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    Hotwife in Stockings

    Walking backwards through the party I bumped into her, she was absolutely stunning, instead of frowning she was smiling, she had beautiful blue eyes and without taking my eyes away I was dying to look down at her little dress and see her legs and heels. She held my arm steadying herself and as I instantly apologized. She said I was very bad and could make it up to her by giving her one of the drinks I was carrying. She looked back as she walked away, my wife's drink in her hand and smiled but I was looking at her long legs under her sexy black mini-dress because she was wearing glossy nude tights. She gave me a kinky little kick of a heel as she noticed my eyes. I felt a buzz in my pants as my eyes returned to her smile. I wanted to pull her long blonde locks away from her neck and kiss it, devour her head to toe. Wow! My wife had arrived and noticed I was dumbstruck.
    -Where's my drink?
    -I, Oh, I knocked that girl and she asked for it.

    I looked across the room to the hot mystery woman now surrounded now by men vying for her attention. The way she flicked her hair and included them all in her gaze was intoxicating. She glanced over and winked at us raising her drink. I blushed but my wife was fuming,
    -You're an asshole, you know that Peter?- I tried to apologise.
    - Get me a drink - she said as she stormed off.
    We sat at a table alone in the steamy atmosphere. I was still trying to explain,
    - Honey, you look so wonderful.
    - I made the effort tonight.- She moaned.

    +

    - I know you did.- I knew couldn't win, she was so angry.

    She did look stunning. She wasn't as tall and slender as the blonde woman but her face was just as beautiful, her dark eyes, her hair tied up on her head, and when she dressed up she could be so sexy. Her dress tonight was a Spanish import. A tiered skirt, higher on one side, a halter neck and arm ruffles. It was deep red and black. When we had arrived at the hotel party people had commented and called her Senorita. It was made for dancing and it showed enough of one leg to drive me crazy. She had fantastic legs. I caressed her knee under the table trying to show my appreciation that she had, reluctantly at first, worn the lingerie I had picked out for her birthday. At first she called me an Indian giver, a gift more for myself, but when I saw her from the bathroom tonight, her curvaceous reflection in the mirror, squeezing into the Wonderbra in black nylon stockings with red heels, seams and tips with lacy garter and panties I wanted to stay in and not go down to the party.
    - That girl is probably a hired hooker. I mean, come on! - I tried to reason with her, digging myself deeper.
    -Well you made me look like a fool -, she said pushing my hand away. She looked away in disgust and took a sip of white wine. Suddenly the girl appeared at our table side.
    -Hi there, - she beamed, - I'm Cherise- . She put her hand out and I shook it limply.
    -Peter, and this is my wife Angela.
    -Hello Angela, - she said in her deepest warm accent, nice to meet you.
    -Nice to meet you too Cherise, - my wife said and got up and walked away.

    Cherise looked at me in despair. -Don't worry, we had a fight. She's angry with me. - My eyes lost my wife as she disappeared across the room.
    -Awww, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have come. - She looked mortified, and very cute at the same time.
    -No it's not your fault. Don't worry. - Her arm was on my arm. She gave me a reassured look of OK? Yes, I was.
    - I better go after her.
    -Ok, try to have a good time honey. - And she moved a little closer, and - if things don't work out you can come and find me. - Her tone had changed her mouth was almost pouting, she was electricity, my eyes moved down her body, her low cut dress revealing cleavage, her hand resting on the top just below her collar bone twirled her blonde ringlets to those legs, as shiny and glossy as her lips, perfect right down to her shiny black stilettos. She was perfection and I took a photograph in my mind.
    - Thank you, - I said a little dazed I walked away leaving her stood there.

    I could have gone with Cherise there and then and not thought twice but I did. Now I couldn't see my wife anywhere. I tried the bar. I was so angry with her now for leaving me. Cherise had been so nice to her. When I went out to the balcony Angela was there with a man, leaning out over the edge side by side. He was pointing out in the distance and she was looking at him as he spoke smiling. I stopped a moment to admire her from behind, her black dress with red frills around the hem and the low back. Her silky black hair tied up high on her head. Her shapely legs looked so sexy in black stockings with the red seam running up the back. She stood on her toes to see further and the red Cuban heel of the nylon could be seen as her foot lifted out of the black high heeled pumps. She was definitely a world apart.
    - Hi -, as I approached them.
    Hey - she turned, instantly dropping her smile. -Carlos, this is my husband.-
    -Ah yes, Peter. Hello. - They had been talking about me.

