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    Slut Wife in black stockings at Scottish Highland Wedding

    My wife and I took a touring holiday in Scotland recently, we marvelled at the scenery, drank copious amounts of Scotch whisky and revelled in the superb hospitality. We had a great time, only spoilt by the fact that Lynn said we had not seen a Scots man dressed in a kilt, but then this is real life and not Hollywood.

    For those that have been following Lynn's sexual escapades will know that she is 26 years old, blonde haired with 38C breasts, gorgeous legs, which she enjoys showing off and a huge appetite for sex.

    Towards the later part of our trip, we found ourselves in Inverness up on the east coast. We had booked into a lovely hotel, which had a large function room decorated in the style of blue and white Wedgwood. I had made a special point of booking a 4 Poster room with a double Jacuzzi, which I hoped we would make use of later in the evening.

    That afternoon, we walked around the shopping centre and Lynn bought herself some seamed black stockings to wear to dinner that night, she had brought with her a beautiful deep purple cocktail dress which ended half way down her thighs and showed off a decent amount of cleavage. She intended wearing this to dinner and then maybe going out on the town to see if we could entice someone to flirt with her.

    When we arrived back at the hotel, the Receptionist told us that the hotel was booked for a wedding today and if we wished to dine in the hotel we would need to dine early and that she was sorry in advance for any noise that might occur especially later tonight when the drink began to flow. We thanked her for her concern and stated we would dine at 1900 hours and that the noise would not bother us, after all we enjoyed a good party ourselves.

    Lynn filled the Jacuzzi and we both relaxed with a glass of Champagne, it was a tradition at the hotel to drink a bottle of champagne in the Jacuzzi and then sign the cork and place it in a basket on a shelf above the Jacuzzi. I asked Lynn what she was thinking about, she was obviously in a day dream and she said she was thinking about all those horny Scots men in their kilts tonight at the Wedding Reception, she then smiled and said -all those cocks hanging unfettered and within reach-. I told her she was wicked, to which she said -Maybe I'll leave off my knickers tonight what do you think- I said she might regret it and Lynn said -Oh no I would never regret it-. She then laughed and slid down under the water to soak her hair.

    I watched as Lynn dressed, she put on her garter belt and the new black seamed stockings, she couldn't wear a bra because of the way the top of her dress plunged to her cleavage and she definitely wasn't going to wear any panties, she then slipped her feet into her black patent leather shoes with 5 inch high heels and slipped her cocktail dress over her head and smoothed it down her body. She looked fabulous and very fuckable. She said -Well, do I look good enough- I said good enough for what and Lynn said -Do you think some hulking great guy in a kilt is going to want to get to know me better- I said Oh I think so knowing you.

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    We set off for the Restaurant and found a table near the patio, the music had already begun in the Wedgwood Room and it was obvious that the guests were enjoying themselves in fact twice during our dinner of Scottish Salmon and Roast Venison a Conger Line danced it's way around the hotel. The second time the conger dance line passed us a number of voices shouted out for us to join them in the disco being held in the Wedgwood Room, Lynn said -Now that sounds like a good idea- I said I bet it does. We had just finished our second bottle of wine and were waiting for the coffees to arrive when a very large chap with flowing red hair and beard came swirling into the restaurant, his kilt swung to and fro as he approached our table, without a word he grabbed Lynn's hand and said -lets dance-. With that he dragged Lynn off to the dance floor, Lynn looked back and smiled as this big archetypal Scots man dragged her into the flashing lights and wall of sound that was the disco.

    I entered the disco to see Lynn dancing with the Scots man, they really seemed to be getting on well, especially has you could see her stocking tops as he spun Lynn around. After several dances they left the dance floor and Lynn joined me at the table and the Scots man, who I found out later was called Jim, brought a tray of drinks across, each one was a glass of whisky. Now, I personally detest the stuff, but Lynn, when on a sexual high and having drunk plenty of wine at dinner, well she'll drink anything. Lynn grabbed a glass and having offered up the glass to Jim in a toast drank the double whisky in one gulp. Jim remarked what a mighty fine woman I had and complimented Lynn on her ability to drink whisky and handed her another one, which she again gulped down. Lynn then said to Jim, -Come on lets dance again-. Jim looked at me for approval and I just smiled and nodded for him to go ahead.

    I watched as Lynn and Jim danced. Jim seemed to spin Lynn around a lot more than he had done previously, her dress seeming to lift more and show her stocking tops and bare white thighs as they danced. After 4 or 5 dances the tempo slowed down somewhat and I watched has Jim and Lynn moved together in a slow smooch, Lynn eventually resting her head on Jim's chest. Jim placed his hands on the small of Lynn's back and I watched as he slowly began to move his big hands down to her arse and knead her arse cheeks pulling Lynn's crotch tight into his, at the same time Jim began raising the hem of Lynn's dress so that her stocking tops and bare thighs were again exposed. I also watched Lynn drop her right hand from off of Jim's left shoulder, but couldn't see what she was doing, but I had a bloody good idea. They danced like this for 2 or 3 records and I went to the gent's toilets to take a leak. When I returned I couldn't see them on the dance floor, but then it was crowded and dark so I didn't unduly care.

