me in a couple of minutes later and bending over kissed me, I ran my hand up the back of her leg and she said its sticky up there, I told I expected it to be. Her panties were soaked and she said I should have taken them off and smiled as she stood upright. She then said she was off to use Jerry's loo and walked up the corridor and into Jerry's room.

    Jerry and Mark walked in shortly after and grabbed a beer. Jerry asked where Lynn was and I told him in the loo, he said he'd better go check on her and also walked in to his room. I sat with Mark, but then felt myself nodding off and as I did so Mark stood up and also walked to Jerry's room. I gave them 10 to 15 minutes and then walked outside and along the wall until I came to Jerry's room, the curtains were still open, with just the net curtains pulled across the window which was wide open due to the warm weather. As I approached the window I could hear Lynn moaning and Jerry telling her she was a real slut for fucking him and Mark tonight. Mark then said, she lets us fuck her any night, don't knock it. When I looked through the window Lynn was laid on her back. With her stocking covered legs wide open, knees bent with Jerry inn between her thighs pumping his cock into her juicy cunt, her toga had been pulled open and both her tits were fully exposed and Mark was squeezing and pulling one nipple whilst Lynn sucked hard on his cock.

    Mark asked Jerry if they had been fucking instead of looking for plates and jerry said, yes what did you expect, she'd been playing with his prick all night and when she bent over in the kitchen it was too much and he just took from behind bent over the prep table. Mark said fuck all I got was a wank whilst cooking the BBQ, Lynn slipped his cock from her lips and said you can fuck me next sweetheart I'm looking forward to you filling my pussy with your cock. Lynn began moaning again and told Jerry to fuck her hard and to shoot his spunk deep in to her again and that she wanted to feel his come spurt in to her. Jerry really began to pump his prick deep and hard, I could hear Lynn's juicy pussy slurping has he forced his cock into her cunt. Mark asked her if I would come looking for her and she told him not to worry and that I was either dozing or nursing a stiff cock just like him. Lynn moaned again as I watched Jerry's arse clench as he forced all his cock into my wife and shoot his load into her. After he'd come, he eased his cock out of her pussy and I could see her cunt lips all puffy as Mark got between her thighs and she took hold of his cock and guided it inside her.

    Lynn told Mark it felt good to feel his cock deep inside her and that she'd been looking forward to this all night, ever since he'd fingered her cunt whilst they changed into their togas earlier. Jerry sat on the bed and Lynn took hold of his cock and slowly wanked it as he played with her tits and nipples, she was totally consumed by the pleasure they were both giving her and she urged Mark on to fuck her hard and fast and that she needed to feel his hard cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Mark continued to pump his cock in to my wife's cunt and her moans were a real turn on for me as I stood outside the window with my cock hard and sticking out my toga has I slowly wanked myself whilst watching Lynn taking yet mote cock. Eventually Mark also began banging his cock in to Lynn faster as he came to his orgasm and shot his spunk in to my wife's hot cunt; it must have now been filled to over flowing with spunk having had Jerry fuck her twice and then Mark fuck her.

    Mark finished coming inside her and rolled from between her thighs, Lynn sighed as his cock slipped from her and said she loved to be fucked and boy had she been fucked tonight. I watched as she slowly closed her thighs and said her pussy and thighs feel so wet and sticky, Jerry said what did she expect, taking all this cock and they all laughed. Lynn stood up and rearranged her toga to cover her tits, she then straightened her stockings and said we really should join Gary for a while, so I quickly dashed back into the corridor and sat down with my beer as she came walking out of Jerry's room followed by Mark and Jerry.

    As Lynn approached me, she had a huge grin on her face and that just fucked look that I find so erotic. She bent over and kissed me and I could taste sex on her breath. As she kissed me, she reached down and took hold of my cock which was achingly hard having watched her being fucked by two single guys. Jerry walked up behind her and began to caress her backside and lifted her toga so her stocking tops and bare thighs were clearly visible, Lynn wiggled her backside and encouraged Jerry to carry on doing what he was doing. As he lifted her toga up at the back, I ran my hand up her legs to find her pussy all warm, wet and sticky and minus her knickers, she broke off our kiss and giggling said whoops I must have left them on Jerry's bed.

    I told her it was well past 6 am and time we maybe should make a move to get home, so she said we had better go get dressed. I got up and went to dress and Lynn went to Jerry's room where her dress was, when I reappeared there was no one in the corridor and as I passed jerry's room I could hear Lynn moaning again, so I walked outside in to the bright morning sunlight and looked into Jerry's bedroom to see Lynn stood up but bent over the bed and Jerry fucking my wife again from behind, she was now dressed but her dress was up over her back so only her suspender belt and stockings could be seen as Jerry hammered his cock in to her, she was urging him on telling him to fuck her hard and to shoot his spunk deep in to her pussy again and that she was coming again on his hard prick. Jerry began to speed up as Lynn kept saying yes, yes, yes as he rammed into her, eventually held her tight and forced his cock deep into her as he came inside my wife's juicy well fucked cunt.

    Lynn stood up and let her dress fall down around her ankles and turned and kissed Jerry saying I will need some more of that later, Jerry told her she knew where to come when she was ready and Lynn said I had better go, Gary will be waiting in the car for me, she then walked out of Jerry's room and we met in the car. Lynn sat in the passenger's seat and leaned over to kiss me as she did so she grabbed my cock through my trousers and then said, I've had a lot of this tonight and I need more are you going to fuck me when we get home, I told her I was certainly going to add to the spunk all ready in her pussy and with that we pulled out of the car park and headed for home.