    My wife looked angry and a little schozzled. She was drinking champagne now. I saw Carlos' glass on the balcony untouched.
    - I was just showing Angela the point where a huge star landed in Terana in..ummm...1979. - I looked at Angela she was looking up at him with admiration and a tiny smile. She held her glass close to her bosom and did not look at me. Carlos' necktie was loose. He was tall, dark and handsome, definitely Italian. He probably fancied my wife. I knew she would fancy him. Who wouldn't? I wanted to leave the party and Angela was drunk I could tell.
    -I think the time has come to leave now. It's been a long day. - She shot me a look and a frown.
    - Yes? - said Carlos. -Are you staying here? - he asked.
    - Yes, we are, on the beach side. - He smiled.
    -I'm not tired - my wife whispered at me almost through her teeth with a deep frown. How could she be so nice yet so angry with me?
    -Excuse us, Carlos - she said ever so politely, resting a hand on his arm.
    -Of course, - he smiled at us both and walked away.
    -I'm not ready to go yet, where are your friends? - My friends?
    - What do mean, what friends? I'm here with you.
    - Then stay.- She snapped. - No, I want to go and I think you should come with me, you've drunk enough. - I reached for her arm but she pulled away like a child.
    -OK, - I was angry with her now. -I'm going.
    -Where are you going?
    - I don't know.- And then I thought. -Luigi's, for a few drinks.
    -Fine do that.
    -I will. - I walked away without looking back. I felt terribly sad. I hated to argue with my wife.

    On my way through the bar I half-looked for Cherise in passing but she was nowhere to be seen. What would I have done? I may have asked her for a drink with me at Luigi's. As I passed through the lobby the urge to drink more left me. Going to Luigi's would just be a bad idea.

    I headed straight to the elevator deciding instead to go to the room and wait for my wife, she had a key. I went straight into the bathroom and kicked off my shoes. I hung my jacket on the back of the door and looked at myself in the mirror. I thought about Cherise, her long legs so perfectly shaped. I imagined them in my hands, my lips moving over ankles up her stockings, she was wearing stockings. I was licking her calves and caressing the muscles through the nylon. I imagined the sounds she would make. I was masturbating in front of the mirror, my pants dropped to my ankles. I closed my eyes and saw Cherise's hands running through her hair, her legs parting for me and my kisses finding their way to the tips of her stockings, her foot planted in my crotch, the toe of her shiny stiletto rubbing me. I was beginning to climax at the thought of licking her pussy through fine lace panties when the room door clicked open and I froze in horror, looked quickly to the bathroom door. I had locked it but I was still terrified.
    - Peter? - It was Angela. I held my breath, I didn't answer. My heart was beating and I froze with my cock in my hand.
    - He's not here - I heard my wife say.
    A mans voice said -Why are the lights on? - It was Carlos.
    -He must have been here.- Then there was silence.

    I moved to the door slowly, picking up my pants, careful not to make a sound. What the? I listened then a bang against the door. It was the sound of moans and kissing. It was Carlos I knew it. The bitch! My cock had gone limp in my hand. I thought to burst through the door and say something like, -What the hell is this? - but I held back. Let's see what happens.

    Angela was groaning on the other side of the door. I could imagine his hands and mouth over her body.
    - Mmmm, oh. - She moaned.
    - What if he comes back? - whispered Carlos.
    -He won't, Ssh, he'll be gone for hours.
    - That's good. - I heard him say, -because I want to, I need to, have you Angela. - The way he said my wife's name made me so angry in the pit of my stomach. I listened as they moved to the bed and the sound of bodies hitting the mattress.

    Very slowly I turned the handle and opened the door, flicking off the switch to kill the bathroom light. It opened just enough to let me see the mirror across the room which reflected the bed. Her dress was already gone. He was pinning her down kissing her neckline to her breasts, popping out of her bra.
    - Do you want me to eat your pussy? - he asked my wife.
    - Yes, I want you eating my pussy now. - She replied instantly.
    -So sexy, Angela. - I could see the grin across her face as he gripped her by the tips of her stockings pulling them higher, stretching the black nylon further up her thighs until they tore and laddered.