    I sat at the table drinking my drinks and on a couple of occasions I was approached by some of the guests who chatted to me in general. Sometime later I saw Lynn walking towards me, her smile was immense as she approached the table and slid into the seat next to me. I must admit I hadn't a clue how long she'd been gone. I turned to her to be met with her lips as she kissed me at the same time she took a hold of my left hand and placed it on her right leg just above her knee. Lynn asked if I'd missed her. I told her I didn't see her leave and had no idea how long she had been gone. Lynn then told me that she had been outside the hotel with Jim and that he had fingered her wet pussy whilst she held his cock, which she made a point of saying, was huge and fat.

    I slid my hand further up Lynn's leg on to her bare thighs, which were sticky. I asked if Jim had fucked her but she said no he had kissed her forcing his tongue into her mouth and had pinched her nipples and fingered her cunt with three fingers making her cum has he did so. Lynn said that whilst Jim was fingering her pussy she held his prick and slowly wanked him. She also said that Jim had said he wanted to fuck her. I asked her if that's what she wanted, Lynn replied by saying -What do you think-. Lynn suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled it away from her moist pussy lips, just in time to see Jim approach the table with another tray of drinks. Lynn grabbed a glass of whisky and drank it straight back. Jim sat with us chatting about our touring holiday and the sights we had seen, he then asked Lynn to dance again, which she agreed to.

    This time I watched as they walked hand in hand to the dance floor. They danced to about 4 or 5 slow songs each time Jim caressed Lynn's arse and raised her dress so that you could see her bare thighs. I watched as another guy approached, who I assume asked to butt in which Jim allowed him to do. Jim came and sat with me and said she was a lovely lady. I agreed with him, Jim then said I bet she's a handful when she gets going, to which I added oh, she gets going all right. We then sat in silence watching Lynn dance with the other guy. Again they danced close and Lynn's right hand disappeared from his shoulder, Jim became somewhat agitated at this and went back to the dance floor to re-establish his position with Lynn. I watched as Lynn and Jim moved in close and Lynn rested her head back on his chest. After a couple more dances, I watched as Lynn looked up at Jim and they seemed to be talking, Lynn nodded and they stopped dancing and Jim went to the gent's toilet as Lynn came and sat back down with me.

    Lynn said Jim had asked her to go to his room so they could get to know each other better. I asked her if she had agreed and Lynn said yes she had told him she would love to and that, she wanted to feel his big prick pounding the insides of her pussy. Jim came back from the toilets and sat next to Lynn. I watched has he dropped his right hand down under the table, Lynn flinched as Jim moved his hand up her leg, over her bare thighs and touched her moist pussy lips. Lynn dropped her left hand on to Jim's lap and I watched as her arm moved ever so slightly which told me she was holding his cock and slowly wanking him. Lynn turned to Jim and I watched as they kissed and slowly their tongues began exploring each other's mouths. Lynn dropped her right hand on to my lap and gently squeezed my prick. I heard Lynn moan and she squeezed my prick hard, it was obvious that Jim had just pushed his fingers into her open cunt.

    Lynn and Jim stopped kissing and Lynn turned to me and kissed me all the while squeezing my prick. Lynn then said in a voice loud enough so that Jim could hear -I'm going upstairs with Jim for a fuck, enjoy yourself, but don't wait up for me if you feel tired. With that Lynn stood up and said, -Come on stud lets go to your room and you can fuck my brains out-. They both stood up and Jim took Lynn's hand in his as they walked away from the table, out the door and up to Jim's room. I stayed in the room drinking and watching people dance until about 10.15 pm when I was about to leave the room. Lynn and Jim had been gone just under 1 hour so they should be well on their way to heaven. I picked up my drink and was just about to get up from the seat when Jim's head appeared around the door.

    I saw him wave to another guy who walked up to him, Jim said something and then they both glanced over at me and then they disappeared through the door. At 10.50 pm the second guy reappeared and went up to someone else and again they glanced in my direction before the third guy walked out of the room. The second guy came across and asked if I was enjoying myself, to which I said yes, he then offered to buy a round of drinks, which I accepted. He returned with the drinks and left me to study the crowd. I didn't see the third guy return, so I wasn't sure what was happening after that, although I did see him at the bar around 11.30pm. At about midnight Lynn came walking back in to the room, her hair looked slightly dishevelled but not to bad, Jim followed her in and went to the bar where he began talking to some other guys.

