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    Lynn in black stockings and high heeled shoes: Truckers and Turks

    Many of you may have read about Lynn's exploits over the years, this one involves a trucker who Lynn was friendly with and eventually became very slutty with. On the night in question, Lynn was wearing a short blue denim skirt, cut to a good 4 or 5 inches above the knee. A cream semi see-through blouse, black stockings and high heeled shoes, she was not wearing any underwear at all, so her breasts and nipples were on show.

    We had arranged to meet Terry at a lay-by on the south side of the A30 near Blackbush (very appropriate) at about 7:30 pm. We arrived at the lay-by at just after 7 pm, it was actually quite a long lay-by and could probably take 3 or 4 articulated trucks at least, and it was covered on each side by forest and scrub land. Whilst we were sat waiting and chatting, Lynn mentioned we had passed a lay-by a couple of hundred metres up the road with a ‘Burger Van' parked in it and wondered if we were in the right lay-by. I reassured her we were and at the moment Terry's truck pulled up behind us and flashed his lights.

    We both got out of the car and went to meet Terry, who leapt from his cab and smiling shook my hand and kissed Lynn's cheek. Terry whistled low and told Lynn she looked even better in the flesh than her photos had portrayed her. Lynn blushed and thanked him for the nice comments and I watched has her nipples begun to push out against the material of her blouse. We stood chatting in general, probably because no one wanted to be the first to take the initiative I suppose and whilst we were stood there another Truck pulled in front of our car and stopped.

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    Terry asked Lynn if she would like to see inside the Cab of his truck and Lynn smiled and said she didn't think he was going to ask. Terry opened the cab door and Lynn hitched up her skirt so that her stocking tops could be clearly seen and began to climb the steps into the cab, whilst Terry stood behind her admiring the view. Once Lynn was in the cab, Terry began climbing the steps and looking my way said, see you later. I turned to walk to the car to get my cigarettes to see the other trucker stood at the rear of his trailer smiling at me and nodding in acknowledgement of what he'd just seen. I smiled and lighting a cigarette, stood by the side of Terry's cab away from the road and had a smoke.

    Terry had left the Passengers window down, but had closed the curtains all round the front of the cab and although I could hear them chatting, it was difficult to hear the whole conversation as the noise of passing traffic seemed to drown out their voices. I did hear Terry tell Lynn she looked gorgeous and that her tits were truly amazing. It then seemed to go quiet in the cab, although I did hear Lynn moan once or twice, so Terry was obviously doing something right. I saw and felt the cab rock a couple of times and did hear Terry ask Lynn if she was comfortable, then it all went quiet again with the exception of a lot of moaning from Lynn.

    I lit a second cigarette and leant against the cab listening to my wife moaning with pleasure, the cab began to rock and I heard Lynn tell Terry to get in deeper and to fuck her harder. Terry called her a big slut and told her he was going to fuck her pussy and fill full of his spunk. I could clearly hear Lynn saying oh yes fuck me with your big prick, drive it in deep. I was surprised how much the cab was rocking as Terry and Lynn fucked on the cab bed. Listening to them shagging was giving me a hard-on and it was becoming increasingly more difficult not to take my cock out and wank it.

    Eventually I decided to sit in the car to allow my prick to ease off a touch at least from there I could see the cab in the rear view mirror if anything happened. Whilst I was sat in the car I noticed the guy from the truck in front approaching, he must have been late 30's early 40's and of decent build. He reached the open drivers window and said good evening and I said good evening back to him. He asked who the little lady was in the truck, because she had some pretty gorgeous legs on her as she climbed into that cab. I told him her name was Lynn and winked as I said it, he said he's a jammy sod in there that's a dead cert. I got out of the car and lit another cigarette and moved to the passenger's side of the cab, telling this guy who said is name was Alex it was out of the breeze. Alex followed me and we stood quietly chatting until Lynn let out a loud moan and said oh fuck oh yes that's it fuck me harder make me come.

    Alex looked at me and smiled as I said, sounds like he's getting his monies worth. Alex said Oh, right. I see. He then asked how much she charged and jokingly I said about 50E depending on the service given and winked at him. Alex stood quietly smoking his cigarette and seemed to be thinking to himself only looking up when Lynn again moaned loudly and said oh yes that's it come inside me, shoot your spunk deep in to my pussy. Alex turned to me and said she sounds like a right randy little fucker that one. I said it sounds like it, she must be enjoying it. Alex then said she did look fit climbing into the cab, to which I nodded a yes. Alex threw his cigarette end on the floor and stamping on it said, tell the lovely lady I have 50 if she wants to earn it, with that he laughed and walked back to his truck, but has he reached the rear of the trailer, he turned and shouted tell her for me, I waved and shouted I would.