    - Oops - he said, smiling. She just laughed sordidly and kissed him again, wrapping her legs around him, locking her heels together. They embraced like this for a while, kissing romantically before she rolled him onto his back straddling him. She tore open his shirt, my wife giggling at the audible pop of buttons.

    She stepped off the bed to remove his trousers and slid down her own panties at the same time, kicking them off her heel where they fell just outside the bathroom door. I reached down silently and picked them up stretching my arm through the tiny crack in the door.

    She crawled onto him, lifting her leg over his as he lay flat on the sheets. She began to suck on him and lick his huge cock from the base to the tip. He groaned deeply. I knew just how good she was at blowjobs. The way she moaned with pleasure as her tongue seemed to double in size and the way she looked at you while she did it. She was the ultimate blowjob slut and I couldn't be more jealous. He groaned loudly and held her head. In the mirror I could see her other hand was reaching behind her but not massaging her pussy. No, she was rubbing her anus, circling her tiny hole. Her hand disappeared and I guessed she was licking her fingers before it reappeared and began to finger her own anus as she sucked him. Oh my God! I thought I couldn't believe it. I almost came right there. I lifted the tiny black lace panties to my nose. They were wet at the crotch and smelled like perfume. I touched it with my tongue and it tasted like her pussy. I placed the full crotch part into my mouth and sucked hard, absorbing her sex juices that were not intended for nor brought on by me. Watching her bob and weave her head as he groaned on the bed, gripping the sheets, it reminded of the way we used to be, and the way she used to be with me and as I watched her finger fuck her own ass I had never seen her or known her do that before. My wife groaned almost as much as Carlos did, his huge cock filled her mouth. She was wet and wild and I could taste it in my mouth. I was masturbating as quietly and furiously as possible.

    He reached down and took her by the head lifting her towards his waiting kiss. Holding her he sank his tongue deep into her cock mouth, gouging out every bit of desire she had put into him with her monster blowjob. It was his turn to pin her to the bed and he lay her down gently and lowered his head between her legs, stopping to kiss the frayed tips of stocking that showed bits of flesh now, her heels dug into the silky bed sheets.

    She was fingering a hole in her stocking as his tongue plowed deep into her causing her gasp his name out.
    -Ooohhfff Carlos, - she growled. -Yes!!

    My wife had pulled down her bra and was massaging her breasts, pulling on her nipples. Carlos looked across to the chair and grabbed a scarf which he then tied round her ankles before hoisting them high. Her two stocking legs in high heels pointed to the ceiling Carlos held them there with a very strong arm as he kissed from her ankles right down her seams before resuming her pussy licking. She was writhing against his mouth and her hands squeezed the taught muscles in his bicep. When he eventually stopped she must have cum against his mouth because she continued to buckle and pant.
    -More. More. More! - She moaned achingly, motioning to her travel bag on the floor and for Carlos to fetch it.
    -In there -, she pointed.
    - Yes baby. - He went to the bag. I watched his huge erect penis swaying as he walked. He opened the bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, then a blindfold and a whip. Where did she get them? Did she bring them for us or had she planned this all along? I was furious but I wanted to see, I couldn't look away and I daren't make a sound in case they stopped and discovered me. I was so wet I was massaging the head of my penis eyes fixed on her, legs spread now, her finger beckoning the mystery Italian stranger.
    - Oh you're a naughty girl! - Carlos said seriously. -Do you want me to spank you? - He asked, moving closer.

    My wife hopped onto her knees pressing her breast together as she leaned toward him, nodding her head obediently.
    -You've been a bad girl Angela. - She made a fake sad face and nodded.

    I had never seen her act like this. She was so childlike but sexy. Like a naughty school girl with a crush on her teacher.
    - OK, turn around, - said Carlos encouragingly, -and put your hands on the headboard. - He mounted from behind kissing her neck as she knelt on all fours, placing her hands on the wrought iron headboard. While he handcuffed her to the vertical iron bars on the headboard he slapped his cock against her ass making my wife moan and whine.
    - Shush bad girl - he whispered, lifting the blindfold over her eyes, letting the elastic rest against the back of her head. He held her chin, turning her head and French kissing her roughly, he spanked her once hard on the ass and the kiss muffled her cry.

