My wife Tess in stockings and heels - 3

    I phoned my husband at his work, this was almost a week after the Dave incident. I told him that I will not be home that night, but he must come and see me at a hotel. I gave him the address and room number and time. I left work early, I had a few things to do and had to shop for some items I was going to need that night. I suppose all sort of ideas was floating in my husbands head. The last time he had to spent the night tied up and wearing panties under the threat of sodomy and having to perform oral sex on another man, watching me and the guy make love several times. He probably suspected something much more bizarre, maybe a gang bang or something. But like the good husband he was, he showed up on time at the hotel.

    I met him at the door of the room, wearing a long robe. My face had make-up on, my hair was nicely done. I invited him in, he scanned the room but saw we were alone. Shortly after he arrived, a light dinner was send up. I told him to sit down at the table and then dropped my robe. I was wearing a very sexy red and back corset, matching thong and black fishnet stockings, held up by the corset and some heels. I turned around and asked him whether he liked it. “Oh wow babes, you look stunning.- Which was of course the reaction I was expecting. I served him the food, poured him some wine and sat down, watching him eat, I already had a quick dinner. He kept staring at me, I could see his mind racing, trying to figure out what was going on. To keep his attention, I kept crossing my legs, run my hands over my breasts. It worked, he could barely keep his eyes off me. After dinner, I served him coffee, while asking about his work and other general discussion points. When the coffee was finished, I told him its time for a bath, he should go and soak for awhile, I will call him when I need him. He reluctantly went to run a bath, expecting the bizarre events to start.

    I hard the water stop flowing and heard him getting in the bath. I waited five minutes, while I prepared the room then went into the bathroom. His eyes were closed, but he opened them quick when I entered. To his surprise, I dropped a towel next to the bath, knelt on it, took the soap and a sponge and started to give him bath. Ordering him to raise this and lift that, I proceeded to soap him up and washed his entire body, even taking care of his cock, balls and butt crack. He started to get an erection while I was handling his cock, a good sign to me. When I cleaned his entire body I told him to get out of the bath. He climbed out and I used a towel to dry him, then placed a new one around his waist and told him to go to the bed.

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    The room was lit by a lot of candles. I told him to remove the towel and get on the bed, face down. He complied. Kicking off my heels, I climbed onto the bed, reached under the pillow and took out some massage oil. Pouring it into my hands, I started to to massage his neck, moving down over his back, gave attention to his butt, moving down his legs. When I covered his entire backside, I told him to turn over. I covered his front side, chest, tummy and legs, staying away from his now stiff cock. After covering his entire body, I reached under the pillow again and produced two set of fluffy handcuffs. Using it I secured his hands to the bed. I told him to watch me, I leaned forward and start to lick his cock up and down, ran my tongue over his balls, slipping one carefully in my mouth and sucked gently, doing the same with the other one, then licked his shaft again. When I reached the head, I slipped it into my mouth, trying to get as much of it into my mouth as possible. I proceeded to suck gently, but from his reactions I knew he was going to blow his load soon. For the last month or so I teased him with other men, putting him in incredible arousing situations, acted like a slut in front of him and only once gave him a quick jerk off. I don't know how many times he helped himself, but he was so turned on that he wasn't going last long. Gripping his cock gently, I moved my hand up and down, while sucking his head. Pretty soon he told me in gasps that was going to come. I could of course sense it, his body was having spasms ans his breath was irregular. He exploded in my mouth, I struggled to swallow his entire load, some dripped out of my mouth and ran down my chin. His penis went soft and I removed the thong and used it to clean up the mess, we kept it as the first one that my husband's come stained. I asked him how that felt and he replied, -That was incredible, babes. Damn!- I smiled and removed the cuffs from one hand. I went to get some wine, handing him the glass, sipping mine while running my hand over his body.

    When I saw his cock was stirring again, I cuffed him again, climbed on top of him, placing my crotch over his, feeling the heat between us. I leaned over and kissed him, it was the first time since he came back that I gave him something more than than a quick peck. I could feel his cock stir and quickly it became erect. I placed my mouth close to his ear, taking his cock in my hand and whispered, -Would you like me to fuck you?- He nodded and I mounted him, slowly taking his cock into me. I started to move my hips slowly, taking my time to pick up the pace, sliding his cock in and out me. While I rode him, I told him how good it felt, how nice his cock was and how much I like fucking him. I squeezed my breasts, leaned forward to allow him to see my cleavage, never missing a thrust. Once again he came quickly, but I didn't mind. Tonight was his, my own satisfaction will come later.

    I removed both handcuffs this time, gave him another glass of wine and proceeded to stroke his body. After awhile I stood up and removed the corset and stockings, I climbed on the bed and towering my completely nude body over him. I ran my hands up and down my body, playing with my breasts, rubbing myself between my legs, slipping a finger in. I asked him whether he would like to touch me and went down allowing his hands to touch me for the first time in months. He stroked my body, felt my breasts, it almost seemed like it was completely new to him. Meanwhile I was slowly working on his cock, trying to get it hard again, hoping it would, but I wasn't sure. However, it soon started to grow hard again. I laid down on top of him, rubbing my naked body against his, until I felt the stiff prick was ready. I turned to him and asked, -Would you like to fuck me like a dog?. I quickly stood on all fours, he stood on his knees behind me and pushed his cock into me. He started slow, holding onto my hips, sliding a hand over my back while moving in and out. He started to move faster, I once again urge him to fuck me harder, push it deeper and told him how much I liked it. I moved a hand to my clit, rubbing it while my husband was fucking me. To my surprise I had an orgasm, I didn't expect one that night, but the sex really felt good, it felt right to have my husbands cock in me after all this time. Shortly after I came he gasped and came for a third time that night.

    And that was that. The tension between us that he caused by running off with another woman was gone. I punished him, by fucking four guys, teasing him with it and finally placed him in the humiliating situation where he had to watch me with another man. But that night in the hotel room had set everything right again. We returned to our normal life again, we acted like a couple of newly weds, screwing whenever we got a chance. We met Dave again, who apologized to my husband for treating him the way he did, but my husband assured him he understood and actually deserved it after what he had done to me. At this stage Dave remained a family friend, despite the fact that I fantasized about having sex with him again, up until this time we both behaved. My husband kept the come stained panties and the pink one he had to wear in a box, along with some other personal stuff. My husband confessed to me that the idea of with another man excited him, I surprised him by replying that I would like to see him with another woman as well, and we should see if we can do something like that in the future, I already have some ideas, but that will be another story.