    I eventually walked back and sat in the car to await the lovely Lynn joining me. It was about 9 pm when the cab door eventually opened and Terry stepped out followed by Lynn who I might add looked very horny flashing her legs and stocking tops as she climbed out of and down from the cab. Terry gave her kiss, which turned into one of those lingering French ones as Lynn put her arms around his neck, he then broke it off and turning to me said, sorry mate got to dash or I'll be late for the next drop, he then climbed into the cab, started up the engine and with a blast on the horns pulled out and disappeared up the road.

    Lynn came and got in the car, her blouse was undone to just below her cleavage and her skirt was well up her thighs, showing the tops of her stocks in the process, she looked fucking hot. I asked her if she'd enjoyed it and she just said mmmmm very nice, he fucked me three times and made me come each time, my pussy is hot wide and wet. I leant over to feel her cunt lips, which were very puffed up and hanging open, Lynn then said he had a decent sized cock and boy could he use it. Lynn opened her thighs so I could get a better feel of her cunt which was very, very juicy, I said it feels like he shot a lot of spunk up there, Lynn said he shot loads, I could feel it splash against the sides of my pussy walls as he came. Lynn then leaned over and kissed me and then asked who was shouting to me, I told her about the truck driver in the cab up front who had watched her climb in to Terry's cab and how he had commented on how hot she looked.

    Lynn smiled at me and said she didn't realise he was watching or she would have given him a flash. I told her his name was Alex and not bad and that he'd asked how much she charged and I said E50 just jokingly and he said to tell you he had E50 waiting if you wanted to earn it. Lynn laughed out loud and said, now you're pimping me out as a prostitute, I said I was doing nothing of the sort, it was more in jest until Alex said he had the money if you wanted to earn it. Lynn said it was easy money and certainly not work, we both laughed and then she turned to me and said, shall I go and relieve him of his 50. I told her it was her choice what she did next.

    Lynn then got out of the car and adjusted her stockings so they were straight then smiling at me said come on then, you can keep the money safe. Lynn then walked over to the driver's door of the truck in front and knocked on the side. The driver opened the door and before he could speak Lynn said it's 50 up front and he holds the cash. Alex said and how long will 50 buy me and Lynn said it depended on how well he treated her and how well he performed. Alex jumped down from the cab and taking some notes out of his back pocket handed me two 20's and a 10, then turning to Lynn said I hope it's all on the menu and Lynn laughed and said as much as you can eat sweetheart as much as you can eat.

    Lynn then once again raised her skirt flashing her stocking tops and climbed into Alex's cab, whilst Alex and me looked on and admired the view. Alex turned to me as he grasped the door handle and said, don't wait up, the little lady won't be able to walk when I've finished with her and I heard Lynn laugh and say you wish. Alex shut the door and I walked round to the passenger's side where the window was just slightly open, but I could hear them talking, it then went very quiet which obviously meant they were kissing and the cab rocked once or twice as they got comfy. I lit a cigarette and noticed the window lower a touch more and Lynn then said that's better we don't want to get to hot and sweaty before we start and Alex laughed at her remark and it went quiet again.

    I could hear Lynn moaning slightly and Alex told her that her tits were fucking lovely and that she had rock hard nipples. Again I heard Lynn moan and then she said fucking hell your prick is fucking thick I can hardly get my hands round it, where did you get that from. Alex laughed and said it's not where it's from but where it's going sweetheart and they both laughed. My mobile phone then rang and I walked away to answer it, the call took me the best part of 15 minutes before the caller rang off and when I walked back to Alex's cab, Lynn was moaning very loudly and telling Alex to slam his hard cock into her and that her cunt felt full to over flowing. For the next 30 minutes or so I stood and listened whilst my lovely wife took a pounding up her cunt. She couldn't get enough of Alex's prick and seemed to urge him on to fuck her harder all the time. Eventually I went and sat in the car waiting for Lynn to return.