    Carlos moved off the bed and stood next to it, whip unraveled, and he waited. When she realized there was silence she smiled and purred like a cat, her knees together she wiggled her ass invitingly. I noticed one of her garter straps had come off her stocking and a long ladder had appeared. I thought of her earlier, sat innocently on the bed, attaching the garter and how much I wanted to throw myself into her as she wore them now in our bed. I knew now she wasn't thinking of me. The room smelled of sweat, sex and perfume. All of sudden he cracked the whip across her ass and her devious smile vanished. My wife yelped and frowned in pain. Carlos was silent. After a moment she raised her head, frowning.
    - Mmmm -, she groaned with pleasure.
    - Are you sorry? - asked Carlos. She instantly shook her head, the devious smile returned. Crack! Again he struck her. Her head disappeared between her arms. Her scream more muffled this time. She let out a louder moan however.
    -Ohh yes! - She looked toward him blindfolded, biting her bottom lip. -Give it to me.

    I nearly called out in shock. Angela! My Angela! What has gotten into you? I considered Carlos had drugged her but the handcuffs and whip had come from her bag. She rubbed her legs together trying to stimulate her clitoris. My eyes were transfixed on her stockings, tracing the seams down to her pumps that were barely on her feet now. I admired the red heels of her stockings that I had picked out for her, not once thinking I would not have this pleasure but a stranger she had met at a party.

    Carlos could not take it any longer he climbed onto the bed and thrust hard into her pussy without further warning. She gasped the loudest yet as he sank his huge penis deep inside her gaping wet pussy. I watched his glistening skin in the lamp light. His dark, slender and muscular body, his hands on her ass, his fingers hooked under her garter, stretching and spreading her cheeks wider. He fucked her hard and fast as though he had waited for weeks, as I had, to sink himself into her. I had hoped tonight would be the night we would rekindle our romance and passion. Instead I had her panties wrapped around my dripping cock, soaking them in my precum. It was all I had of her to hold but it felt romantic and passionate. She was holding the bedrail, the handcuffs rattled against the iron. She was so loud, she moaned with each thrust. Her head and shoulders were thrown back. Blindfolded, her head moved about, searching for her lover. She cried out -Yess! Ooooh yess! - A long drawn out ‘Yes' was perforated by quickening thrusts into her vagina that upset her breathing and made her pant Ss's.

    The sweat on Carlos' back visibly dripped down his dark muscular body, his hands only leaving her ass to caress her silky thighs or pull on her hair or neck.

    He bent over her until his face was next to hers, cheek to cheek. He whispered in her ear, nibbling her lobe. Then he slowly pulled out of her, and came off his knees onto his feet to lower himself into her anus from above. She hooked her feet, one over the other, and groaned with what seemed to be more pain than pleasure as his giant cock slowly penetrated her asshole from above.

    Carefully dipping and then retracting a little further in each time until he was almost halfway inside. He pulled her blindfold off now, exposing her eyes, wide and wild. Not small and seductive as they had been. She was experiencing this for the first time and it was hard to tell if she was enjoying it. She breathed loud and heavy.

    Grunting, Carlos' pace quickened until he was fucking her as hard as he could. Her squeals became louder and higher until she sounded like a bitch, yelping and biting her lip hard. I wanted to rush out there and hold her as I had so many times before. And as her whimpers became louder and louder, her whole body shuddered and Carlos' macho figure became more taught and animal, caring less and less for her cries, urging and forcing the orgasm.

    Knowing my wife could not escape nor resist this beast buried selfishly in her bursting anus made me even hornier. She looked like a common whore, abused and mistreated. Her make up was almost perfect except for a smudge of lipstick across from her mouth. Her cheeks were red rosy. Her hair held steady on her head rocking except for one strand that fell down her face. Carlos' hand grasped just above her waist pushing her down against the force of his thrusts, her knees buried deep in the mattress the ruffled bed sheets. He began to slow, his moans became louder and he drew out from her now gaping asshole, taking his giant shiny wet cock in his hand.

    He moved to her face and she turned to look at him gasping from the withdrawal and he began to cum violently, shooting thick watery sperm across her pretty face, closing her eyes as he grunts and spurts. I was surprised how much and how long he came for. What missed my wife flew across the room. He sprayed her shoulder and neck and the final drips he let fall over her back.