    Lynn walked over to the table, she was smiling a satisfied smile as she came and sat with me. Lynn took my left hand and placed it on her bare thigh just above her stocking tops. Her thighs were soaking wet and sticky. I asked her if she'd enjoyed herself and she said she had and that Jim and 2 other guys had fucked her and shot their spunk deep in to her belly. With that I moved my hand up to her naked pussy to find it very wide and very wet. I slipped in 2 fingers to find her cunt full of their spunk, whilst I fingered her, Lynn said I expected you to be up in the room by now. I said that I had been bought drinks and wasn't feeling particularly tired and stayed to enjoy the music. I asked why she had finished early as I expected her to be away for most of the evening and Lynn replied by saying they only wanted to fuck her and get back to the party, but that she wasn't complaining their pricks had certainly made her cum. As she finished speaking Jim came and sat down with us, bringing another tray of whiskies with him.

    Lynn picked up a glass and sipped from the drink. I removed my hand from her cunt to see Jim drop his hand down to her lap, obviously intent on feeling Lynn's moist cunt lips whilst savouring the golden malt in his glass. Whilst Lynn was sipping her drink a young guy, no older than 18 or 19 asked Lynn to dance and she gladly accepted his offer, rising from the table and smoothing down her dress, which was raised above her stocking tops. Both Jim and I watched her walk to the dance floor with the guy, they both moved in close to press their bodies together to dance to the music, has they did so, Jim turned to me and said, gee is she a wild one or what. I agreed with him has we drunk our drinks. About 2 or 3 records later we both watched as Lynn and the young guy walked out of the door holding hands. Jim turned to me and said, looks like she needs some more, I could only agree with him and say that she knows what she's doing.

    About 40 minutes later Lynn walked through the door and smiled at Jim and me as she walked towards our table. Has she got half way across the floor she was stopped by another guy who took her hand and guided her to the dance floor, pulling Lynn close to him as her did so. We watched has he caressed her arse and raised her dress so that we could all see her stocking tops, again Lynn dropped her right hand down and we could see her massaging the guys prick through his kilt. Jim turned to me and said sorry mate but I need some more of your wife's hot ass, I said feel free and enjoy yourself. Jim walked up to Lynn and the guy and stood behind Lynn so that she was sandwiched between the 2 of them, she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself.

    When the record ended I watched as each one of the guys took her hand and walked out of the room, it was pretty obvious that she was about to take 2 more cocks in her eager cunt. As they got to the door, the other 2 guys who had fucked her earlier got up and followed them to the door, it seemed she was about to get 4 very hard cocks inside her well fucked pussy. I decided it was time to retire to our room, after all it was well past 2.00 am and I was starting to feel a bit tired. I walked down the corridor our room was at the very end on the right. As I passed one room I heard a woman moan in passion, so I stopped to listen and could well tell it was Lynn deep in the throws of an orgasm, she certainly was enjoying herself from the moans coming from the room. I walked to our room, showered and lay on the bed and massaged my cock thinking of Lynn taking their hard pricks inside her.

    I slowly wanked my prick for about 10 minutes before I finally shot my cum over a pair of Lynn's dirty panties she'd left by the bed, I must have then drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I remember was being awakened by Lynn slowly massaging my prick back to an erection. Lynn was kneeling on the bed in just her stockings and garter belt. I glanced at the clock to see it said 6.20 am. Lynn said hello lover have you been waiting for your loving wife to come back with a belly full of their spunk. I just nodded my head as she massaged my prick, I asked her where her dress was and she said she must have left it in Jim's room and then added never mind at least I have an excuse to go back there later. Lynn lowered her head to my prick and slowly began to swallow the head down her throat. I reached under her and felt her pussy, which was dripping with cum and very wide and hot. Lynn looked up and said does that feel good, I told her it felt fucking marvellous. Lynn told me that she'd had 11 different cocks inside her cunt and arse tonight and guys kept entering and leaving the room all night. Lynn said that they would enter the room, fuck her pussy or arse, stick their cocks in her mouth and cum down her throat and leave so that the next guy could fuck her.

    Lynn let go of my prick and moved over my thighs and guided my iron hard cock up her cunt, to be honest I don't think my cock touched the sides as she slid down my shaft until her arse cheeks rested against my ball sack, she then proceeded to fuck me until I shot my load deep in her pussy, she then collapsed over me and said now I feel sleepy. I awoke in the morning to see Lynn appear from the shower, she said she was going to get dressed in her short miniskirt and blouse so she could retrieve her dress from Jim's room and that I wasn't to bother too much if she didn't return straight away. Lynn dressed and came over to the bed and gave me a deep kiss, I reached up under her short skirt to find a very bare, freshly shaved pussy. Lynn stood up and said I do hope Jim likes eating cunt for breakfast, with that she slipped her feet into her 4-inch high heels and left the room. I didn't see Lynn again until 6.00 pm that evening. What happened, well you'll have to wait and see!