    It was just after 10 pm when the cab door opened and Alex jumped out and helped Lynn down the cab steps. They walked hand in hand to the car and Lynn kissed him and got into the car. Alex thanked her one more time and said she should call him the next time she fancied a good fuck. Lynn smiled and said she would and the next one was on her. Alex walked back to his truck, but it didn't move and Lynn told me he was staying there all night and offered to pay her extra to stay with him. I asked what her reply was and she said I told him I had to get back home tonight and couldn't stay out all night. She smiled and said, but to be honest it was tempting his cock was so fat it was like being fucked with a Beer can. Lynn then leant over and began rubbing my cock and said, she was now so horny she would fuck anything just to feel a hard throbbing prick inside her.

    Lynn then asked if we could drive to the Burger van just down the road, because she desperately needed a drink, so I said okay, it should still be open and we drove the couple of hundred metres round a slight bend to the next lay-by and pulled in next to the Burger van. Lynn asked if I would get her a Coke and a hot drink, I said aren't you coming with me, she said what dressed like this, I then said to her, she'd been dressed like it all night, so why worry and anyway the Burger Bar faces away from the road, so no one will see her, so she jumped out of the car and followed me to the serving hatch.

    There was only one guy in the Burger van, who looked like an east European, probably Turkish and when he looked up and saw Lynn stood there with her blouse undone to just below her tits and plainly visible through her see-through blouse he smiled at her and asked her what she wanted. Lynn smiled at him and asked for a tea and ordered a coffee for me, he replied by saying okay pretty lady one tea and one coffee coming up. He then asked where we were going and Lynn said nowhere and we're now heading home. He said that he'd seen our car in the other lay-by when he came past to relieve his mate but hadn't seen Lynn in the car. Lynn smiled and said she was with a very close friend and winked at him. The guy then asked her name and she said it was Lynn and he said hello Lynn, I am Sachin and you look very nice. Lynn smiled at him and said I bet you say that to all the girls, he winked at her and said only the pretty ones.

    Sachin then asked Lynn if she wanted anything else and smiled at her and Lynn asked him like what was on offer, so Sachin said anything you want I have, it was noticeable that he couldn't take his eyes off Lynn's tits and I watched as Lynn followed his gaze to her breasts. Lynn looked at me and smiled and winked as she turned to Sachin and asked him what he could recommend that would tempt her to eat something as she spoke she raised her hand and undid another button on her blouse and as she shook her head to loosen her hair, her tits jiggled inside her blouse making her nipples stand out against the material. Sachin smiled at her and said very nice Lynn they look lovely. Lynn asked him what looked lovely and he pointed to her tits and said them. Lynn then took a hold of her blouse and pulled it apart showing Sachin her tits and her nipples which were long and hard, she said what these and Sachin just smiled and nodded, she then let her blouse fall back over her tits.

    Lynn moved over to me and said I wonder what this nice guy has that could tempt me, has she spoke I pushed my hand up the back of her skirt to feel her juices trickling down her thighs, Sachin saw me and asked if he could do that and laughed. Lynn said he was welcome to do it if he wanted, so Sachin opened the door and invited Lynn inside the Burger van and said you want to make your own burger. Lynn smiled and pulled away from my hand and said its sounds like a good start if you're offering me something meaty and walked up the two steps into the burger van. Sachin was a little hesitant when Lynn walked in, Lynn winked at me then took his left hand and placed it on her right breast inside her blouse and asked him if it felt good. Sachin smiled and said it felt very good and English ladies have soft white breasts. Lynn laughed and lowered her left hand and began caressing his cock along the outside of his jeans. Lynn looked at me and smiling said, this feels very nice, here's one horny lady who I think is about to take something meaty inside her again tonight.

    Sachin moved away and grabbed a burger and put it on the griddle and gave Lynn the spatula and said you cook. Lynn turned to the grill and as she did so Sachin moved behind her and began feeling her arse over her skirt. I watched as Lynn wiggled her arse, encouraging Sachin to keep going, I saw him move his hand down her arse to the backs of her thighs and slowly lift her skirt up so that he could see her stocking tops and bare thighs and carried on caressing her thighs and arse. Lynn looked at me and smiled as she flipped the burger, she then turned her head to Sachin and said that felt good and was he enjoying it too. Sachin said it felt very good and that she had smooth thighs, he then put his hand on the small of her back and moved it round to cup her left breast has his right hand moved up and under her skirt. The look on his face was priceless as he realised my slutty wife wasn't wearing any knickers, he looked at me and said nice very nice.