    When he was spent Carlos took his sticky end and rubbed it around her ass, before wiping it clean on the back of Angela's stocking before stepping off the bed and collecting his drink from the table.

    I panicked realizing he may come in now and I see my wife collapse face down on the bed as I silently pull the door over and flick the latch.

    Outside Carlos' says something I cannot make out and I hear him approach the bathroom. I wait for the door handle to budge but he goes straight out of the room closing the door behind him, silence.

    I waited pensively not knowing what to do. I fastened my pants, leaving the soaking wet panties on the side and open the latch. Peering through the crack from the door, I see my wife lying still on the bed. Opening further and I crept out, flicking the room door and opening then closing it.

    - Honey? - I called softly and entered for the first time.

    Moving to her side I looked at her in the lamp light. The red marks across her ass down to her ripped stockings. The furry handcuffs still fastened to the headboard. She was still, almost dead but for the heavy breathing. The sweat glistened on her back mixed with the semen. I reached to unclip the handcuffs and she moved slightly, murmuring from a dream. I leaned closer to hear.

    The strand of hair I lift from her face was sticky with Carlos' sperm. She looked so peaceful but she smelt like cum and sweat mixed with perfume.

    -Lay with me -, she whispered in a hoarse sexy voice without opening her eyes. I climbed onto the bed and lay next to her, stroking her hair softly. It's sticky, her face was a mess. Her head rests on her arm attached to the bed post. I reached up and opened the cuffs and lay them on the pillow.

    - I'm sorry baby, - she whispered.
    - Ssh -, it's OK, I say as I began to remove her shoes.
    - I'm dirty, - she whispered as I drop one shoe to the floor. -Will you clean me?- she whispered as if she was asking me to run her a bath. I froze with the second pump in my hand. I looked at the sticky stain on the back of her calf and further up her body.

    -Yes baby, of course.- I replied willingly, dropping the shoe to the floor.
    - Mmm -, she groaned in approval, smiling like a little girl.

    I held her calf; squeeze my hand around the stain, it felt so soft, the silky stocking in my hand. I massaged it softly as I lowered my face to meet it.

    Using my tongue I generated as much saliva as possible and soaking the stocking I sucked the salty sperm stain out of the nylon. My hand ran further up her leg as I sucked on her leg, my tongue pressed against the seam, lifting off to see a larger stain now. I moved to lay with her again. -Mmm, - thank you she says from her peaceful slumber. I move closer to her beautiful face, she always looks so beautiful sleeping. I stroked he hairline but she had massive globs of cum strewn across her face. I scooped one off with my fingers and with nowhere to wipe I plopped it in my mouth and suck my fingers clean, Carlos' salty residue sat sticky in my mouth as I swallowed most down.

    I moved to her face and began to gently and carefully lick the blobs of sperm from her cheek, from her lips to her ear, neatly suckling the last one from her eyebrow.

    She moaned softly her approval. -Mmmm, thank you Peter, I'm so sorry baby, - she repeats in a whisper.

    I press myself against her sleepy body, -Ssh Angela. - I say and trace my hand down her back where I find even more cum.

    I worked my way down her back, kissing and sucking and cleaning my wife's golden skin with my mouth. I was having trouble swallowing all the sperm, the salty taste lingered in my mouth and throat, I needed a drink.

    I had never tasted another man's sperm before. I knelt at the base of her spine admiring her ass. I moved my fingers over the red whip lines that looked sore and the large hand print. She had been marked by Carlos in many ways. Her crack was sticky and white. I lowered my head and ran my tongue upward through it, tasting the moistness between ass and cum. The heat and the ease with which my tongue opened her hole were surprising. I let my hands wander to her stocking tops and garter and began to eat her ass out for what seems a long time, continuing long after I have removed the semen and saliva. Her moans were quiet and muffled. I made sure her rim was covered in only my saliva. I was marking my territory. I was making my own love to her. I barely even brushed her pussy when I came up. I was so horny. I wondered how I smelled now. I could feel the wetness inside my pants.

    I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes. She reached out with a hand and I pulled her close to me. Her head resting on my chest, one leg draped over me, her breast pressed against me. She was a slut. She had been so bad. She had cheated on her husband and what was worse I had seen her, caught her in the act. However much I loved her as she slept in my arms I knew it wouldn't be the last time.