    Lynn's face was a picture of ecstasy has Sachin played with her tit rolling her nipple between his finger and thumb pulling on it to stretch her nipple. I watched as he let go of her breast and placing his hand on her back pushed her forward slightly and I saw his hand come from under her skirt and undo his zipper and take out his cock, he then eased forward so his cock was nestled up against her arse and Lynn said oh that feels good. She reached round and held it saying it felt long and hard, very long and very hard. Sachin said to her 10 of your inches Lynn, can you take it. Lynn just told him the longer the better and then guided his cock head to the opening of her pussy and I watched as Sachin moved closer to her forcing his cock deep in to my wife's pussy.

    Lynn looked up at me and said oh fuck his cock is very long and its sliding deep into my cunt and it feels fucking wonderful, do you mind if he fucks me. I said he could fuck her and fuck her very hard. Sachin nodded and began to pump his cock into my wife's eager juicy cunt. Lynn hung her head and said it felt really good to feel his cock buried deep inside her and she urged him on by saying fuck me you bastard fuck me hard. Sachin began to pump his cock into her and then eased it out and said you come suck. Lynn stood up and turned around, I walked to the door to see Lynn dropping to her knees and taking hold of his long cock began to take it into her mouth, with her skirt up around her waist she looked a true whore as she slurped on his cock. Sachin looked at me and said your wife and I nodded and said yes, he then smiled and said she sucks cock very good.

    Has Lynn sucked on his cock and wanked him at the same time I heard a car pull in and park behind our car. The driver got out and approached the hatch and asked for a burger and coke. I watched as Sachin moved slowly over to the grill all the time holding Lynn's head so she couldn't take his cock from her mouth. Lynn looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and went back to wanking and sucking his cock as Sachin served the guy his burger and coke. The guy began eating his burger and made small talk to Sachin who held on to my wife's head as she sucked him, Lynn reached down and began caressing her pussy with her fingers and let out a moan. The guy eating his burger asked what he said and Sachin said he'd said nothing and just smiled at the guy. I watched as Lynn just carried on sucking and licking Sachin's cock whilst he made small talk with the guy, who eventually finished eating and left.

    Sachin looked down at Lynn and said she was a fucking big whore to carry on sucking his cock like that, Lynn just looked up at him and slipping his cock from her mouth said, yes and I love taking a cock and lots of it deep in my cunt. Sachin told her to stand up and turn around so he could finish fucking her. Lynn stood up and keeping a hold of his cock turned around and guided it back in to her juicy pussy. She looked at me and smiling said, now I really want his hard cock and to feel him shoot his spunk deep inside my cunt. Sachin gripped her hips raising her skirt has he did so and began to pump his cock into my wife who was now really moaning in pleasure. Lynn looked a real slut stood there with her tits hanging out, naked up to her pussy taking a guys cock deep inside her and loving every minute of it. Sachin began to speed up and said to her do you want my spunk inside you and Lynn hissed yes as he continued to ram his cock into her. Sachin turned his head to me and said you squeeze her tits yes, so I moved along side her and grabbed her right breast and caressed it.

    Sachin told Lynn to feel my cock and she moved her hand to the front of my trousers and began to rub her hand up and down the length. Sachin then said to me squeeze her tits hard, make her squeal with delight, so I squeezed them harder and Lynn just looked at me and said go on more, pinch my nipples, I'm coming so much with his long cock pounding the inside of my cunt and you squeezing my tits is divine. Sachin was now really hammering his cock deep in to Lynn's juicy pussy, he seemed to go on for some time and Lynn was really moaning as he pounded her cunt from behind, he then said I come now lady and forced the whole of his cock deep into her as he shot his come deep inside my wife's cunt. When he'd finished coming, he withdrew his cock and said, you wait ten minutes and I fuck you again, Lynn looked over at me quizzically and I said your choice.

    Lynn stood up, fastened a couple of buttons on her blouse and straightened her stockings, she then picked up her drink and drank it all in one go. Lynn then moved to Sachin, placed her arms around his neck and began French-kissing him as she held is cock in her hand, slowly caressing it as they kissed. Sachin ran his hand up Lynn's leg and under her skirt and I stood and watched as he caressed my wife's well used cunt, Lynn moaning has he pushed his fingers into her. Lynn broke off the kiss and said to me I need to use a loo and Sachin asked what was wrong and she said I need to pee sweetheart. Sachin pointed to the trees and said go there, so Lynn looked at me and walked over to the trees.

    Sachin called after her and said you do it there so we watch and Lynn smiled and said what here and Sachin said yes, we watch you pee. Lynn lifted her skirt and opening her legs slightly began to let her piss flow and Sachin looked at me and said, very naughty lady. When she'd finished, Lynn dropped her skirt and walked back to us and said, well tonight as been a night of firsts, fucking in a truck, being pimped out by my husband, fucking in a Burger van and now my first time pissing in front of a strange man, at that she laughed and said are you going to fuck me now because it's getting late. Sachin walked outside the van and told Lynn to bend over the white plastic table so he could fuck her again. I stood to her side and slightly behind her as Sachin walked up, lifted her skirt over her arse and taking out his long thin cock began to ease it back up my wife's fanny. Sachin told her she was a good fuck and a good wife for letting him fuck her in front of her husband. Lynn just moaned in pleasure as he worked his prick in and out of her sloppy pussy.

    Lynn turned her head to look at me and said, this feels very, very good, I wish he could fuck me all night that would be sheer heaven to have his hard cock in me till morning. Sachin said you want me to come home and fuck you plenty. Lynn said oh yes please. Sachin reached in to his pocket and took out his phone and spoke to someone in Turkish, when he'd finished speaking he said my friend come here in 10 minutes then we go and fuck all night. He then began fucking her hard making her moan and squeal in delight. Lynn kept urging him on and telling him to ram his cock into her cunt, to fill her with his prick and to make her come. She looked a complete slut as he pounded her pussy with his prick and after about 10 minutes I watched him lunge forward and yet again fire his come deep into my wife. Lynn laid across the table trying to get her breath back as a car pulled in and she panicked, but Sachin said not to worry it was only Pauli his friend. Lynn stood up and smoothed her skirt down and began to button up her blouse but Sachin told her not to do that, so she stopped with her blouse fastened up to her tits.

    Pauli came round the side of the burger van and began speaking to Sachin in their own language, it seemed Pauli wasn't sure what was going on, so Sachin turned to Lynn and said, he doesn't believe me, show him your tits. Lynn looked at me and looking back at Sachin asked why and he said just show him your tits Lynn. She looked at me and said I don't believe this and slowly pulled her blouse apart so we could all see her naked breasts. Pauli reached out and took a hold of her nipple on her left tit and said something to Sachin and he turned to Lynn and said, he says it feels very good. Sachin then took hold of her skirt and pulled it up at the front and showed Pauli her bare shaved pussy with its puffy well fucked lips, as Pauli went to touch her cunt he let the skirt fall and said no not tonight maybe tomorrow. Lynn looked at Sachin and said what, and he said I have told Pauli you come back tomorrow so we both fuck you. Lynn smiled and said, fuck now I have two of you pimping out my cunt.

    Lynn then walked to our car and jumped in the back seat and said come on boys lets go home so this stud can use and abuse my pussy all night, Sachin walked round to the other side and got in the back with Lynn and I jumped in the driver's seat. By the time I'd started the car and pulled out on to the A30, Sachin had Lynn's blouse undone and was sucking her nipple whilst he caressed her pussy with his hand and Lynn was moaning in pleasure like a true fuck slut. I saw Lynn fumbling with Sachin's trousers and then reach inside and pull his cock out, she then began to wank him as Sachin pushed two then three fingers inside her pussy. I had to concentrate on my driving but I did get to glance in the mirror now and then to see what they were doing. Sachin told Lynn to suck his cock and when I looked she was bent over with his prick between her lips pleasuring his cock with her mouth.

    As we joined the M3 Lynn's blouse landed on the front seat and Sachin was squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples making Lynn moan with delight, he then told her to come and sit on his cock and I watched as she shuffled round so she was sat facing him with her skirt up round her waist and her bare tits clearly on display. A couple of times on the journey home as we passed trucks they flashed their lights, so they must have seen Lynn riding Sachin's cock with her tits showing and they stayed like that until we arrived home. Needless to say Sachin took Lynn to bed and fucked her all night, she came to me in the morning complaining her pussy was battered and bruised, but that she had agreed to go back tonight so she could fuck Pauli also, but that's for another day.